K - k

ke   iv. go. Marrik yang. ‘He is not going.’ Yuran Wiyarla kiwani. ‘He has gone to stay at Wiyarla.’ Awangkung apuwuning karwuluk. ‘They used to go digging yams.’ Marryun awuran pu kiyap pata tuwarlkparrakanut. ‘The boys went after fish for the old people.’ See: kerra go around. Category: General terms.

kerra akak   coverb. (Human) eat left overs, pick up off the ground and eat discarded food, for example dogs eating out of rubbish bins. Category: Hunting.

kempijin   iv. laugh. Ngapi ngampijin. ‘I am laughing.’ Pa awampijiny. ‘After they laughed.’ See: kilarampijin smile; kiniwulati make laugh; kinimalngama laugh at. Category: Play, perform, joke.

ka1   interjection. thank you, I receive it from you. Anth: Spoken with expectation of receiving. See: nya take it!. Category: Language.

ka2   part. about, concerning. Luluj ka. ‘It is about the dog.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kajarlat   noun. large mullet, possibly large Blue-tail Mullet, while smaller specimens are warrgirra. Valamugil buchanani. See: wuta mullet; walka very small mullet; warrgirra small mullet. Category: Mullets. Anth: Found in the deep ocean.

kajurlk   noun. rapids, floods, turbulent waters. Category: Water bodies.

kak   interjection. don't do it! This form is children's language, that is, a mother uses it to a small child. Category: Language.

kakarlukpa warraka   noun. Jakana, lotus bird. Irediparra gallinacea. See: kinnyarlukpa to precede a sibling in birth order. Category: Small birds.

kakawarr   noun. messenger for kurnapipi ceremony. Anth: For the dua ceremony the messenger must be yirridja See: purlku messenger for mardayin ceremony; kurnapipi big ceremony that is run by the duwa side. Category: Peoples and clans, General ritual.

kakkak   noun. reciprocal, mother's mother and siblings, (a woman's) daughter's children. See: wiwi mother's mother. Category: family, inc moieties. Note: This Kunwinjku term is often used in place of the Mawng term wiwi Variant: Kunwinjku.

kakurl   noun. sugar, wild.honey. This is the big name for all types of wild honey. Yangkung kakurl yarntakpung. ‘He used to go off and get honey.’ See: mawurlu honey type; kupulak honey type; wirlan wild honey hive; wirnamu honey type; wimparr honey type; ajput sand, beach; karlakurr too sweet. Category: Bees and honey.

kakurlkakurl   noun. Emu berry. Anth: Fruit is eaten. Grewia retusifolia. Variant: Iwaidja: Kakurlkakurl. Syn: kurrunnyurrun. Category: Trees and bushes, Plant food.

kal   coverb. lie with head on a pillow. Palungang ja katju kal. ‘A pillow is what we lie (our head) on.’ Syn: kilakpalkarin. See: kalkal fish at full tide. Category: Remain stationary.

kalagala   noun. tail, including fish tail. See: kinilagalun drag, push. Category: Organs and torso, Fish bodyparts.

kalajparri   noun. Frigate bird. Seabird with a forked tail that flies at a great height. Family fregatidae, e.g. Fregata ariel. Anth: Legend has it that this forked tail was originally a firestick. When they see a big wind, they fly and stop the wind Kapuwun marlu mata kalajparri. ‘The frigate birds stop the wind.’ Category: Small birds.

kalakalak   noun. male fowl, hen. Ngampi ja kinila karlakarlak? ‘Which one eats chickens?’ Category: Introduced animals.

kalakkalak   noun. Banded Wobbegong. Orectolobus ornatus. See: kurruwilku Wobbegong. Category: Sharks.

kalalk   noun. clear weather, clear sky. Syn: kunu, apijpirr. See: kuwinu cloudy sky. Category: Sky.

kalamparak   noun. 1 • perspiration. Kangpani nuyu kalamparak ‘He's sweating’. Category: Secretions and substances.

2 • feel hot and sweaty, have fever. Usage: occurs with kimaju and kinima in sickness construction. MA subject for RU,3GEN subject for E. Naka kalamparak kingama. ‘He's hot and sweaty’. Nganngawun kalamparak akut. ‘I always get hot (e.g. whenever I walk)’. Anturrangkakany kalamparak. ‘You are sweating’. See: wuwukuwuk feel hot to touch. Category: Secretions and substances, Discomfort and pain.

kalankalan   noun. Moon sparkle on water. Ta nungpaka ngatpin kalankalan ngatja. ‘We call that 'kalankalan' and we go then.’ See: kalang clear skies. Category: Colours and light.

kalannyun   noun. 1 • Window Pane Oyster, a large flat round oyster. Typelacuna placenta. Variant: Iwaidja: kalanyun. Nuka ja kalannyun. ‘This is kalannyun.’ Anth: Traditionally used to cut the umbilical cord of newborns. Category: Shellfish.

2 • shoulder blade. See: muki belly button. Category: Organs and torso.

3 • hard cash, money. Syn: rrupiya. Category: Other.

kalang   noun. fishing line, thicker type of the sort pulled from a moving boat. Kalang mata wakij ngatpiny use ngarrima kiyap. ‘Kalang is a fishing line we use to get fish.’ See: wakij fishing line. Category: Items for fishing.

coverb. trawl for fish. Arrkpana kalang. ‘Let's go trawling.’ Kawungurrin kalang. ‘They went trawling.’ See: lurrjakaj fish from boat; kalankalan moon sparkle on water. Category: Hunting.

kalawitpit   noun. seagull type. Category: Small birds.

kaliko   noun. clothes. Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items.

kaliku   noun. material. Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items. From: calico.

kaliwang   noun. cane knife. Category: Other.

kalk   coverb. Restrict: GEN subject 1 • be in a line, queue. Kinypet kalk ta kawarra warak pata arrarrkpi. ‘They walk in line as they go along, those men.’ See: walk circumcise. Category: Arrangement.

2 • chop. Ngatingan kalk ‘We chopped’. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

kalkal   coverb. 1 • fish at full tide. Awuran kalkal pata marryun. ‘The young men went fishing at full tide.’ Category: Hunting.

2 • hunt in mangroves. Kawarra kalkal, kawuken yagaru. ‘They hunt in the mangroves, walking on the mangrove roots, looking for stingray.’ See: kal lie with head on pillow. Category: Hunting.

kalmaya   noun. green tree ant. Oecophylla smaragdina. Variant: Iwaidja: Kardngka buyi (may refer to ant nest). Nukapa kalmaya yarukiny ngartu. ‘That ant's climbed up on me.’ Category: Insects, Medicine.

kaluku   noun. 1 • coconut tree. Muka mata kaluku. ‘This is a Coconut tree.’ Category: Trees and bushes, Introduced plants, Dye and fibre plants. Anth: This is the only type of palm tree not covered by the generic term marruny. Ash is mixed with alangunta to create a different dye colour for baskets.

2 • coconut fruit. Category: Plant food.

kalumang   noun. plank, flat board or surface. Category: Tools, men's.

kalurru   noun. cigarette. Category: Toxic plants.

kaluwa   noun. 1 • black-and-white mud snake, lies inside the mud holes amongst the mangrove roots. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

2 •  See: wirngijpirngij snake eel type. Category: Herring.

kalwirruk nuyu   noun. hardened, old, or cooked egg white. See: kurlajuk egg. Category: Bird foods.

karl   coverb. crawl. Category: Horizontal movements.

arlkarl   coverb. Category: Horizontal movements.

karlajarr   noun. deaf person, mentally deficient person. Anth: Can be used as a term of affection or abuse. Yanat karlajarr. ‘He is deaf’. Category: Physical disability and injury, Mental disability.

karlakurr   noun. too sweet, a lot of sweet substance in (eg. tea). See: kakurl sugar. Category: Illness. Anth: used of any honey or sugar

karlampa   crossreference. See: arlampa ceremonial headband.

karlapuk   interjection. be quiet! Category: Language.

karlarrk   noun. green parrot, Red-winged parrot. Aprosmictus erythropterus?. See: wilakpilak. Category: Small birds.

karlawijiwiji   noun. 1 • soft part of the pandanus stem which can be eaten. It is also used as a green dye for making baskets. Pandanus spiralis, Pandanus aquaticus. See: Murwala Pandanus palm. Category: Plant parts, Palms, Plant food, Dye and fibre plants.

2 • a type of stitch used in pandanus work. Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items.

karligarli   noun. throwing stick. Category: Tools, men's.

karliwirrk   coverb. Restrict: MA object run away from. Ngapi ngimany karliwirrk. ‘I ran away from it.’ Kumanyi karliwirrka! ‘Run fast!’ Koka ta kanyiga! ‘Hurry!’ Category: Walking.

karlki   noun. tadpole. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

karlngirr   noun. 1 • small circular body cicatrices usually across chest. See: marnkitarr tribal cicatrices below breast, also general term; kanyjarrk tribal cicatrices above breast line. Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items.

2 • pandanus fruit. This name includes the entire fruit and also the white stuff inside the fruit segments that taste like peanut butter. Pandanus spiralis, Pandanus basedowii. Variant: Iwaidja: ngalkbunu (fruit segments) and yiyandul (see). Tuka karlngirr ta taka. ‘This one is karlngirr.’ See: Murwala Pandanus palm. Category: Plant parts, Palms, Plant food. Anth: Can be eaten. You can suck on the outside of the fruit which is sweet and also cut the woody fruit segments open and eat the white stuff in the middle.

karlngkarlng   noun. old mawany lily root. Eleocharis dulcis. See: mawany lily root. Category: Tubers.

karlpu   noun. round ended spear thrower, used with four-pronged fish spear. See: worntok spear thrower. Category: Tools, men's.

Karlurrangken   noun. place name. Category: Place names.

karlurri   noun. 1 • bird. Usage: Takes plural agreement when plural unlike karlurri, and most other non-human terms Wimurra pata karlurri tuka Wartpen. ‘There are lots of birds on Wartpen island.’ Ngawuneyawng wimurra pata karlurri. ‘I saw a lot of birds.’ Kinyarra murlmurl jita karlurri. ‘Diving bird.’ Category: Small birds.

2 • generic term used for all types of animals or meat that does not include fish. Wakapa ta ilij kawunnyutpa ja nakapa ja karlurri. ‘Over there is where that creature put them all.’ Imurra ja karlurri tuka mantanti. ‘There's a lot of animals on the mainland.’ Ngawuneyawng wimurra: (then list animals) ‘I saw a lot: (then give list, you can't say pata karlurri here and mean 'animals' rather than 'birds')’. See: kurrulawagen seafood; arukin serpent; kurnapipi ceremony. Category: General.

3 • ceremony type. Yirritja side ceremony comparable to Kunapipi. Kayirrkju kiwurtin parak tuka karlurri. ‘Only now are they going inland to the ceremony.’ Inyuran jita karlurri. ‘The ceremony has moved.’ Category: General ritual.

karlurrkarlurrk   noun. 1 • Blue-winged kookaburra. Dacelo leachii. Category: Small birds.

2 • generic for Kingfishers. See: jirriyingking Tiny bright blue kingfishers. Category: Small birds.

karluwa   noun. Bockadam - snake species. Category: Snakes.

karlwa   noun. 1 • yellow clay. Yamin ja kilartpin ta karlwa. ‘The other one painted himself with yellow clay.’ La anpalartpin karlwa mata murgun. ‘And paint yourself with raw yellow clay.’ La karlwa ngalartpin mata murgun. ‘And paint with clay, the raw one.’ See: kurrut red clay; kujurn white clay; kurut colour that pandanus can be dyed. Category: Soil, General ritual.

2 • yellow colour. Nuwurnnyak karlwa. ‘It has yellow (stripe) (description of a fish with a single yellow stripe down the centre).’ Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items, Colours and light.

Karlwirruk   noun. place name. Category: Place names.

kamaju   noun. a type of mamurr, local ceremony. A funeral ceremony at which Nginji and Inyjalarrku are sung. Nakapa ja kamaju. ‘That's kamaju.’ See: minyngu ceremony type. Category: Mourning.

kamalangaliki   iv. Restrict: VE subject used to refer to trees growing close together. kamalangaliki. ‘They're standing together’. Puka pata arrarrkpi la jita warramumpik kapula walij tuka warlk kamalangaliki. ‘These men and women are eating where the trees are standing.’ See: kilangali stand. Category: General terms.

kamarlkpakpa   noun. burning season, around June, when people light a lot of grass fires. Anth: When the bush starts to dry off, May and June, when a lot of burning occurs. Same time as people look for freshwater tortoise and wallaby. Kayirrkapa kamarkpakpa. ‘Now it's the dry season, the time of burning off.’ Malany awaninganapa ta marlkpakpangung nakapa anmajunmajungan. ‘Later when they came towards the time of burning off, the water got low.’ See: kamarkpa burn; manarkpakpa early part of the dry season. Category: Longer.

kamamalkpajpungkun   noun. morning star. See: kimalkpa arrive; nakurrututu Boxfish. Category: Sky.

kamanilanta wurak   noun. Takita's Mudskipper. Periophthalmus takita. Variant: Iwaidja: Mirdijululu. Syn: murlayintayin, murrwa rlaprlap yirnkirr. See: wurak guts; kinilanta feeds on, feed. Category: Fish.

kamanimirrkpungku   tv. Restrict: VE object pull up (grass). Nganymirrkpungkunang mirlak. ‘I was pulling up grass.’ Kamanimirrkpungku. ‘He's pulling up grass.’ Category: Transfer.

kamaniwakpi   tv. Restrict: VE object play didgeridoo, either alone or with other musicians. La Kuminymurlu maniwakpung nuyu mata arawirr. ‘And Guminmurlu, he played the didgeridoo for him.’ maniwakpukpung See: wituwitu play solo digeridoo. Category: Play, perform, joke.

kamaniwarnukpun   tv. Restrict: VE object lie stretched out, bend down. Arukin maniwarnukpung tuka alan. ‘The snake lay stretched out on the path.’ Yarran parak maniwarnukpung. ‘He bent over.’ Category: Remain stationary.

kamaniwarawn   tv. Restrict: VE object light a cooking fire. Light any small wooden object. Mampuwarawng yungku la iwuwunyantung tuka kirrwara. ‘They lit a fire and heated the outside part of it.’ Nginji amirawng kirrk kayirrk la ngatawarawng. ‘They sung Nginji and then we lit the fire.’ Ngatawarawngapa ngatawunyan mata, nganangka. mata manyatpung Nawurlany, imajungan. ‘We lit the fire, we burned the clapsticks that Nawurlany used, who died.’ See: kiniyiti light a grass fire; kininilakpalunya light a fire using another fire. Category: Fire.

kamaniwunpurrkut   tv. Restrict: VE object mother's brother's son. See: marrakarrak mother's cousin, brother's cousin, father's sister's cousin; ingalalk woman's son, man's sister's son (of a man), mother's brother; purrkut grouped; kamangawunpurrkut mother's brother's daughter. Category: family, inc moieties.

kamaniwurakpi   tv. Restrict: VE object stand ready to throw a harpoon from the front of the boat. Category: Hunting.

kamannyatpalan   tv. Restrict: VE object 1 • open variety of things such as a house (via door) or can of fruit. Take bark off a tree. manyatpalanti, kamanyatpalan, kamangatpalan she's opening it. Nganti mannyatpalantiny ja window? ‘Who opened the window?’ Mannyatpalantiny ja purrupurrukang inimanyka ja phone nuyu. ‘He opened up his bag and he took out his phone.’ Annyeng ta waryatapa mannyatpalantinyapa. ‘He smashed the rock and the place was opened up (for other people to work in).’ See: put close. Ant: kinimarrkuta. Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: GEN subject 2 • sprout (from a seed). Kamangatpalakan ngarntawl. ‘Speargrass sprouts.’ Category: General terms.

kamarnmurrka   crossreference. See: aparlmurrka Rock Pandanus.

kamarkpa   iv. Restrict: VE subject 1 • the area is burning off, can refer to grass fires seen from far away, volanoes. Mata mirlak kamarkpa. ‘The grass is burning.’ markpany ‘area be burnt out’. Wula marlkpangung antangung ‘A volcano is burning, burning.’ See: kamarlkpakpa burning season. Category: Fire.

2 • wanting a fight. Yarran markpany kirrk ta wanji la imarrk. ‘He wants to fight in his head and in his stomach.’ Ngapi kunpanawun murnin kamarlkpaga wanyji. ‘I'm going to hit you because I'm getting angry.’ Kingawun lirri marnti kulakajpun markpang. ‘He's angry it might not be good if you ask him something as he's angry. Don't go and say anything to him because he's angry, angry.’ Syn: lirri. Category: Hate, anger.

3 • the ground is burning hot. Note: Can just mean that ground is hot, without any implication that burning has occurred. For example, the ground may be hot because of the sun. See: mawatpu area be burnt out. Category: Soil.

kamarriyuwun   noun. widow, widower, miscarriage. Category: Females. Usage: HH noted that this term was used to refer to Ronald Lamilami after his wife passed away.

kamatangaliki   iv. Restrict: VE obj tree fall over. Category: Trees and bushes, Vertical motion.

kamaw   iv. See main entry: kiw.

kamawarlkanyi   iv. Restrict: VE subject fall, fall down. mawarlkanyiny, mawarlkanya, manawarlkanyi. Ngarrkarrk mutika mawarlkanyi. ‘Two cars have crashed.’ Yanat animany karrkarrk la mawarlkanyiny. ‘He missed his footing and fell.’ Yarntakpungapa wakapa mawarlkenyiny mata warral. ‘He chopped down that Warral tree there.’ See: kiwrlgen enter, go in; kangulkpuni fall. Category: Vertical motion.

kamawarak   noun. 1 • hammerhead shark. See: wampa shark (generic). Sphyrna spp.. Category: Sharks.

2 • Lemon Shark. Negaprion acutidens. Category: Sharks.

kamiru   noun. RRadjah Shelduck, Burdekin duck. Tadorna radjah. Category: Small birds.

kampenpun   noun. glasses, reading glasses. Ja arrarrkpi la warramumpik kampen mun kawukunyjilin ja kampenpun ‘The man and woman are wearing glasses, then they exchange the glasses.’ Kampenpun. ‘Their glasses.’ ja kampenpun. ‘their glasses’. kampen wun ‘eyeglasses’. See: wun (kinnyen) wear glasses. Category: Other.

kamu   noun. mother, mother's sisters, father's other wives and her sisters. See: kamumu middle-aged woman; warra kamumu women. Category: family, inc moieties.

kamulwarrakan   noun. a person who is part Aborigine. Category: Peoples and clans.

kamurlu   noun. Flathead. Platycephalidae; Platycephalus arenarius. See: kanima ngarrk kunak Flathead. Category: Fish.

kamumu   noun. a middle aged woman. warra kamumu. See: kamu mother. Category: Ages.

kamung   noun. sandhill. See: kamungkamung along the sandhills; murrgun earthen hill; waryat mountain. Category: Large features.

kamungkamung   adverb. along the sandhills, i.e. just behind the beach. Mm kamungkamung yarrangung aniyarrukuning. ‘Mm he was going along following the sand dunes.’ See: kamung sandhill; ajputajput along the beaches. Category: Activity manner.

kanalk   noun. undeveloped turtle eggs inside the mother. Anth: They are yellow and edible. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

kani   LOC.ADV. here. Kani kiwani. ‘Here he is.’ Ta waliwali ta kanyu ta apaka la kani ta karrkpin. ‘The corals are there and they take up a large area.’ kaniga ‘further this way’. Category: Location and distance.

kanilaka   tv. Restrict: LL object noisy, chattering. Can also be used to describe things, such as the air-conditioner. kangaka she is noisy. La ngarukin mira, ngarralyu ja miri, kangpulaka ja kamitjan ta warak, ngatpin pu, "Makiny, yunyi kurruntaka, la marlakan". ‘We get right up and if we hear the paddle, if they make a loud noise with their paddling we say to them "No, don't make a loud noise, go slowly."’ Category: Non language human voice sounds.

kanilakalkun   tv. Restrict: LL object go to shore. Kanilakalkun. ‘He goes to the beach.’ Category: Motion relating to water. Note: May be better translated as 'land boat'

katilakpanpun    Restrict: LL object 1: kanilakpanpun • tv. have full cheeks, be chewing on some food, bite tongue or a biting bag. Ngalakpanpun (*ja nangartam). ‘I'm biting my own cheek.’ See: paltak biting bag. Category: Illness.

Restrict: ED object 2: katilakpanpun • tv. have food in mouth, be biting food in mouth, be chewing. Katilakpanpun ta walij. ‘Nominal not necessary, so sounds a bit funny.’ Category: Illness.

kinilakpankukpun   tv. same meaning as kanilakpanpan.

kanilakpartpanpun   tv. Restrict: LL object pant. Nguntakpartpanpun. ‘I am panting.’ See: mangmang pant; ngangang pant. Category: Automatic actions.

kanilakpuni   tv. Restrict: LL object Dig out with mouth and eat, eg. dugong or a pig rooting out seaweed or roots. See: kanimuni root up. Category: Manipulation.

kanilakpunya   tv. Restrict: LL object cook meat by placing it raw in the already heated sand and cooking it with a coal fire on top. Only used for meat. Kanilakpunya ja yirratat. Kangalakpunya. ‘She's cooking the meat.’ Kinilakpunya ja yirratat. See: kiniwunya cook; kinilakpunyanpunya answer back; kinilakpuya he is covering him. Category: Cooking.

kanilalkpa   Restrict: LL object cutting across country. Can be cutting ahead of someone or just taking a short cut off the road. Anilalkpany. ‘He cut ahead of us (taking a short cut)’. Anilalkpany ta alan. ‘He took a short cut down a road.’ Ngamilang nguntalkpany. ‘I went too fast and missed a bit (lit: took a shortcut)’. See: kinilalku cut. Category: Movement relating to fixed point, Movement relating to moving object, Language.

kanilijpa   tv. Restrict: LL object fetch water. kangalijpun, kangpulijpun. Ngarruran ngarruntijpung wupaj ngapiliyanat. ‘We went to fetch water, me and him.’ anilijpuning ngartu ‘he fetched water for me’. Kanilijpun kurrula. ‘I am collecting seawater.’ Category: Manipulation.

kanima ngarrk kunak   noun. Flathead, ?Flounder, ?Sole. Platycephalidae; Platycephalus arenarius. See: kamurlu Flathead; ngarrk take hold of, put it together, heap it up. Category: Fish.

kanimarili   tv. Restrict: LL object hook spear into spear thrower, take aim. See: kamaniwurakpi stand ready to throw harpoon. Category: Manipulation, Hunting.

kanimarrajpi   tv. Restrict: LL object feel about for food animals with hands or feet, in ground covered by a shallow layer of water. Anth: For example when looking for cockles in the sand. Kinypani kangamarrajpi and kingama ja ngarnji. ‘She's digging around under water and gets ngarnji cockles.’ Kangkumarrajpikpi kiwuma martpoj. ‘They are feeling around underwater, getting martpoj cockles.’ See: kanimarrajpun He walks. Category: Hunting.

kanimarrajpun   tv. Restrict: LL object walk, travel on foot (but also includes other types of movement.) Anth: Used to specify that someone going by foot rather than using another mode of transport. Ngungmarrajpung ajput. ‘I walked on the sand/beach.’ Ngungmarrajpung yulngpuj. ‘I'm walking in a lot of dust.’ Arta yirrik ankakujpina la ngungpurrun wularrutapa ja arukin ngungpurrun kanimarrajpunka yanatapa arrunpaningartpanpun aralpa. ‘Won't you be quiet! Probably the snake is already coming to get us.’ See: kanimarajpi feel about with hands or feet. Category: Walking.

kanimarranmarranyi   tv. Restrict: LL object flap hands, arms, (bird) fly, wave a lot. See: kanimarranyi wave. Category: Change stance.

kanimarranyi   tv. Restrict: LL object wave, for example hand or a shirt. Pajupaju kanimarranyi. ‘He's waving a shirt.’ Pata ngarrkarrk arrarrkpi kangkumarranyiwu pata wera pata arrarrkpi. ‘Two men are waving to the other men.’ See: kanimarranmarranyi flap arms; yurnu ta karrungmarranyi hand. Category: Manipulation. Note: Cannot take 'ta yurnu' or 'imawurr' as objects.

kanimuni   tv. Restrict: LL object root up the ground looking for food as a pig does. See: kanilakpuni root out. Category: Manipulation, Hunting.

kanimuni kunak   phrase. pig. Syn: pikipiki. Category: Mammals.

kaningartpulawn   tv. Restrict: MA subject ; LL object water pour on head of. Kaningartpulawn wupaj tuka wanji nuyu. ‘I poured water on his head.’ Kaningartpulawn nuyu (wupaj tuka wanji). ‘I poured water on his head.’ See: kiningarulawn pour over, pour out. Category: Manipulation.

kaningulkparrki   tv. Restrict: LL object bow head and look towards the ground, a polite way to act in certain situations. Kaningulkparrki kannyeyan ta kunak. ‘He bows his head, looks down at the ground. (for example if he feels sick)’. Kangangulkparrki kanngayan ta kunak. ‘She bows her head, looks down at the ground.’ Kaningulkparrki tuka kunak. ‘He is bowing his head to the ground’. See: kiniwulkparrki stomach rumble (masculine sub). Ant: katingarntalgan. Category: Change stance.

kaningurlkunji   tv. Restrict: LL object stirred up dirty water on incoming tide when strong winds are blowing. Can also be water that is stirred up due to the activity of fish at high tide. Anth: Occurs at time of full moon. See: ngurlk murky stirred up water. Category: Water bodies.

kaningurtpulukpun   tv. Restrict: LL object put in water, drown. Kaningurtpulukpun ta wupaj. ‘He put (the bucket) in the water.’ Category: Manipulation.

kaningurtpulwarrki   tv. Restrict: LL object put more water into something to fill it up. For example: when someone adds a bit of cold water to their tea to cool it down. Kaningurtpulwarrki ta wupaj. ‘Fill it up with water.’ See: kiniwulawkun fill up. Category: Manipulation, Arrangement.

kaniwurulkpun   tv. Restrict: LL object clean up area, house, yard, clean area outside by clearing vegetation. Ngungpawurulkpun. I will clean up.; Kaniwurulkpukpun., Kangawurulkpukpun.. Angkuwurulkpung mampakan mampulalkukunyapa mata nakawkapa mata nganykarrarr. ‘They cleaned up, cut them down and then cut them up into small pieces, all those mangroves.’ Angkuwurulkpukpuning. ‘They cleaned up every camp.’ Kangpuwurulkpun kunak. ‘They keep the place clean (translation of a sign for council)’. Category: General.

kaniyalgan   tv. Restrict: LL object any type of hunting. Includes sea or land hunting, meat, fish or vegetable foods. Kaniyalgan ngartu. ‘He's hunting for me.’ "Makiny la arrkpanawunju karlurri arrkpanarra matmat yurrng nuyu ja arrkpana arrungpayalgan arranama ja kiyap." ‘"We will have to change into birds and fly in the sky to hunt for our fish."’ La ngarri ta wularrut naka ngarrungjalgakantung ta walij la karlurri ta ngarru wiyu. Syn: mirrmirr (kerra). Category: Hunting.

kaniyawun   tv. Restrict: LL object Dig with a stick or other long implement. Can describe digging a trench, digging for crabs, mawugany, or miyulum. kangayawun she is digging it.. La, ngatpiny pu ngawu kurrunjawuni tuka arrawunya, ja naputjanputjan. ‘And we said to them, "Come, dig a hole, that's where we'll burn these clothes."’ Kunak, Makiny tuka kunak, Kapin kanipa, Kaniyawun, kelkpa. ‘No, in the ground, there, he dug and laid an egg.’ Awuran angkuyawung karwuluk ngartu. ‘They went digging and got some Karwuluk yams for me.’ See: kiwartpun dig for water (with hands or shell); kiniwun dig with the hands. Category: Manipulation.

kannyarlan   tv. Restrict: LL object Divide, halve. annyarlantiny ‘He divided it and gave it away (land).’ Yangkung aniyarlatuny ngaw ja iminy mawawiny. ‘He would give half to his future mother-in-law.’ angarlantiny ‘Water split the two islands’. See: yarrk split open; kiniwilkpun divide and share; kiningarlan divide up; jarrk break open. Category: Transfer, Divide, cut, tear, Social responsibilities and events.


kannyarlawn   tv. Restrict: LL object scoop it (earth) out. Kannyarlawn ta ajput. ‘He is scooping out the sand.’ Category: Manipulation.

kannyujpakpa   tv. Restrict: LL object breastfeed. kannyujpakpa ‘he sucks the breast’. See: kiwujpa lick. Category: Reproduction, Illness.

kannyunmen   tv. Restrict: LL object try. See: kiwnmen try; kinnyunma measure; rturr try persistently. Category: Judgement, evaluation.

kantajiki   noun. nostrils. See: kilaji hungry, empty. Category: Head.

kantakij   noun. red kangaroo. Category: Mammals.

kantakparrki   iv. Restrict: LL subject (Spear) land by becoming lodged in the ground. mamurnanganiny anjirla antakparrkjiny waka wiyu tuka ilangaling. ‘it bounced back and lodged in the ground next to where he stood.’ Kantakparrki tuka kunak (*ta kunak) ‘It cut into the ground.’ Kantakparrki ta kunak. ‘A spear is lodged in the ground.’ See: kinilakparrki cut meat out of a clam. Category: Pierce, shoot.

kantawulmurra   noun. turtle, small hawksbill. See: majirnti large hawksbill turtle. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

kantawurlalkpa   noun. gully, ditch, probably others. Category: Smaller features.

kantawumurra   noun. turtle of similar size to Majirnti, but may be a different species. See: majirnti large hawksbill turtle. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

kantijawa   noun. flour. Category: Plant food, Introduced plants.

kantikikpuliwanyji   noun. small size Sand mullet (death taboo term). Myxus elongatus. See: wuta a very large mullet, Diamond Mullet. Syn: warrgirra. Category: Mullets. Anth: This is a nickname used because the 'real' name is under death taboo.

kantuntun   iv. earth rumble. kanuntunka they heard the snake coming from far away; kiluntun. Parang apa la wularrut awalyungan ta kunak antuntunang. ‘They felt that the earth was shaking.’ See: kiniluntu scold, make sorcery on. Category: Non language human voice sounds.

kanya   iv. It (Land) goes. See main entry: ke.

kanyjarrk   noun. tribal cicatrices above breast line. See: karlngirr small circular body cicatrices usually across chest; marnkitarr tribal cicatrices below breast, also general term. Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items.

kanyngan   noun. red crab fat. See: wilnguk fat of red coloured crab. Category: Crustaceans.

kanyu   iv. You lie. See main entry: kiw.


kanyung   noun. man's ngaya. Like ngaya but only for men. Category: family, inc moieties.

kangarntalwarran   iv. Restrict: LL subject glow in the distance (eg. of a campfire seen in the distance, or light from fires on Weyirra see n from Warruwi). angarntalwarrantiny. Nuka yungku kamangarntalwarran/kangarntalwarran. ‘There is a fire far away.’ Koyanti kangarntalwarran warak mata yungku. ‘Look there's a red glow in the sky from fires burning over the mainland.’ See: kinnyurntulwarran gut; kinyurntulwarran menstruate; katingarntalgan look up at; kangmurlwarran brown. Category: Colours and light.

kangmarrangulin   iv. Restrict: LL subject 1 • something cause person to think back to old times and people who are no longer around. Cause is typically a type of wind, first rains of the season or a place. person. Kangmarrangulin kapa Wigu. ‘It (the wind) makes me think of Wigu.’ Kiwanipa kaniwurrun. Kangmarrangulin ta kiwani turuyga. ‘He sits and thinks. He reminisces when the first rains of the season come.’ (Ta kunak) Kangmarrangulin ja ngimalkpany inimang ilijap. ‘It reminds me of when my son was small.’ Kangmarrangulin kapa Wigu. ‘It (the wind) makes me think of Wigu.’ See: aparranguliny ripe. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

2 • song be well performed, move audience. Pa arrarrkpi like kimirawn, tapa karrkpin nuyu "Kangmarrangulin nuwu", kangmarrangulin nuyu. ‘Like he sings a sweet song, breaks our heart.’ Then awarranapa more singing, amiyawng, amiyawng, amiyawng parangapa la angmarrangulinganapa. ‘Then they kept singing, singing, singing until finally they could sing it well’. Arlarrarr akutju, not really angmarrangulin angarra. ‘Still it didn't sound good, didn't really go along nicely.’ Category: Sorrow, happiness.

3 • Kangmarrangulin Martpalk. ‘Good country, good home.’ Kunak kangmarrangulin. ‘(This is) my favourite place’. Ah, nganamurnanganiga Croker ta kangmarrangulin. ‘Oh I might go to Croker which is my favourite place.’ Category: Goodness.

kangmarryi   noun. a corner, winding. Category: Land features.

kangmarti   iv. Usage: female referent breasts be grown, i.e. girl be grown up into young girl. kangmartiki ‘plural form’. See: wungumpuli yitpiyitpi younger teenage girl. Category: Females.

kangmurlwarra   iv. Restrict: LL subject brown. Ja nukapa ngarrungayan ngurlk tuka, kangmurlwarran ngurlk. marntingunyuny, ngungpurrun ilijpakpa ke marntingunyuny. ‘We see the stirred up water where it's brown. Maybe there's a baby dugong here.’ Kangmurlwarran ta ngurlk. ‘The murky water is brown.’ See: kangarntalwarran glow; kinyurntulwarran menstruate; kiniwarran butcher. Category: Colours and light.

kangmungkurri   noun. shoes. Ja luluj kinimanpun manpurrwa tuka marryun la kinimanpun dress tuka warrawurnji? ‘Is the dog biting the clothes on the boy and biting the dress on the girl?’ Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items.

kangparnpalarrkpi   iv. Restrict: LL subject valley, ravine. See: kantawurlalkpa gully, ditch; kilakurunymin tighten, narrow, pull together. Category: Smaller features.

kangparrkparnjilin   iv. Restrict: LL subject branching off road or path. See: kiwarntarrkanyjilin mix together; kiwartawkunjilin roads running parallel or nearly parallel. Category: Large features.

kangulkpuni   iv. Restrict: LL subject fall. angulkpuniny he fell. Warranygiw angulkpuniny parak. ‘The child fell down’. Kimajpungkin kilangali kiwnmen kiwnmakpen kimitjap kamawarlkanyi, kangulkpuni. ‘He gets up, he stands and he tries, he tries. He takes a few steps, then he falls, he falls down.’ Angulkpuniny mata warlk. ‘He fell out of a tree.’ See: kamawarlkanyi fall down.

karnjawarra   noun. 1 • mud crab, large mangrove crab. Scylla serrata. Category: Crustaceans.

2 • crab (generic). Category: Crustaceans.

karntawululu   noun. sweet juice inside impurrk grass. Heteropogon triticeus. See: impurrk sugar cane grass. Category: Grasses, Plant food. Anth: found when grass matures

karntirrkan   noun. Cypruss Pine. Callitris intratropica. Category: Trees and bushes.

karntirrkanyun   noun. stand of cypress pine trees. Category: Trees and bushes.

karntuwa   noun. reed species used in basket making. Anth: This one is used together with kirrwara of Pandanus inside the coils to add strength. Grows at Anjumu. Mata kurnuwa ngarryutpa ta yangali. ‘We put kurnuwa in baskets.’ Category: Dye and fibre plants, Grasses.

kap1   noun. small bare patch without plants (or possiby with only grass in wet season). See: kapal middle. Category: Landscape.

kap2   particle. just. Category: Appearance.

kapa   LOC.ADV. there, that place distant from here. Kapa waraju manamalkpa kapa warak tuka wanyji wumawurr. ‘It will have to come out near the creek.’ See: waka at that place (not seen); tipa there (middle distance).

kapaja   noun. 1 • plant which produces a cotton wool-like substance in its seed- box. Gossypium hirsutum. Anth: Fruit are eaten by children. See: nganyumparrga wild cotton. Category: Trees and bushes, Plant food.

2 • cotton wool. Category: Other.

kapal   noun. 1 • the middle, in between, in the middle. Category: Location and distance.

2 • a plain, open flat country, includes floodplain. See: kap small bare patch without plants. Category: Landscape.

3 • seat in middle of canoe or dinghy. Nganpaningan tuka kapal. ‘I'm sitting in the middle of the canoe.’ Category: Items for fishing.

4 • the hunter who sits in the middle of the canoe. See: wurlurn captain of canoe; angparti hunter who sits at front of canoe. Category: Initiation.

kapala   noun. boat. Category: Items for fishing.

kapalapipi   noun. a large boat, ship. Category: Other.

kapalgapal   crossreference. See: kapal middle, plain.

kaparnkatpin   iv. Restrict: ED subject stick together, remain together. Aparnkatpiny ja jalwarra la pajupaju. ‘He always wears the same trousers and the same shirt.’ Kerra warakapa kaparnkatpini kinima ja warranyngiw. ‘The spirit goes along and sticks on to him.’ Apartkatpinang. ‘It was stuck, e.g. rice on the bottom of a saucepan’. See: katiwarntakpun stick into (foot). Syn: kinnyurtjun. Category: Holding, sticking.

kapijarlangken   iv. Restrict: ED subject be scattered. Kayirrkapa apijarlangkekeny kirrk awuran numatpa kunak. ‘They are all scattered, they all went to different places’. Muka mata mango kapijarlangkeken. ‘There's a lot of mangoes around the place (on different trees and on the ground at different places around Martpalk).’ Nuka manpurrwa apijarlangkekeny ngartuk. ‘My clothes are at all different houses (because people borrowed them and took them home).’ See: kerlangken separate; yarlarr go separate ways. Category: Arrangement.

kapikapik   noun. coastal dweller. Yanat ja nuwul kapikapik. ‘He comes from a coastal area.’ Syn: nuwulwurrula. Category: Peoples and clans.

kapin   part. like, similar. Wularrutapa imalkpangungpi kapin kani la Wamarli. ‘Afterwards, he got close. Like about as far as between here (Warruwi) and Wamarli.’ Yiniwung ja kapin wuk. ‘He hit that thing which is like an ant.’ Kapin kanmirlkpungen kun kirrwara. ‘You turned your back to him (while he was talking to you)’. Imalngkawuny kapin mularrik. ‘He changed into a frog.’ See: kapin kunuka lots; kimirlkpungen change in appearence. Category: Appearance.

otherwise. Yunyi wanyjtupanyjut la warakparakut wutarr kuwaka kapin imurranymi awunginkay pata manpala wanpirlk yirrkju. ‘Do not plant them close to each other but put them at a distance from each other otherwise both the seeds might grow and fight each other.’ Category: Appearance.

kapin kunuka   phrase. lots. Category: Appearance.

kapirrk   coverb. 1 • trip over. Kinyimany kapirrk. ‘He tripped her over.’ Nganngamany kapirrk ta waryat. ‘A rock tripped me over.’ Inyngamaj kapirrk orka. ‘She tripped her a bit.’ Category: Throw, trip, Vertical motion.

Restrict: MA subject 2 • trip over (habitually). Kinyima kapirrk. ‘She trips over (a lot).’ Category: Vertical motion.

kapu   noun. vulva. Category: Organs and torso. Variant: vulgar term. Syn: kurning.

kapurlngen   iv. Restrict: ED subject move in a wobby way, feel dizzy. Kapurlngeken. ‘He walks wobbly.’ Ngaya ngalyu kapurlngeken ‘Daughter, I feel wobbly.’ Jaka kapurlngeken. ‘That woman is wobbly.’ See: kiniwurlnga circle. Category: Discomfort and pain, Walking.

kangpurlngen OBL wanji   NVidiom. feel dizzy. Kangpurlngen ngartu wanji. ‘My head feels dizzy.’ Category: Discomfort and pain.

kapumunkapumun   noun. Restrict: PL leaders of the community, very important people. Syn: wimunpimun. Category: Peoples and clans.

kapungurr   noun. small gudgeons and gobies. See: mapurrkaj gobies and gudgeons (generic). Category: Fish.

kapurrkij   noun. lots of fish, of different types. Category: Other fish terms.

kar   coverb. Restrict: MA object put over, hang over a (branch, hook). Kiwuma kar ngaw. ‘They are hanging it around her neck (necklace).’ Wularrutpa iwumangung kar. ‘In earlier times they used to hang things in the fork of a tree.’ Category: Manipulation.

karajarrk   noun. sweet to taste. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kararrgararr   noun. 1 • an open pattern used in basket making. Category: Tools, women's.

2 • fine, soft, (fine hair), nylon. See: alawiyalawi star pattern used in table mats. Category: Hair, Clothing, adornment, magic items.

karawu   noun. wattle type. Anth: Flowering is a sign that Green-back Turtle (manpiri) is fat. This plant looks similar to wirarrwirarr but grows away from the beach. Acacia leptocarpa? Acacia difficilis?. See: wirarrwirarr Wattle species. Category: Trees and bushes, Calendar plants.

karaywalk   noun. type of possum which eats pandanus nuts. Category: Mammals. Anth: found on Minjilang but not on Warruwi

kardulk   noun. a person who gossips, talks a lot about other people. ja kardulk ‘he talks too fast.’ See: kartuk agree. Category: Language.

kariri   noun. water beetle. Category: Insects. Note: Mentioned p.572 of Berndt and Berndt (1970) as gariri 'crickets' in Mawng and Kunwinjku

karwuluk   noun. long hairy yam, grows deep in soil in bush on mainland, has long hairs on the outside. Dioscorea transversa. Variant: Iwaidja: Ldungun (D. transversa). Karwuluk kakatpi akarnpa, apiya, yanyjuk ngaw la muj warranyngiw ngaw. La awarntulyak ta Karwuluk naka kangpuyawun wukei tuka kunak la kapumalkpa. Yara makiny la kapukpun arka ta Karwuluk kapuma. La yara naka kanguyawun ta Karwuluk wukej mira tuka kunak pa kapuma. ‘The Long Yam has a stalk on it and leaves. It also has juice in it and young tubers. The Long Yam is long and they dig deep into the earth to get it. Sometimes they break it off as they try to get it out. But other times they dig deep into the earth and get it out whole.’ See: Kunkun wupaj considered a type of Karwuluk; apanga top of Karwuluk yam; apungkurryuwu top of Karwuluk yam; atimi body of Karwuluk yam; akarnpa stem of Karwuluk yam vine (and possibly other species); Wurruwujpiny yam type. Category: Tubers, Plant food. Anth: Somes the top part of the yam is put back in the soil and the yam grows again.

karr   noun. spider. Category: Insects.

karr   coverb. hunt for turtle or dugong during daytime. Kawarra karrik arrarrkpi. ‘The men are hunting dugong or turtle.’ Karrik kawarra warak. ‘They're hunting turtle/dugong during the day.’ Kawapa, kawuli karrik kawuken. ‘They hunt by day, looking.’ Category: Hunting.

karrajpalk   noun. bright moonlit night. Category: Sky.

karrak   noun. Red-tailed black cockatoo. Calyptorhynchus banksii. Category: Small birds.

karramalk   noun. stone tomahawk. See: tatken stone axe; waliman axe. Category: Tools, men's.

karranyjing   noun. bin. Category: Other. Note: May be Macassan

karrarnarn   noun. Milky Oyster, also used as a general term for oysters. Includes the small Black-lip Rock Oyster. Saccostrea mordax (previously S. amasa), Saccostrea cucullata. Variant: Iwaidja: kirrwar; arrarnarn. karrarnarn iwurraj. ‘Oyster fat.’ See: arnmilwil a clump of oysters; ngalpiri oysters knocked off the rock whole. Category: Shellfish.

karrape   noun. inland on mainland where the bush is. Category: Landscape.

karrilawatpunmuy   tv. 1 • used to say "We don't know it". Used in conversation to refer to something that is new to the person or community. Nuka ja karrilawutpunmuy. ‘This is new to us.’ See: kinimuy ignorant. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

2 • many, more than we can count. Word not used much anymore but used to be used instead of imurra or igarra. See: kinimunmuy not hear about, not know about. Category: Appearance.

karrimijurlakpakpa   tv. Restrict: MA object play a slow rhythm on clapsticks. Nganangka karrimijurlakpakpa. ‘We play the clapsticks slowly (or could mean: we stop the clapsticks while the women dance)’. Ngarrimijurlakpakpa Category: Song and dance.

Karringitpalka   noun. Monster, or specifically Rainbow serpent. This word is also used for dinosaurs and other monsters seen on TV. See: arukin serpent; Inkarnarrk name of a rainbow serpent. Category: Dreamtime names.

karrk   coverb. scratch. Nganinyjuk karrk. ‘You scratched me.’ See: karrkarrk miss what was said; kinyji choke, throttle.

yarrkarrk    La ja luluj inyinjang karrkarrk jita warramumpik. ‘And the dog scratched the woman.’ Kayirrk la kawuryi pata kiwatpi wurrupurru ja kawinyji arrkarrk. ‘Then those who have a rash and are scratching themselves bathe in the liquid.’

karrkaj   noun. island. Category: Large features.

karrkajkarrkaj   noun. islands. Category: Large features.

karrkany   noun. Black (fork-tailed) Kite or ?Red Goshawk. Milvus migrans, ?Erythrotriorchis radiatus. Category: Small birds.

karrkarrk   coverb. Restrict: LL object 1 kanima yarrkarrk • miss what was said. Ngapi ngungmany karrkarrk. ‘I missed what you said.’ See: karrk scratch (redup is arrkarrk or yarrkarrk). Category: Language, Activity manner.

Restrict: LL object 2 kanima yarrkarrk • slip. Yanat animany karrkarrk la mawarlkanyiny. ‘He missed his footing and fell.’ Kanima arrkarrk ‘It slips (e.g. a car stuck in a bog).’ Category: Vertical motion.

3 kinnyen karrkarrk • scrape. Kanin karrkarrk.

karrkpin   noun. big, important, superordinate category. Ingawuning wurlk ta karrkpin iwararrkenang. ‘Sorrow filled him and he was crying.’ Ta waliwali ta kanyu ta apaka la kani ta karrkpin. ‘The corals are there are they take up a large area.’ Nuka ja karrkpin ja arrarrkpi. ‘He's an important man.’ Syn: kilyakut. Category: Size and weight.

karrng   coverb. snore. Yukarrng (Yung karrng) ‘He was snoring.’ Category: Sleep.

karrunngartawkun wupaj   noun. seabird like a seagull, larger than mirrirnirn. See: mirrijpu Silver Gull; kinnyartawkun add on to. Category: Small birds.

karrunpartawkun wupaj   seabird type (plural). Category: Small birds.

karrung   noun. sacking bag. Category: Other.

karrurru   noun. sail for kupuny dugout canoe. Anth: These were more recently made of canvas but were made of woven pandanus earlier. La ngarringulakan kirrk, ja miri la karrurru ja karrilati, awurli la, jalakaraj yara ja ngarryatpi kilatikin tuka kupuny. ‘So we tidy everything up, the paddles and the sails that we have with us, o.k. and the spear that we have with us in the canoe.’ See: maygu woven sail. Category: Items for fishing.

katang   noun. carpenter's plane. Category: Other.

katapanga   noun. Black Marlin. Makaira indica. See: kinumpu Black Marlin, Blue Marlin; jirnumpu deep water jumping fishes with pointy snout or possibly generic for all mackerels, tunas, billfishes. Category: Fish.

katikatik   noun. Pied Oystercatcher. Ngarnji kingamirrawn jita katikatik. ‘The Pied Oystercatcher draws on the Ngarnji shell, making it pretty (a story the old people used to tell.’ See: kinimirrawun katikatik young Hiant Venus Clam. Category: Small birds.

katilakpanpun   crossreference. See: kanilakpanpun bite something.

katilakpanpun    Restrict: LL object 1: kanilakpanpun • tv. have full cheeks, be chewing on some food, bite tongue or a biting bag. Ngalakpanpun (*ja nangartam). ‘I'm biting my own cheek.’ See: paltak biting bag. Category: Illness.

Restrict: ED object 2: katilakpanpun • tv. have food in mouth, be biting food in mouth, be chewing. Katilakpanpun ta walij. ‘Nominal not necessary, so sounds a bit funny.’ Category: Illness.

kinilakpankukpun   tv. same meaning as kanilakpanpan.

katilulkanyi   tv. Restrict: ED object pay. Arrkpanamin nuyu ja arrarrkpi apanilulkanyi ‘We will tell that man that he must pay it back’. Nakapa apululkanyang pu awunpuning kupuny. ‘They used to pay them with dugout canoes.’ Yirri atilulkanyiny. ‘He paid for the fuel.’ Category: Transfer.

katinikiniki   tv. Restrict: ED object carry a lot of things on head and/or back. Nangujapa atinikininy. ‘Yesterday he carried a lot of things.’ Kiwunikiniki. ‘They carry things.’ kerra kati nikiniki ‘he's getting big and strong’. See: atinikanikang be huge from eating a lot; kininiki he is carrying it on his shoulders. Category: Manipulation, Head, Organs and torso.

katingarntalgan   tv. Restrict: ED object look up at. See: kangarntalwarran glow; kaningulkparrki bow head. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

katingarukpun   tv. Restrict: ED object turn a corner, change direction. Nuka ngeyawng yarran parak atingarukpung parak. ‘I saw him turning (that corner).’ Atingarukpung. ‘He bent it.’ Category: Movement relating to moving object.

katingkan   tv. Restrict: ED object be 'sung' or cursed magically. Have a bad spell be case over oneself and be likely to get ill or die. kakengkan she has been sung. Ta kani karrpani ngarrurri karrartengkan. ‘One of us here has been (is) sung.’ See: katingki touch wrong thing. Category: Sorcery. Note: -aKa- part of suffix becomes -arta- for this verb

katingki   tv. Restrict: ED object mess with other people's things. kakenyji, kakarrkingki, kawarrkingki Don't play with that thing/ Don't play with that flour.. Inyi kartingki kanngarra wungpulajpu kunuka yirrik.. ‘Don't mess with other people's stuff, steal from them or whatever.’ Inyi kartingki ‘Don't do any bad thing like stealing or messing with another person's stuff’. Inyi kartingki. ‘Don't take anything from that house.’ See: katingkan be sung. Category: Shelter, camp, house, General change of state.

katiwarntakpun   tv. Restrict: ED object stick into (foot). See: kaparnkatpin stick together. Category: Holding, sticking.

katiwirtpala   tv. Restrict: ED object arrange food or household possessions: pack, collect things, unpack things. Pa arukaruk amalkpanyka weminpi la wemin. Apuyirtpaliny. ‘In the afternoon each lot returned to camp. They put their food together.’ atiwirtpaliny ‘a bloke took his stuff and left it there (food stuff)’. Ngapi ngapirtpalaka tuka kurampalk ta ngapi ta wurrwurr. ‘I am arranging my new things in the house.’ See: katiwirtpalakan ngarrurru yurnu gecko lizard; kiniyirtpa lend; kiyirtpalinypu wash hands. Category: Manipulation.

ja katiwirtpalaka wu   phrase. the main traditional owner of an area of land. Category: Peoples and clans.

katiwirtpalakan ngarrurru yurnu   noun. gecko lizard. See: katiwirtpala gather together. Category: Reptiles and amphibians. Note: This string of words does not have any literal meaning.

katiwujpa   tv. Restrict: ED object pack up and leave, move house. ngapawujpakpaga, atiwujpakpanyka AD Text 7:24; kakawujpakpaga, katiwujpakpaga. Ngapi ngapujpakpany. ‘I packed up my swag.’ Parang apuwujpakpangung apulatikiyang tuka mitjang, - kawa waya, pa awulatpangung parak. ‘Then they would load on the trepang pots and their utensils and went away.’ Then he packed up and travelled fast to Wartpen, he saw it was good. See: palay keep going; kiwutpa camp overnight; kiwujpa lick. Category: Manipulation, Movement relating to fixed point.

katiyirlatu   tv. Restrict: ED object slice (the yam, ready to soak). Usage: not used for potato or bread, just yams. Not used much anymore. Category: Divide, cut, tear, Cooking.

katja   iv. See main entry: ke.

katju   iv. We (inclusive) lie. See main entry: kiw.

katu   noun. small mangrove crab. Portunidae spp. not pelagicus. Category: Crustaceans. Anth: Now used just for bait but were previously eaten too.

kartawarr   noun. knee joint. See: kartawarrkartawarr kneel; ngarlwak knee cap. Category: Limbs.

kartawarrkartawarr   coverb. Restrict: MA object to kneel. Innyeny kartawarrkartawarr. ‘He knelt down.’ Ngarlwak innyeny kartawarrkartawarr. ‘He knelt down.’ Kingeny kartawarrkartawarr. ‘She knelt down.’ See: kartawarr knee joint; ngarlwak knee cap, die suddenly. Category: Change stance.

kartawuj   noun. small green-backed turtle. See: manpiri green-backed turtle. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

karten yarrkjarrk   phrase. one who uses a different pronunciation. See: yarrkjarrk break, split open, gut. Category: Peoples and clans.

kartiyin   noun. bay. Category: Large features.

kartparra   coverb?. flowers bloom, seeds sprout. Kamawun kartparrapa, warrga. ‘Flowers start to open up.’ Warrga kamawun kartparra. ‘The flowers finish.’ Category: Longer, Automatic actions.

kartuk   coverb. agree to, nod in assent. Iminy kartuk nuyu. ‘He agreed with him.’ Anmina kartuk! ‘You, nod!’ See: kardulk gossip. Category: Non language human voice sounds.

kartungkun2   noun. Tripletail. Lobotes surinamensis. Category: Fish. Anth: This lives in deep holes in mangrove estuaries and the lower reaches of the river.

kartungkun1   noun. 1 • shin. Category: Limbs.

2 • Ironwood tree. Erythrophleum chlorostachys. Variant: Iwaidja: kartungkun. Muka mata kartungkun kampartpan tuka panikin, Yara mangiri kampartpan. Kayirrk la kawuryi pata kiwatpi wurrupurru ja kawinyji arrkarrk. ‘They boil the ironbark leaves in a billy. At other times they might boil the bark instead. Then those who have a rash and are scratching themselves bathe in the liquid.’ Category: Trees and bushes, Medicine, Toxic plants. Anth: Used to treat skin infections. Preparation: chop bark off tree, boil and use liquid on skin. Warning: can cause anaphylaxis when eaten by children. The leaves are also used to smoke the house when people die, to rid it of spirits.

kartungkunyun   noun. stand of ironwood trees. Category: Trees and bushes.

kawa   iv. They go. See main entry: ke.

kawa   noun. large Macassan pot. Parang apuwujpakpangung apulatikang tuka mijang - kawa, waya, pa awulatpangung parak. ‘They used to load the praus with pots and ironware and come down.’ Category: Other.

kawagawa   noun. White egrets: Great Egret, Intermediate Egret, Little Egret and Cattle Egret. Ardea alba, Ardea garzetta, Ardea intermedia, Ardea ibis. Category: Large birds.

kawakul   noun. Sand Bass, Young adult male Barramundi or Barrumundi which has brown colour due to living in muddy creek water. Psammoperca waigiensis, Lates calcarifer (young male adult). See: wirlmu Barramundi. Category: Perch. Anth: When this name refers to a Barramundi it denotes an immature adult male Barramundi. less than 30 cms in length and dark in colour. The Sand Bass lives in the sea near the reef whereas a young brown barramundi lives in the creek. Both fish look very similar to one another.

kawanpani   noun. school of dugong. Ngawupa! nuka kiwani! ‘Come here! There's one here!’ La yara ngarrkarrk ta ngatpin kawanpani. ‘And when there's two we say "kawanpani'’. See: nguyuyi group; kiwanpani come from, habitually live at. Category: Mammals. Note: Cannot be inflected for any other persons it seems, but that may be because its obsolete

kawarnakanyjilin   iv. Restrict: PL subject fight with spears, Make war. ngarrarnakanyjilin we are having a fight with spears. Puka pata marryun kawarnakanyjilin mata murnta. Kutpunayanti! ‘The boys are playing with the murnta spears. Look at them!’ See: kinnyarnaken shoot. Category: Fight.

kawartpanyjilin   iv. Restrict: PL subject 1 • they are meeting. Ngatpalkpany ngarrartpanyjiliny. ‘We met along the way.’ Kawartpanyjilin tuka alan. ‘They met on the road.’ Category: Horizontal movements.

2 • marry. Wularrut ngarrartpanyjiliny ngapi li inyanat. ‘She and I are already married.’ See: kiwartawkunjilin mix together; kinnyartpan boil; kiwani be married; kinimakan have as spouse. Category: Social responsibilities and events. Anth: Doesn't mean marriage from a promise, but just getting together.

kawikawik   noun. 1 • a crab's small walking legs. Category: Crustaceans.

2 • front or back flippers of a turtle. See: imarnawuji back flippers of a turtle. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

kawirrji   noun. coloured goanna. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

kawirrwa   noun. Butterfish. Striped Scat, Spotted Scat. Selenotoca multifasciata, Scatophagus argus (Scatophagidae). Variant: Iwaidja: Kalarlany. See: wakpi Spinefoot; marramarra Archerfish; makumaku Sicklefish (big brother). Category: Batfish and butterfish. Anth: These ones are 'small brother' to makumaku.

kawu   iv. They lie. See main entry: kiw.

kawukunjilin   iv. Restrict: PL subject share together, exchange gifts. Ngapi la nangila ngarrukunyjiliny pajupaju. ‘Nangila and I exchanged shirts.’ Awukunyjilin ja patumang. ‘They exchange glasses.’ Awunpuning awukunyjilinang ta walij aminang. ‘They shared it with each other.’ Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kawulakpuntikin   Variant: kawulakpunguntin. iv. Restrict: PL subject be company together in land. Share together (what is gathered). Share clan names. Share skin groups. kawulakpuntingkin ‘they share together that same clan name’. Arriwalakpuntaka ‘We'll cut it up and divide it up (meat).’ Kurrilakpuntakanyi ‘Share it! (half and half, a crab).’ See: kinnyurlngpun; kinilakpungunta share. Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kawulakpunguntin   crossreference. See: kawulakpuntikin share land.

kawulalkanyjilin   iv. Restrict: PL subject discuss something together, have a meeting. Awaning awulalkenyjilinang. ‘They were having a discussion.’ Arukaruk angkat ngatalkanyjiliny kirrk apa, ngatpiny pu, "Arrkpanuraka jinyngu ngulamngulam". ‘During the afternoon we discussed it all, we said to them, "We will go early in the morning".’ awulalkanyjilina weminpi See: kilalken be in pain; kinilalken ask. Category: Language. Note: could be considered reciprocal form of kinilalken with jilin on end.

kawulartparrki   iv. Restrict: PL subject they are countrymen. See: kiningartparrki shoot successfully in the head. Category: Peoples and clans.

kawuniwunpun warranyngiw   noun. Queenfish, Skinnyfish. Scomberoides sp.. Syn: wanyjarlarr, ngamparlngamparl. Category: Fish. Anth: Name used instead of wanyjarlarr 1990-1991 because of a death taboo.

kawunjilin   iv. Restrict: PL subject fight together. kawunjilin, ngatpunjilin, kawunjilina. Ikarna mata wularrut awunjilinang namumuyak awk. ‘Ikarna is what they used to fight with before, in the dreamtime.’ Parang la awunjilinang malany annyarlukpanrtap ja Yumparrparr. ‘As they fought Yumparrparr slipped.’ See: -njili together. Category: Fight.

kawunpuyungpukpun   tv. encourage in fight. Aminang "Pirr!" awunpuyungpukpuning. ‘They were saying "Go on!" and egging them on.’ See: awunpuyukakaning encourage to fight. Category: Language.

kawungiti   iv. Restrict: PL subject be namesake to one another. Anth: Not used for people who just happen to have the same name but people who were given the same Aboriginal name. Juka jita ngapi arrkitingiti ‘This one and me are namesakes (e.g. Rosemary about Bridget because they both have the Aboriginal name kurrunama)’. See: ngeygo same name (term of address). Category: family, inc moieties.

kawuyanyjilin   iv. lovers, girlfriend and boyfriend. Variant: Iwaidja: antikin. Ngungpurrun kawuyanyjilin. ‘Maybe they're boyfriend and girlfriend.’ Kawuyanyjilin See: -njili together. Category: Social responsibilities and events, Reproduction.

kawuyirtiki   iv. Restrict: PL subject help each other, cooperate. kutjitiki. Arrkpayirtiki nuyi la ngapi. ‘You and I will help each other.’ arrkpayirtiki Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kayalk   noun. green tree snake. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

kayarlgayarl   noun. fire. Category: Fire.

kayaw   noun. twine basket for carrying sacred objects. Category: Tools, women's.

kayirrk   adverb. now, today, nowadays, in the near future. Parang apa kunjurrngpung marnti kayirrkju kunjarray anjamang warlk kanpu tuka kirrwara. ‘I have commanded you lest you go cutting trees and harm your back.’ Kayirrkju kiwrtin parak tuka karlurri. ‘Only now are they going inland to the ceremony.’ ja kayirrk ja kunimakan ‘your current husband’. See: -yu only, just. Category: Daily, Longer.

kayirrk la   part. then, after that. Iwumany ja kiyap kayirrk la iwuwunyanngung kayirrk la awaning iwulangung. ‘They caught the fish, then they cooked it and then they sat and ate it.’ See: la and. Category: Daily.

kayirrk la warrwak   part. after an event of some duration that has been mentioned. Kayirrk warrwak See: kayirrk la then. Category: Daily.

kaykanawa   noun. Pornupan Mangrove, Cedar Mangrove, Cannonball Mangrove. Sonneratia alba, Xylocarpus australasicus, Xylocarpus granatum and Xylocarpus mekongensis.. Variant: Iwaidja: Arlakuku (Xylocarpus granatum); Wila. See: nganykarrarr mangroves. Category: Mangroves.

kayu   noun. a man's older brother or parallel male cousin, a woman 's brother or parallel cousin. The age distinction is only important between same-sex siblings. See: kuwuji; larla; mawij younger same-sex sibling, parallel cousin. Category: family, inc moieties.

kayungkayung   noun. paddle, oar, the type used in a dinghy rather than a dugout canoe. Arrarrkpi kilatin tuka kapala, jara ja kinnyatpi kayungkayung. ‘A man is in the boat and another is holding a paddle’. Syn: miri. Category: Other.

ke   iv. go. Marrik yang. ‘He is not going.’ Yuran Wiyarla kiwani. ‘He has gone to stay at Wiyarla.’ Awangkung apuwuning karwuluk. ‘They used to go digging yams.’ Marryun awuran pu kiyap pata tuwarlkparrakanut. ‘The boys went after fish for the old people.’ See: kerra go around. Category: General terms.

kelartpin   iv. damp. Kelartpin ja manpurrwa. ‘The cloth is damp.’ Category: Properties of surface.

kelimutpin   iv. forget. Ngalimutpin ngartu wakij. ‘I forgot my fishing line.’ Syn: pularnngalk, alya. Category: Emotion, Cognitive senses and attention.

kelimutpikpin   iv. forget. Category: Emotion, Cognitive senses and attention.

kelkpa   iv. 1 • bare young, lay eggs. Usage: Not usually used to refer to humans giving birth as this is impolite. Instead -lurrang, -langali or -arawku is used instead Kelkpa kurlajuk ja manpiri. ‘The green-back turtle lays its eggs.’ Kayirrk inypanalkpa, ‘She's about to give birth.’ Inyalkpakpany. ‘Then she gave birth (a woman).’ See: kilurrangken jump; kilangali be born. Category: Reproduction. Anth: Old way the old women used to hold the mother's knees and push on her stomach.

2 • a kinship verb which covers mother, mother's brother and mother's mother's mother. pata yalkpanypu. ‘His ngaya.’ Jaka jita inyalkpany ngaw. ‘She is the one who bore her / She is her mother.’ jita inyalkpany nuyu ‘his mother, the one who bore him’. See: kinnyarkpa carry on back, e.g. horse; kinimalkpa be father to; wulupulu great-grandmother, grand-niece. Category: Reproduction. Usage: so far all uses as kinship verb have been in past punctual tense

kelpun   iv. go off, disappear - i.e. focus is on change to being absent from source location. Kawalpukpun. ‘Suddenly everybody disappeared.’ Ngarrimanyju bonh karralpukpun kirrk. ‘We just take it and then all go home.’ Wularrut kinyalpung. ‘She's already gone off.’ See: kiniwalpun touch, graze. Category: Horizontal movements.

kelyakpin   iv. remember, know about someone. Variant: Ngurtikin form. Ngapi ngalyakpin ngaw. ‘I know about her (something concerning her).’ Ngalyakpin, wularrut ngalyung. ‘I know (that news about that person's death), I already heard (about it).’ Category: Emotion, Cognitive senses and attention.

kelyu   iv. 1 • hear, listen to. Kelyu nuyu. ‘He is listening to him.’ anpalyu ngarru ‘You listen to us’. Ngarralyu ja miri. ‘We hear the paddle.’ See: kelyunalyu keep listening for some time. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

2 • feel, experience. Malany ngalyung ta atjirringunang parang la nguran ap. ‘I felt the movement (of the tremor) and so I sat down.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

3 • listen and follow advice, instructions etc. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

4 • understand what has been said. Ngapi marrik ngalyunyi nuwu. ‘I didn't understand you.(because my Mawng is not very good)’. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kelyuju   iv. wait (to hear about it). Used as reply if someone says "I'll ring you tomorrow". Nganalyuju nuwurru ta warrwak la ngana. ‘I'll wait for you until later so I'll go (now).’ Awalyujungan arlarrarr. ‘They waited for a reply but none came.’ Met la nganalyuju. ‘Wait until I hear some news about it.’ See: kinimirlajun he is waiting for him. Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

kelyunalyu   iv. always hearing about (it). See: kelyu hear. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kelyutpa   iv. hear. Now mainly used to refer to hearing a bit of information. Used in Malalkukuj Mawng or old Mawng as a more general term for hear. Variant: Malalkukuj form. Ngapi ngalyutpan anyak. ‘I heard a little bit (about it).’ Awalyutpan kapin kuna yirrik kapin marrarawk. ‘They heard a sound like lightning.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kerlangken   iv. tear, split, separate. Ay naka yarlangkeny ja jalwarra. ‘Oh, the trousers are torn’. Wula kawarra la kangarlangken kanya wurrkaraga la anyamin. ‘When they have an earthquake the earth opens up from one side to another.’ Naka wernangkat akutju pata, warra Japani la kapala pa wularrut yarlangken. ‘The Japanese were still alive but the boat was torn open.’ See: marlangkeny log; kapijarlangken scatter; kiyiyarlangken yawn. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

kerlkan   iv. sink, drown, submerge, get bogged (i.e. enter water). Yarlkeny ja mutika. ‘The vehicle is bogged.’ Angpanarlken ta kunak. ‘The land will be flooded (Crow story).’ Awarlkeny. ‘They were submerged (Crow story).’ See: kiwrlgen go inside; kiwryi swim, go in water. Category: Motion relating to water, Holding, sticking.

kerlkpun   iv. get away, get too far away to catch up with, get away (from me). inyarlkpung she was already too far ahead of him, she had gotten ahead of him; yarlkpung he got ahead of him. Kerlkpun warak ‘he has wandered off, e.g. when a toddler wanders off too far, or when a boat has floated away from its moorings and can be seen across the bay.’ Category: Horizontal movements.

kempijin   iv. laugh. Ngapi ngampijin. ‘I am laughing.’ Pa awampijiny. ‘After they laughed.’ See: kilarampijin smile; kiniwulati make laugh; kinimalngama laugh at. Category: Play, perform, joke.

kempurranyin   iv. smite his chest. Category: Strike or chop, Organs and torso.

kernangkayin   iv. become strong, lie in the sun to gather energy (reptiles). Also used for 'become stuck or hard' as yarnangkat can cover strong/stuck/hard. Also used to describe a dead dog that has swollen up (become hard). yarnangkayiny. Ngarriyatpungapa ngarrarnangkayirtjinang kapin waryat. ‘We can feel him and we're getting hard like a rock (i.e. our belly).’ See: kilatparlangkayin heal; angmirriyangkat area become safe; kinnyarnangkata make strong; yarnangkat strong, hard, stuck. Category: Healing and fitness.

kernpin   iv. warm self. Yanat ilangaling yarnpinang. ‘He was standing warming himself.’ Category: Illness.

kerntajpun   iv. not be able to do something. But ngarrarntajpuning marrik kiki ngatpina. ‘But we couldn't do it and couldn't do anything.’ Awunmeny, arlarrarr. Awarntajpuning. ‘They tried but it was no good, they couldn't do it (play a song well).’ Anngarntajpuning ‘They weren't able to do it.’ Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

kerntakpun   iv. chop down (a tree), knock over a person. Yarntakpuning kakurl. ‘He was chopping down (a tree) for sugarbag.’ Nuyimung anngarntakpuni mata warlk. ‘It is your turn to cut the tree.’ Nganarntakpunju warlk pa awanuryi. ‘I'll just chop (it) down and they'll be swamped (Crow story).’ Category: Strike or chop.

kernti   iv. be up in, on, hanging from, high up. ngarnti, karrarnti, ngarrarnti, kanngarnti, kurrarnti, kinyarnti, karnti. Awarnting tuka warlk. ‘They were up in the tree/ they were hanging from the tree’. Kinyarnti akutju tuka stool la ja arrarrkpi iminy ngaw push, mawarlkanyi. ‘She's still up on the stool and then a man pushes her and she falls down.’ See: kiwarlkarrin have been put high up; wirt be up in, be up on. Category: Location and distance.


kerntulyakpin   iv. become tall, become long. yarntulyakpin. See: kinnyarntulyakpa lengthen; yarntulyak long. Category: Size and weight.

kepkep   noun. white apple. Edible fruit tree. Syzygium eucalyptoides ssp. bleeseri, formertly Eugenia bleeseri. Variant: Iwaidja: Yabyab. See: wardwardang Red apple. Category: Trees and bushes, Plant food. Anth: Wild apple found on the mainland

keport   noun. Pandanus nose plug. Syn: iwijiwij, marrapirnta. Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items. Anth: placed in a pierced nose

kerajpun   iv. 1 • he's putting hot sand on himself because he has a boil or a pain. kinyarajpun she's heating herself with hot sand.. Kinypani kinyarajpun. ‘She's warming herself on hot sand.’ Category: Illness. Note: reflexive relationship with transitive form.

2 • does not lay eggs (lit. keeps on aching). used of turtles which come up onto the beach and dig a hole but do not lay eggs. Manpiri malany yarajpukpuning. ‘The green-back turtle did not lay any eggs.’ See: kinnyarajpun warm on hot sand. Category: Reproduction.

Restrict: Female subjects only 3: kinyarajpun • menstruate. See: kinnyarajpun roast. Category: Secretions and substances.

keranymin   iv. become different. Category: General.

kerawkun   iv. 1 • vomit. Kerawkun awat. ‘He vomits.’ See: awat vomit (noun); alar gag (coverb with kerawkun). Category: Secretions and substances, Automatic actions.

2 : kinyarawkun • give birth. Usage: human or animal subjects, more polite than kinyalkpa See: kiniwulawn drop off. Category: Reproduction.

lv. Category: Sickness.

kerkalanymin   iv. become light in weight. Kinyarkalanyminy. ‘She's a light girl (or baby).’ Nganarkalanymin. ‘(You take half my load so) I'll have a lighter load (lit. I'll be lighter).’ See: yarkalu lightweight; kinnyarkalanyma lighten. Category: Size and weight.

kerukin   iv. climb. -aruki-. Nakapa kalmaya yarukiny nuwu. ‘That green ant's climbed up on you.’ Yarukikinang yarukikiny yarukiny yuranapa. ‘He climbed and climbed, he climbed still further, and climbed again.’ ja karrarukin ‘we sing higher’. Category: Vertical motion.

kerwen   iv. throw, aim. yarwany he threw it out (HH notes to D. Stainsby). Kapa ngarweny paraju ta nganymalangkeny. ‘I threw (the spear) over in that direction where I tore open a pandanus tree.’ Kerwen irrkpalakaj. ‘He throws away the clothes of the person who has passed away.’ Kinima, kerra warak, kerwen tuka rubbish, tuka bin kinilatin. ‘He gets it, goes off and throws it in the bin, puts it in the bin.’ See: kinnyaka throw. Category: Throw, trip.

keryakpin   iv. become wet, (plant) become green and fresh. Yaryakpiny kirrk ja manpurrwa. ‘The clothing has got all wet.’ Ngaryakpiny ngartu ja manpurrwa. ‘My clothes are all wet (because I was out in the rain)’. See: yaryak wet; kinnyaryakpa make wet. Category: Properties of surface.

kerra   iv. 1 • walk along, walk around. iwanarra ‘he's going around, walking, not in a car.’ Wiyarla nganarra. ‘I'm going off on a walk to Wiyarla’. Note: Both ke: and kerra can occur with -ga and warak. Ma, yarranyi juju. ‘Come on, he must walk.’ Ngapi ja nganimalkpany marrik yarrang akak. ‘My father doesn't scavenge.’ Category: Walking.

Restrict: LL subject 2 • people behave, or do things a certain way, over a period of time. Pa pirr kanngarra warakapa. ‘Keep going that way.’ See: ke go. Category: General terms. angarrangung angarran

kangarra yala   phrase. level, cleared ground.

kangarra yala yirrk   iv. open country.

kangarra warak   phrase. area goes up to. Category: Landscape.


kerra akak   coverb. (Human) eat left overs, pick up off the ground and eat discarded food, for example dogs eating out of rubbish bins. Category: Hunting.

kerrikpa   iv. get old, have health afflictions. Usage: In the past tense it can mean that the person got old and died Yarrikpan mutika. ‘The car got old and worn out.’ Ngarrikpanapa ta ngapi la kiki ngami la ngungmarrajpu ‘I'm old and worn out, so there's no way I can walk (e.g. walk home after car runs out of fuel).’ Awarrikpan nuyu yurnu, napurruntipa. ‘You hurt your foot, now it's no good (e.g. cut).’ See: kinnyarrikpa spoil, ruin. Category: Illness and death, Healing and fitness, Goodness.

kertjirtpun   iv. skin peel off, as snake sheds its skin. Arukin yartjirtpung. ‘The snake has shed its skin.’ Ampijinangapa yartjirtpuning. ‘Then he's laughing and sheds his skin (a baby).’ Karrrartjirtpun ta arrkiri. ‘Our skin peels off.’ See: kinnyartjirtpun peel off. Category: General, Other.

kertpirran   iv. 1 • relax, feel relieved of tension and feel better. Pata awungkang apurra marlu, marrngarla yirrk, ngatpin awutikinang la ta kamalkpa kamin awartpirrany. ‘When they went out in rough winds and heavy seas we used to say they were all tied up (tensed up) and when they arrive they say they were untied (relieved).’ Awartpirran yirrk. ‘They relax (fully) (after doing some work).’ Karlapuk ma nganaw nganartpirran. ‘Quiet, I'm going to lie down and relax now.’ See: kinnyartpirra untie. Category: Anxiety, shame, Sleep.

2 • move slowly. Be slow to go and start doing something. Imajpungkun, kertpirran marlakan. ‘He gets up, taking it easy, very slowly.’ Nuyi ta kanngartpirran. ‘You're a slow mover.’ Category: Activity manner.

kertpungkun   iv. go up on to shore. Usage: Only used for going up onto shore, not for going up onto anything else, e.g. trees or houses. Yartpungkuny marntingunyuny. ‘A dugong washed up onto the shore’. Arrarrkpipa yartungkuny. ‘A person came ashore.’ Warranyngiw kurrartpungkinaga! ‘Children, come back to shore! (there's a jellyfish, or something in the water).’ See: kinnyartpungku lift up. Category: Motion relating to water.

kija   part. how about we....? Usage: Used before imperatives that include the speaker and the addressee, makes them more polite. See: kiwnmen keep trying. Category: Language.

kijpulgi   noun. 1 • sandbar, sandbank. See: irnkirr mud. Category: Large features, Soil.

2 • high cloud with rippled appearance, as often seen in sandbars. See: kuwinu cloudy sky. Category: Sky.

kiki   part. 1 • what (action)? Anth: Can also be used when someone is talking to mean 'maybe' or 'hmm' Kiki arrkpanamin? ‘What will we do? What are we going to do to it? How are we going to do it?’ Kiki kanmin? ‘What's happening? (a greeting)’. Category: Language.

2 •  Kiki ja rrupiya? ‘How much money is it?’ kiki warak See: kunuka what; ta kikiga when; kiki yirrik or anything like that. Category: Language.

kiki yirrik   phrase. or anything like that. Kurlingka iniwung warlk ay kiki yirrik? Makinyju la inimany ininganypaniny. ‘Did he hit him with a stick or what? No, he just took him and pushed him down.’ See: kiki how, what. Category: Appearance.

kila   iv. 1 • hot, heat, cook, burn. kamala, iwany, it cooked, mawany HH Text 1; angpany HH Text 1; apany it cooked; ilangung he was burning (Warruwi BLPC 2:20); angkang AD Tape 1991 3B. Ara iwany yungku mawij. ‘Alas, little brother has burned himself in the fire.’ Tuka malangung mata yungku iwuwunyantung wurul ja iwiya. ‘Then they would heat it through on the fire.’ Kanta ta kunak. ‘The ground is hot (because it is burning)’. See: kinila eat; kiniwunya cook. Category: Sickness, Cooking, Fire.

2 • have fever. Category: Sickness.

3 • angry. Ngala wanyji. ‘I'm getting angry (Lit:I'm nearly burning)’. Ngala mira marnti kunpun. ‘I'm getting really angry I might hit you.’ See: kamarkpa. Category: Hate, anger.


kilaja   iv. call. Kilaja nuyu ja luluj. ‘He is calling the dog.’ Kinyjaja kingalakpa. ‘She calls out, answering him.’ Awurranka pa iwajawng parang awulajantiny "Aaaah!" ‘Then the people came and say him, they screamed "Aaah!"’ Category: Language.

kilajaka   tv. entreat, beg. Ilajakantiny nuyu ja nulirri. ‘He entreated the angry man.’ Category: Language.

kilaji   iv. 1 • greedy, hungry. See: nulaji greedy; kantijawa flour. Category: Desire. Note: Cannot mean 'it is empty'

Restrict: LL subject 2: kantaji • empty, open, hollow, a hole. Wugarra yiwuwany nuyu la yiwaning antajing nuyu parrwarr ta nangartam nuyu. ‘They at a lot of his cheek and there was a hole right through his cheek.’ Kantaji ta waryat. ‘There's a hole in the rock.’ Kayirrk warrwak apa la, ta warrwak angmirlkpungeny pu wanji pa warlk mampulalkuny mata kantaji awk. ‘And later on they got the idea of cutting down all those hollow trees.’ See: ngalmarr cave, a hollow. Category: Smaller features, Shape.

kantaji wulij   noun. space in the mangroves. Anth: They used to chop them down in a small area and then go in at low tide and get martpoj and karnjawarra. Category: Mangroves, Landscape.

kilakijpin   iv. ask somebody to come and sing you a song or tell you a story. ilakijpiny. Kilakijpin nuyu pa kimirawn. ‘He asks him so then he sings.’ Awulakijpinpu. ‘They asked them to come and sing.’ kinyjakijpiny Category: Language.

kilakinka   iv. (turtle) breathe. Anth: When a turtle has surfaced its breathing can be differentiated from that of a dugong. Manpiri ilakinkangung. ‘The turtle (could be heard) breathing on the surface.’ Category: Automatic actions.

kilakiyi(n)   iv. speak against idea, grumble about something. Awulakiyiny pata awaning tuka walaya. ‘The people who lived in the cliff area spoke against it.’ Category: Language, Judgement, evaluation.

kilakpalkarin   iv. lie (with head on a pillow). Variant: Ngurtikin form. See: kiwarlkarrin have been put high up. Syn: kal. Category: Remain stationary.

kilakpalolen   iv. speak on a two-way radio. Ngana nganalakpalolen ‘I am going to go and speak on the two-way radio.’ See: kiniwun call on phone. Category: Language.

kilakpalwarrki   iv. buy. Ngana nganalakpalwarrki kakurl. ‘I am going to buy some sugar.’ Kannyen kirrkirrkpu. Kiwararrkenapa kiwun. Pa kilakpalwarrki. ‘He pushes them. He cries and so they give him (what he's crying for). So they buy (something) (for him).’ Category: Transfer.

kilakpantakpa   iv. murmur, whisper. Kawani kilakpantakpa. ‘They are sitting murmuring about something.’ Category: Language.

kilakparikpin   iv. intervene. Kayirrk la ilakparikpiny la iminy pu, Kurlingka nuwurri kurruranka ilgij majawak la murrkarn nuyu ngarrunpawutaka? ‘Then he intervened and said to them, Did you (pl) come with knives and clubs to tie me up?’ Category: Fight.

kilakpiwakpa   iv. become stiff in the body. Ingurrinang warak mira kayirrk la ilakpiwakpany. ‘He ran a long way and got stiff.’ See: kilantanymikpin stiff (in body). Category: Discomfort and pain.

kilakpiwen   iv. become heavy. Koyanti ilakpiwany ja marryun. ‘Look, that boy has become heavy.’ See: kinilakpiwa strengthen, make heavy; nulakpi heavy. Category: Size and weight.

kilakpurntun   iv. have throbbing ear. Category: Physical disability and injury.

kilakujpakpa   iv. plead guilty (by not speaking up about it). Ilangaling ilakujpakpany. ‘He pleaded guilty.’ See: kilakujpin be quiet; kinilakujpa kiss, stop from crying. Category: Language, Concealment.

kilakujpin   iv. be quiet, silent. Ankakujpena! ‘You stop crying!’ Anpanalakujpin. ‘You stop.’ See: kinilakujpa kiss, stop crying; kilakujpakpa plead guilty (by not speaking up about it). Category: Language.

kilakurma   iv. use body signs and hand signs to communicate. Ngatakurma ‘We make kinship body signs.’ Kinyjakurma. ‘She's signing.’ Ngalakurma nuwu. ‘I'm signing to you.’ See: kinilakurma dance, imitate, act. Category: Non language human voice sounds.

kilakurunymin   iv. 1 • tighten, narrow, pull together. Ilakurunyminy tuka ilalkuny. ‘It has come together where he cut himself.’ Kantakurunymin. ‘It's too narrow’. Kantakurunyminyka. ‘It's narrowed.’ See: nulakuru narrow. Category: Shape.

Restrict: LL subject 2: kantakurunymin • flattened out area, flat area. Ant: kangparnpalarrkpi. See: nulakuru narrow. Category: Land features.

kilakutpakpa   iv. have a secret about oneself, keep a something about oneself secret. Kutpina nuyu nakapa ja kilakutpakpa. Nakapa ja kamaniwakpi, ja Nawayati. ‘You talk to him, he's got a secret. He plays didjeridoo, Nawayati.’ Category: Concealment.

kilalken   iv. 1 • be in pain, or so sick that you cannot get out of bed. Category: Discomfort and pain.

Restrict: female subject 2: kinyjalken • she is in labour. Wularrutapa kinyjalken ngungpurrun kayirrkapa iwalangali. ‘She is in labour and I think that the baby will be born soon.’ See: kinilalken ask; kawulatkanyjilin discuss something together. Category: Reproduction.

kilarlmalkpa   iv. Emerging from. Ilarlmalkpany ngalmarr. ‘He emerged from the cave.’ See: kimalkpa arrive, come out. Category: Movement in and out.

kilantanymikpin   iv. stiff (in the body). Maruny nganimany ngalantanymikbin. ‘I've got a cramp in my leg.’ See: kilakpiwakpa become stiff; maruny cramp; wiliny cramps. Category: Discomfort and pain.

kilangaka   iv. float. Kilangaka ja kapala. ‘The boat is floating.’ Murlurr kamalangaka. ‘The driftwood is floating.’ See: kinilangaka send, drive. Category: Motion relating to water.

kilangali   iv. 1 • stand. karrkangali, kilangaliya come for a visit from that area, homeland or not (same verb?) c.f. kilangali; katangali. Ilangaling yalayala tuka skurl. ‘He was standing outside the school.’ awulangaling ‘they were staying’. See: kamalangaliki trees be clumped; kiliga travel from, be from; kinilangani stand up; kilarrajpen stand up, stand still; imalmakpany perform. Category: Remain stationary.

2 • stay, be, katangali It is standing; kamalangali It is standing. Wakapa awunlangaling pata arrarrkpi yiwulangungapa kiyap. ‘The people were staying there and eating the fish.’ awunlangaling ‘They were staying’. See: mulil ceremony; minyngu. Category: Remain stationary.

3 • be born, more polite than kilurrangken. Variant: Ngurtikin form. Ilangalingan ja warranyngiw. ‘The child is born.’ Kurlingka inyjangalingan warrawurnji (or) marryun? ‘Did she give birth to a girl or a boy? (lit. was a girl born, or was it a boy?)’ Kula kayirrk iwalangali ja warranyngiw? Iwalurrangken? ‘Is the child being born now? About to be born?’ See: kilurrangken jump, be born; kelkpa bare young, lay eggs; kiwarntangaliki someone who is sleeping with their legs elevated. Category: Reproduction.

Usage: with PP suffix 4 • have come from place, in journey. Nuka ngampiwi kilangalinganka? ‘But where has he come from?’ Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

kilangali tuka wurak   phrase. the child is in utero. Naka warranyngiw kilangali tuka wurak. ‘She is with child.’ Category: Reproduction.

5 • be child of. nukapa pata kawulangali Marrawal la Narul. ‘That man's children are Marrawal and Narul.’ Category: family, inc moieties.

6 • be part of a certain human grouping. Anth: This includes being in a matrimoiety grouping, semi-moiety (skin) grouping, clan group. Being a participant in a ceremony. Ngapi ngalangali ngangiri Ngalngarrij/Ngalngarrajku. ‘My skin name/matrimoiety is Ngalngarrij/Ngalngarrajku.’ Ja kimaju karriwunyaka nuyu irrkpalakaj la karrangali minyngu. ‘When someone dies, we smoke his possessions and have a minyngu.’ Category: Peoples and clans, family, inc moieties, General ritual.

Restrict: GEN subject ; FE object 7: kinyngalangali • huge. inyngalangaling. Category: Size and weight.


kilangan   iv. 1 • Do on own initiative, do what you feel like doing. Kiwanipa, kilanganapa ke. ‘He sits for a long time then he feels like going.’ Kinyjanganapa kinyarra warak. ‘She feels like it so she goes off.’ Marrik ankangay. ‘You are not doing it on your own initiative.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention, Desire, General.

2 •  Nuwurri kurrungpurrun jita warramumpik ta kinyalkpa ja warrayngiw nakapa kinnyiwunpun werrk warrwakapa la kapalkpa ta atjak la kinyjangen mirayu. ‘“You(plural) know how a woman who bears a child has ( early) labour pains first and afterwards suffering comes and she has severe labour pains.”’. See: kinnyen pierce. Category: Reproduction, Discomfort and pain.

kilangkarlen   iv. say to someone 'there's no more'. Category: Language.

kilangkatpa   iv. find out, tell. Ngalangkatpa ngungpurrun aralpa. ‘I'm finding out if it's true.’ Pa kilangkatpa ta kingurrin. ‘Then he can tell where it will run (with the harpoon and rope).’ ngarralangkatpa ‘we can tell / know what the sign means’. See: kinilangkatpa signal, remind. Category: Cognitive senses and attention. Note: Can take a ta complement

kilarampijin   iv. smile. See: kempijin laugh. Category: Automatic actions.

kilarukpungkun   iv. become unhooked. Imalkpanyapa tu warlk ilarukpungkuny ja pelk, pa kingurrin. ‘He gets free, the belt got unhooked and he runs.’ Ilarukpungkuny ja walimanapa mawarlkanyiny. ‘The axe head came off and fell down.’ See: kinilarkpungku pull out, pull off; kiniwirrun hook up; kiniwurrun know, remember or think about a specific person or thing. Category: Holding, sticking.

kilarrajpen   iv. stand up. Stand still, as opposed to move. Awungurrinka awularrajpeny. ‘They ran to him and stopped’. Warranyngiw kutarrajpena! ‘Children stand up!’ See: kilangali be born. Category: Remain stationary, Waiting, doing nothing.

kilarrarlken   iv. bog down. Category: Holding, sticking.

kilarrikpin   iv. rise. Yanat ilarrikpiny yuran. ‘He arose and went.’ See: kinilarrikpi; kimajpungkin. Category: Change stance.

kilarrki   iv. believe, agree with. Ngapi ngalarrki nuyu. ‘I believe him.’ Syn: kimartukpun. Category: Judgement, evaluation.

kilarrkuku   noun. 1 • bird species. Category: Small birds.

2 • title of a song cycle. Category: Song and dance.

kilarrutpin   iv. be in need, go without. Yarrangung ilarrutpinang. ‘He was in need.’ Category: Holding, sticking.

kilatin   iv. be inside something. Ingamany ja manjawak ilatikinang tuka kapala. ‘She got the knife which was lying in the boat.’ Kilatin mutika. ‘He is in the car.’ Awulatikin la innyutpan arak. ‘They went across (in a boat).’ See: kinilati put in something. Category: Location and distance.

kilatpa   iv. go down, go towards sea. Ilatpan parak tuka ajput. ‘He went down to the beach’. Karlurri kilatpa tuka kunak la kilangali. ‘A bird comes down and stands on the ground.’ Walmat kilatpan yunyi kanpani la oryak. ‘Rain fell so don't sit there it's wet.’ See: kiwrtin; kinnyutpa; kinyjatpa tirip late afternoon. Ant: kiwrtin. Category: Vertical motion, Motion relating to water.

kilatparlangkayin   iv. feel better, stronger, good. awulatpalangkfnapa ‘they felt strong/they felt better/they felt good’. ilatparlangayiny Syn: kernangkayin, kinilatparlangkata. Category: Healing and fitness, Discomfort and pain.

kilatparlilinymin   iv. become weak, exhausted, e.g. as one ages. Or tired of something. ilatparlilinminy ‘he got angry (i.e. he got tired of the way that they were treating him)’. See: nulatparlilil. Category: Healing and fitness, Sorrow, happiness. Note: Derived from adjectival noun nulatparlilil 'weak'

kilatpulnga   iv. turn around, look around. Imajpungkuny ilatpulngan. ‘He got up and looked behind him.’ See: pulnga early afternoon; kiniwirtpulnga turn over; kingulkpurlnga turn around; kiniwurlnga circle. Category: Change stance, Cognitive senses and attention. Note: Only for humans

kilartpin   iv. paint self, smear something on self. Wularrut ilartpiny. ‘He has already painted himself.’ Nuyi la ngapi arrpalartpin. ‘We two will each paint himself’. See: kinilartpan paint. Category: Transfer.

kilawujpun   iv. piss, rain heavily. See: wuwuj piss. Category: Automatic actions.

kilawurtin   iv. 1 • the tide is coming in. Kayirrk kilawurtin. ‘The tide is coming in now.’ Kilawurtinka mapurlarr. ‘The tide's coming in and the sea is calm.’ See: ningkaryak full tide, outgoing tidal current. Category: Water bodies.

2 • big waves come in towards the shore. Nulatparlangkat. Like the big wave ja kurrula ja kilawurtinka. ‘The sea is strong, like big waves are coming in.’ See: kiwrtin land, go towards coast, go inland, go upwards. Category: Water bodies.

Restrict: FE subject 3 inyjawurtiny • King tide. Category: Water bodies.

kiliga   iv. travel from, be from. Stand. ngati, ankingan, inyjinganka she came from (her homeland); ilinganka he came from; kilinganka he is coming from. Juka kapa inyjinganka Wumara ngungpurrun arakap ngarru kunak apa. ‘Her, she came from Wumara. I think we come from the same area.’ Karrkpurnangani akutju tuka arrkinganka tuka kamalangali muka. ‘Now we're back at the same place we left, where this tree is.’ Awulingan inimany wurlurlu. ‘They stood there and he hugged him.’ See: awulingan be siblings; kilangali be born; ingalkpany To have been born in a place, have grown up in a place; kinyji choke; yili (kingurrin). Category: Peoples and clans, Remain stationary.


kililmikpin   iv. tremble. Amurtpiny awulilmikpinang la amarkpungkuny awungurriny parak. ‘They were afraid (and) trembling and went and ran away.’ See: nulilil newborn child. Category: General terms, fear, shock, surprise.

Kilimu   noun. word that Kortaweli says in his own language. Category: Language.

kilintin   iv. have legs wide apart. Category: Remain stationary. Note: May be in kiniwuta paradigm like kimilinta

kilirrinymin   iv. angry, (sun) be hot. Nakapa ilirrinyminy ngaw. ‘He was angry with her.’ Qe, kangarra warak kinyjirrinymin parakapa jita muwarnapa. ‘We're going along and the sun's starting to get hot now.’ See: lirri angry; nulirri dangerous, angry, cheeky. Category: Hate, anger.

kilulku   iv. stuck, bogged. ilulkuny It got bogged. Ilulkuny ja mutika tuka irnkirr. ‘The vehicle is stuck in the mud.’ La ja luluj ingurriny ngampiwi ilulkuny? ‘So the dog ran and where did it get stuck?’ See: lulkuntulku stuck; kinilulku stay, stick; kilulkuntulku stuck, trapped; kiniyamparlkarlku cut up meat (of turtle or dugong). Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

kilulkuntulku   iv. 1 • stuck, trapped. Syn: kilulku. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

2 • not able to comprehend, understand. Syn: kinilulku. Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

kilurrangken   iv. 1 • jump, fly, hop in. (Moon) rise. jurrk jump!; ilurrang he jumped, he was born; inyjurrangken a girl is born; An-kurrangke-na-ga. Koyanti karlurri kilurrangken ‘Look a bird's flying.’ Ankurrangkenaga. ‘You jump in.’ Ja kurrana kilurrangkenka kinnyutpa mapularr. ‘The full moon rose and made the sea calm (the sea is often calm when there is a full moon in the sky)’. See: jurrk jump! (ideophone); awulurrangkekenyjing try and take over somebody else's place; kelkpa bare young, lay eggs; kilangali participate in ceremony. Category: Vertical motion, Movement in and out.

2 • be born. Usage: A commonly used term but not considered as polite as ilangalingan. Ilurrang kingurlkparryu. ‘She gave birth to a baby.’ Kurlingka warrawurnji inyjurrang? ‘Was it a girl that was born?’ Takapa anturrangkenang lirri. ‘That's how they make trouble.’ See: lirri trouble; kawulurrangkeken. Category: Reproduction. Anth: Traditionally older women held the woman while she gave birth. One held her from behind around the waist. The arms and knees were also held

3 • interrupt person speaking, take over story. Category: Language.

kilurrjen   iv. pole canoe or boat along. Yarrangung ilurrjenang. ‘He was poling the canoe along.’ Category: Manipulation.

kilurtpujpin   iv. become short. ilurtpujpiny. Nakapa ilurtpujpiny ja iwiya. ‘His hair is shorter.’ See: ilurtpuj short; kinilurtpujpa make short. Category: Size and weight.

kilyakut   noun. big. Usage: Not as common as karrkpin Nakapa ja kilyakut. ‘It was a big one.’ See: karrkpin big. Category: Size and weight.

kirluwukpin   iv. gather honey in the comb. Nguran ngarluwukpinang. ‘I went getting honey comb.’ Category: Bees and honey, Hunting.

kima   aux. auxiliary verb. See: yura coverb; marr coverb; put close; kinima father to.

kimajpungkin   iv. get up, set off. Imajpungkiny yarrangung parak. ‘He got up and went on his way.’ Katpun turuy, imajpunjing ying nungmatpa kunak awuniwu. ‘If we transgress, something bad will happen.’ yaminapa ja nuka apa tatken imajpungkun ‘the crow got up and went with the stone axe’. Syn: kimartpungkin. See: kinimajpungku raise, lift up; kilarrikpin rise. Category: Change stance, Activity manner.

kimaju   iv. 1 • tired, sick, dead. Ngamaju tuka wurak. ‘I feel ill in the stomach.’ Ngapi ngamaju ngawari, ngawari tuka yurnu. ‘(I can't hold that because) I have sores on my hand’. ja kamaju ‘the dead’. See: kimajunmajun very sick. Category: Illness and death, Discomfort and pain.

Restrict: LL subject 2: kangmaju • the water is lowering. Can be in a billabong or can describe the tide going out. Kangmaju la kanima kirrk ta marrgaragara. ‘When the tide goes out all the discolouration comes out.’ Ta wurl kangmaju. ‘The water in the billabong is receding.’ Ta wupaj kangmaju. ‘The water is receding.’ See: kinnyarajpun roast. Syn: kiyintun. Category: Water bodies.


kimajunmajun   iv. 1 • be chronically ill. See: kimaju tired, sick, dead. Category: Discomfort and pain.

2 • die. Restrict: PL subject Ta kayirrk, qe, kayirrkapa amajunmajungan kirrk. ‘Now the old people have all died.’ Awuniwung kirrkapa amajungmajungan ‘He hit them all so they were really dead’. Category: Illness and death.

Restrict: LL subject 3: angmajunmajun • water get low, for example in a creek, when the dry season is beginning. Malany awaninganapa ta marlkpakpangung nakapa anmajunmajungan. ‘Later when they came towards the time of burning off, the water got low.’ Category: Flowing water.


kimalaminmin   iv. he, it is rotating. ngamalaminmin, karrpalaminmin, ngatpalaminmin, kanyalaminmin, kutpalaminmin, kinymalaminmin, kamalaminmin. Ngawu katja arriwayan ja kimalaminmikpin. ‘Come and look at the thing which rotates (helicopter).’ about the giant dance See: kinimalamanma stir, twist.

kimalkpa   iv. 1 • arrive, come out, appear, find. imalkpany He arrived. Punyi imalkpany. ‘Father has arrived’. Kungmalkpanyi! Yunyi kankangali ngilikilik la kungmalkpanyi! ‘Out with it! Don't whisper but (speak) out!’ angmalkpany ‘sap came out of the tree’. See: kinymalkpa muwarn sunrise, east; kilarlmalkpa emerge from; kamamalkpajpungkun morning star. Category: Cognitive senses and attention, Movement relating to fixed point.

2 • be father to. Qe nakapa ja nuyi anmalkpany, ja nakapa, (next line) ja wurakak. ‘Yes, he's your father that one, the crow.’ ja ngapi ngamalkpany ‘my father’. See: kinimalkpa be father to. Category: family, inc moieties. See: kinyuryi muwarn west, sunset.

ta ngatpalkpany kirrka   we, the new generation. Category: Ages.

kimalngkawun   iv. change within, become different. Imalngkawuny aniyarruning ta nungmalal. ‘He changed to follow that which is good.’ Nuka ja kapin kimalngkawun nakapa marrik koyanyjing apa kungmuy. ‘That man's changed and you can't hardly recognise him.’ Pa aniwurrung "A, ngungpurrun arrarrkpi yara imalngkawuyi." ‘Then he thought "Oh, it could be a person who's changed themselves into a buffalo."’ See: kimirlkpungen change in appearance; kinimalngajpun make more of something. Category: General.

kimarlililijpikpin   iv. straighten (or stretch) ones arms. Tuka kimin ta kimarlililpikpin. ‘This (stretching out arms) is kimarlililipikpin. (does movement)’. See: kimilitpakan stretch arms or legs out; kimarren stretch out hand. Category: Change stance.

kimarlmanpun   iv. be satisfied. imarlmanpung He was satisfied. Ngapi ngamarlmanpung kirrk. ‘I am well satisfied.’ Parangapa amarlmanpung kirrk. ‘So they were satisfied (with his playing.)’ See: wunkun satisfied; kingamarlmanpukpun tempt. Category: Illness, Judgement, evaluation.

kimarlpungkun   iv. escape, run off. Maruny imarlkpungkuny parak. ‘The bandicoot escaped.’ Category: Movement in and out.

kimamanta   iv. lean on, put weight on. anmamanta(ka) ‘you're leaning on me!’ anmamantiny ‘you stood on my foot’. See: kinimamanta put pressure on. Category: Pressing.

kimangawun   iv. cough. kinymangawun She's coughing.. Ngapi ngamangawun. ‘I'm coughing.’ Kimangawun ngurlk aniwujirrawntiny malany kimangawun. ‘He's coughing, he smelt the dust so he's coughing.’ See: martalkanyi sneeze; wumanga source of a creek. Category: Automatic actions.

kimaranmararrikun   iv. sick, weakly, poor. Ja arrarrkpi ja kimaranmararrikun marrik aniwurru ta kiki imi yanat piyu. ‘The sickly, poor man does not know what to do with himself.’ See: namurarri sick. Category: Healing and fitness.

kimarawutiki   iv. curled, crossed, tangled. Nuka ja imarawutikiny. ‘He has curly hair.’ Category: Arrangement, Head.

kimarkpukpun   iv. travel slowly. Ngatpamarkpukpunpi. ‘We will travel slowly (in that direction).’ See: kinimarkpukpun slow down; kimarkpungku travel slowly. Category: Activity manner.

kimarrawakpen   iv. wear something, be dressed. Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items.

kimarren   iv. reach, stretch out hand. Imarreny iminy, "Aku". ‘He stretched out his hand and said, "Alright".’ Kilangali tuka what is it? a goal, kimarre. ‘He's standing at the goal and reaching out.’ See: kimarlililijpikpin straighten (stretch) legs. Category: Change stance.

kimartjikpin   iv. Restrict: MA subject become daylight, early morning. imartjikpiny it was early morning. Imartjikpinang la imajpungkiny. ‘When it became daylight he arose.’ See: kiyitpirrakan dawn approach. Category: Sky, Daily.

kimartpungkin   iv. get up, set off. Tatken imartpungkuny. ‘He got up with the stone axe.’ amartpungkin Syn: kimajpungkin. See: kinnyartpungku lift up.

kimartukpun   iv. obey, believe, respect, agree to. Anpamartukpun ngaw kamu. ‘You will obey mother’. Syn: kilarrki. See: imartuk Silver Bream. Category: Judgement, evaluation.

kimija   iv. paddle. Amijantungpu la wemin ja miri. ‘They paddled for each other with the oar.’ See: kimijakanka do amurl movement wumarrk, like paddling. Category: Manipulation, Travel by vehicle.

kimijakanka   iv. Do amurl dance movement that is low down and looks a bit like paddling a canoe. Kamijakanka wumarrk. ‘They do the low down amurl movement.’ See: kimija paddle canoe. Category: Horizontal movements.

kimila   iv. hurry. Usage: used only in present and imperative tense with no special tense marker for imperative. Variant: Malalkukuj form. imila he must be quick; anmila hurry! be quick!. Ma, anmila. ‘Come on, hurry.’ Ngamilang nguntalkpany. ‘I went too fast and missed a bit (lit: took a shortcut)’. See: kinnyakataka hurry; raw eat it!. Category: Activity manner.

kimilitpakan   iv. stretch, stretch out arms or legs. Ngamilitpakpan. ‘I stretch myself (stretch arms and/or legs out).’ Kawani tuka yungku la kawuntuwunyaka la kawuntumilitpakpa pata wigarnpa la wilarri. ‘They warm the patient near the fire and put the poultice their legs. They they feel good.’ See: arr pull, tow or drag something; kimarlililijpikpin straighten (stretch) legs. Category: Change stance.

kimilkun   iv. moan, groan. Arlarrarr marrik yalyunyi ja imirlkukenang. ‘He couldn't hear anyone moaning there.’ See: kinimirlkun moan, groan. Category: Non language human voice sounds.

kimilunta   iv. shit. See: kiwunta shit; tirrk shit. Category: Illness.

kimirlkpungen   iv. 1 • turn around, Kangmirlkpungen ta kunak. ‘The earth's turning.’ Kapin kanmirlkpungen kun kirrwara. ‘You turned your back to him (while he was talking to you)’. apirlkpungakenangapa ‘The wind turned around’. See: kingulkpurlnga turn around; kiw lie, sleep; kiwun be. Category: Change stance.

2 • change in appearance. Karlurri amilkpungeny apa karlurri yirrik ajirrik nakapa wiyiniyirrk arrarrkpi. ‘They became birds, for a long time they were people.’ Warramumpik inymirlkpungeny ninypalu. ‘The woman's appearance changed (ie. she is expecting a baby).’ See: kapin like, similar; kimalngkawun change. Category: General.

3: kangmirlkpungen •  Kayirrk warrwak apa la, ta warrwak angmirlkpungeny pu wanji pa warlk mampulalkuny mata kantaji awk. ‘And later on they got the idea of cutting down all those hollow trees.’ Angmirlkpungenypu wanji. Kayirrkapa kampuwakpi arawirr. ‘They changed their minds. Now they play didjeridoo.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kimin   iv. 1 • be. Usage: with modifier complement Kimin numalal. ‘He is good.’ Kamamin rlaw mata warlk. ‘The wood is bent.’ Ngaminang warranyngiw. ‘I was a child.’ Category: Remain stationary.

2 • do. angminy. Kuna nuyu ja arrarrkpi kimin? ‘Why is the man doing that?’ wakapa Wangarran kangurtiny parak kapa angminy parak wawurri. ‘Wangarran stretches right inland, part of it is inland (it's a large area).’ kangminka ‘the road comes towards us, possibly down a slope’. Category: General terms.

3 • say something, tell a story, talk a language, talk, call someone or something by name. Make a noise (of nonhuman subjects). mamam ja ngapi ngamin nuyu ‘My Mamam, I call him 'Mamam'.’ Ngaminy nuyu arlarrarr. ‘I said to him there is nothing here.’ Malany apumanpuning apinang "Rtol!" ta malngpi. ‘As they were biting them the malngpi nuts went "Crack!"’ See: kinini say something. Category: Language.

4 • go. Nganukiya ngampiwi nganamin parak ta alan. ‘Show me where to take the path.’ Qe yarranka iminyka kapa Kunpalanya. ‘So he went to Oenpelli.’ Category: General terms.

Restrict: LL subject 5: kangmin • it's happening, that's how it is. Ya, nungpakapa angminang ta wularrut. ‘Yes, that's how it has been for a long time.’ Iyarlmu kangmin kirrk. ‘Spirit children, those ones.’ Kayirrkapa kangmin akutju ta nungpaka ngarrayan ta kingurrin. ‘Today those things happen when we see it moving.’ See: imina modal particle; kinginka speak. Category: Remain stationary.


kiminyjinymakpa   iv. a peace-loving person, satisfied. Ngapi ngaminyjinymakpa. ‘I am a peace-loving person, make myself not to fight.’ See: numinyjiny peaceful, satistfied. Category: Fight.

kimirawn   iv. sing. imirawni. Amirawning pu pata arrarrkpi. ‘They were singing to the people.’ Kimirawn ja Inyjalarrku. ‘They're singing Inyjalarrku.’ See: tiyip bring down. Category: Play, perform, joke.

kimirawtpirawning    Naka Inyjalarrku imirawtpirawning. ‘He was known as a singer of Inyjalarrku.’

kimitjan   iv. paddle (canoe). Yanat imitjantung parak Ilili. ‘He paddled (the canoe) as far as Ilili.’ Category: Manipulation.

kimirtpujpakpa   iv. rumpled up. See: kinimirtpujpakpa fold, coil; kimirtpujpin curled, rolled up. Category: Arrangement.

kimirtpujpin   iv. curl up, coil up. kimurtpujpin ja arukin. ‘The snake is coiled up.’ See: kinimirtpujpa gather. Category: Arrangement.

kimurlutpin   iv. become old. Wularrut ngamurlutpin la kunpuni mawarlkanya. ‘I'm old now but (before) I would have knocked you down.’ Category: Illness and death.

kimurnangani   iv. 1 • return. Imurnanganinyka akutju kani Warruwi. ‘He returned to Warruwi again.’ ngatpurnatpurnanganyangka ‘we were all coming back’. amurnanganinyka ‘they came back’. See: murnangani return, bring back. Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

2 : kangmurnangani • remember, recall, think back. Kangmurnanganiga ngartu pa ngawunpurrun. ‘Memories came back to me and I thought of them (people who had died).’ Angmurnanganya nuwurru ta wuwugi. ‘Remember the old days!’ Angpurnatpurnanganinyka, ngartu ta wurrgarl. ‘I remember the dreams.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

Restrict: LL subject 3 • next time something happens, or next day. La pa angmurnanganinyapa ta (yuranapa) inimanyka ja waliman. ‘And then the next day he went and got the axe.’ Like angmurnanganinyka, next day ey? Category: Longer.

Restrict: LL subject 4 • blame (OBL). Kangmurnangani ngaw inyanat kirrk ‘She was blamed for everything.’ Pa angmurnanganiny kirrk ngaw inyanat. ‘All the blame was put on her (for a fight she was involved in).’ Kurrkinka pa angpamurnanganinyka ngarrurru. ‘You had a fight and they will bring it back at us.’ See: kinnyurtjun. Category: Fight.


kimurntulmurranymin   iv. distended. Imurntulmurranyminy naka ja arrarrkpi. Kunuka iniwany? ‘That man has a distended (abdomen). What did he eat?’ See: kimurranymin become big. Category: Discomfort and pain.

kimurranymin   iv. become big, grow. Imurranyminy ja pinana. ‘The bananas have grown.’ Malany naka kayirrk putarr tuka arrarangpi wularrut amurranymekpiny wimun amalkpany jalaga pa kayirrk la iniyarlmany mirnta yamin. ‘When years back we went along, long ago when the kids had grown up big, after they came into adulthood. After that he got old and died’. See: kinimurranyma rear, bring up; kimurntulmurranymin distended. Category: Automatic actions, General.

kimurtpin   iv. afraid of, afraid for, worried about. Kimurtpin ja arrarrkpi. ‘The man is afraid.’ Kimurtpin nuyu ja warranyngiw. ‘He is afraid for the child.’ Ngamurtpin ngaw. ‘I'm worried about her.’ See: kinimurtpa fear; numurrpikpin frightened; angmirriyangkayiny area of land or road become safe after a death. Category: fear, shock, surprise.

2 • iv. avoid each other because of kinship taboos. Kamurtpinang ta ngartu wiyu. ‘They avoid me.’ Kimurtpin ngaw la yamin. ‘They avoid each other (eg. two mawawiny)’. Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kimuyi   iv. believe. Marrik amuyina ta iminang pu. ‘They didn't believe what he was saying to them.’ See: numuyi because; kinimuy ignorant. Category: Judgement, evaluation.

kinikpi   tv. wake (person), disturb (birds). A! Kurrimany la inikping. ‘Oh! Get him or he'll wake him up.’ Ngarrutpin parakapa kinnyayan mirlarrmirlarr ngarrikpi kimajpungkin. ‘We approach him, he sees the phosphorescence, we disturb him and he moves off.’ Malany nungpakapa inyngikpung. ‘Then she tried to wake the other one up.’ Category: Sleep.

kinila   tv. eat, drink. ngunta AD Text 16; kurrilanyi you eat it!; kanila he is drinking it; katila he is eating it; ngarrata, karrata, katanyi eat (yams), Yinkarnarrk; ta ngatanyi that I can eat; ta arratangung that we ate; kuntang see marnngalk entry; kapany (could be kapwany with very slight labialzation) you ate it; kapanala you will eat. Iwaning inilangung irratat. ‘He was sitting eating meat.’ Nuyi kapany ta walij? ‘Did you eat yet?’ arratanyi ‘let's eat’. See: kila burn; kiniwanpun eat until full; kinilanta feeds on, feed; raw eat!. Category: Illness.

Restrict: liquid object 2 kanila • tv. drink. Kawani kangpula nuntirri. ‘They are sitting drinking alcohol.’ Ja luluj kanila kurrula. ‘The dog is drinking seawater’. nukawk apa ja kawarra raw kiwula yaliwi ‘Those ones keep drinking that rubbish stuff.’ Category: Illness.

Restrict: MA subject 3 kinila • tv. hurt. Kunuka kiniwany? ‘What happened to him?/What hurt him?’ Nganila wanji. ‘My head hurts.’ Category: Discomfort and pain.

Restrict: MA object 4 kinila • tv. miscarry. Ingalang ‘She might miscarry’. Ingawany. ‘She lost her baby / miscarried.’ Usage: Female subject Category: Reproduction.

ingalangung muwarn   NVidiom. 1 • dry in the sun. Iwutpangung tuka muwarn ingalangung kirrk. ‘Next they would put it out in the sun to heat it up (pounded up pandanus stem).’ Category: Properties of surface, General change of state.

2 • be affected by the sun. Sun give person sunstroke. Muwarn nganngawany. ‘I got sunstroke (Lit: The sun 'ate' me).’ Kunngawany muwarn. ‘You are affected by the sun, for example if you walk a long way.’ Kunngawany mira, muwarn. ‘You get really struck by the sun.’ Category: Sickness.

kinilagalun   tv. drag, push or pull something heavy and resistant. Kiwuwuta alguru pa kiwulagalunka tuka ajput. ‘They tie it with a rope and drag it to the beach.’ Like kinilagalun ja mutika. ‘He pushes the car.’ See: kalagala tail; kiyarntagali wear on feet. Syn: arr (kimin). Category: Manipulation.

kinilagarun   tv. stop briefly. Ngarrilagarun. ‘We stop playing briefly (and then start again, in the middle of the song).’ Category: Judgement, evaluation. Note: May be restricted to singing

kinilagatpi   tv. 1 • hold in front of body, in arms or on hip. Kinilagatpi ja warranyngiw. ‘He is holding the child in his arms.’ Ingagatpung jara ja ingarkpany yurrng ‘She carried him in her arms and the other one she carried on her shoulders.’ Kingalagatpi ja warranyngiw. ‘She is nursing the child.’ See: kinnyarkpa carry on back/shoulders; kiniwuyatpi hold in arms. Category: Holding, sticking.

2 • meet. Nginyjagatpung jita ngatingan tuka ta karrungpunwilpin. ‘I met my sister at the river crossing.’ Category: Movement relating to moving object.

3 • surround. Ya imalkpanykapa ja namapapa awunilagatpung. ‘Yeah, the group of fighters arrived and he surrounded them.’ Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

kinilagurrun   tv. Deceive, trick, do something different to what was expected. Nuka inilagurruning. ‘He was deceiving him.’ Iningikjung ngartu, nganilarung. ‘He deceived me.’ Ngantularung. ‘You lied to me.’ See: kiningikjun trick; lagarr lie, deceive; kunakay excuse me. Category: Language, Concealment, Judgement, evaluation.

kinilakajpun   tv. ask about something, not for something. Awaning inilakajpuning ja nuwarlkparrakan. ‘As they sat there he was asking the old man (about it).’ Ngapi ngantakajpuni. ‘Talk to me.’ Kerra warak kinilakajpun ja arrarrkpi yirratat la kimin nuyu, "Ngapi nawurnirri ja yirratat." ‘The man goes off to ask for meat and he says to him, "I don't have any meat."’ See: kinnyakajpun read. Syn: kinilalken. Category: Language.

kinilakantawn   tv. 1 • feed, e.g. child or old man. Kulakantawn. ‘You're feeding him.’ Ngilantawning warranyngiw. ‘I was feeding the child.’ Category: Illness.

2 • get food for, for example potential son-in-law gets food for his potential spouse's parents. Can include giving money now. Kuwayalma wu karlurri walij apanamawu kunuka yirrik anpunpalakantawn inyanatjanat. ‘"Look for game for them, get food for them, anything like that, you’. See: kinilanta feed on. Category: Illness.

kinilakpa   tv. answer. Marrik awunngalakpanyi. ‘She didn't answer them.’ Kinyjaja kingalakpa. ‘She calls out, answering him.’ Yanat kinginka kinilakujpun yamin ali kinilakpa. ‘Like he's talking, he asks him and then it's his turn, he answers him.’ See: kinilakpalkpa tell secret. Category: Language.

kinilakpa marrarawk   noun. Large Rock Cod. Epinephelus sp.. See: Ngunymin Rock Cod. Category: Rock cods. Anth: Makes a loud, deep, long sound.

kinilakpalkpa   tv. pass on secret information. Speak out about hidden matter, confess. Anth: When someone tells someone something secret, or hidden about what someone did. Inilakpalkpany kirrk. ‘He told him all about it.’ Kayirrk iminypu "Naka inimany wungpulaj". Kinilakpalkpa. ‘Now he says to them "That one stole (something)". He tells him (the secret).’ inyngalalkpany ‘she told her a secret’. See: kinilakpa answer. Category: Language, Concealment.

kinilakpalyirrkpun   tv. fill right up to the top. Inilakpalyirrkpung ja palaji. ‘He filled the bag to the top.’ Category: Arrangement, Reproduction.

kinilakparrki   tv. 1 • cut the meat out of the clam shell. Inimany maminga inilakparrkang. ‘He took the clam shell and cut out the meat.’ See: kantakparrki spear cut ground. Category: Divide, cut, tear, Shellfish.

Restrict: LL object 2 • Eat sand, a habit of some fish. kanilakparrki ‘What fish mungkulurrut, nayuma and mirrk do as a habit.’ Category: Illness, Fish.

kinilakpawun   tv. interrupt. Kunyjakpawung jita ninyparlkparrakan. ‘You interrupted the old lady.’ Category: Language.

kinilakpiwa   tv. make stronger or heavier. Inilakpiwany ja waliman. ‘He made the axe stronger.’ See: kilakpiwen become heavy. Category: Size and weight.

kinilakpunyanpunya   tv. answered back, e.g. child being cheeky or rude when he is told to do something. See: kanilakpunya roast in coals. Category: Language.

kinilakpungunta   tv. share out. Kiki ja arralakpungunta paki. ‘Let us share the tobacco.’ Apulakpangunta means sharing it out amongst themselves. See: kawulakpuntikin. Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kinilakpurnangani   tv. reply to, talk back to (not in rude sense). Also used to mean 'translate'. Ngarrunngalakpurnangani. ‘She answers us.’ inilakpurnanganya ‘tell that boy to go and translate for them’. Kinilakpurnangani. ‘He's translating for them.’ Category: Language.

Restrict: LL object 2: kanilakpurnangani • tv. answer the question. Kanilakpurnangani. ‘He translates it.’ Inyanat kinginka, kanilakpurnangani ngaw. ‘She's talking, he's translating for him.’ Kanilakpurnangani ngaw la yamin. ‘They're explaining for each other.’ Category: Language.

Restrict: LL object 3: kanilakpurnangani • tv. tell the meaning of a dream. Category: Language.

kinilakputaka   tv. follow in song, e.g. we'll follow her (while she sings),we'll pick it up. Ngarrunngukiga juka la ngarrungmuy Ngalangila ngarrinypalakputaka. ‘She'll show us because we don't know it, we'll sing along with Ngalangila.’ See: kinnyarrarlkutaka add to what is already there. Category: Song and dance.

kinilakpuya   tv. cover. Inilakpuyany kirrk ja warranyngiw. ‘He covered the child completely.’ Ngarrilakpuyakapa maryawu. ‘We cover the tortoises with paperbark.’ ngalakpuyeny he covers himself; kawulakpuyen They cover themselves.. La marrik awunpulakpuyanjingka. ‘And they don't cover us with sand (we do it ourselves).’ See: kanilakpunya. Category: Concealment.

kinilakujpa   tv. 1 • kiss. Inilakujpany ja warranyngiw anyak. ‘He kissed the little child.’ Pukapa kinyilakujpa ‘They're kissing.’ See: kilakujpin be quiet, stop crying; kinnyujpa lick, suck; kilakujpakpa plead guilty (by not speaking up about it). Category: Social responsibilities and events.

2 • comfort, stop from crying. Kulakujpanyi. ‘You stop him crying!’ See: kilakujpin quiet. Category: Social responsibilities and events, Non language human voice sounds.

kinilakula   tv. Restrict: MA object explain. Kingalakula ta wurrwurr. ‘She explained something new.’ Iwulakula nuwurru ta wurluj. ‘They explained the news to you.’ Kingalakula wu "Tuka kutpanamin pa ta arriwarnaken yangali". ‘She explains to them "Do it like this, this is how we weave baskets".’ Category: Language.

kinilakunyi   tv. refuse, prohibit. Punyi nganilakunyi. ‘Father won't let me.’ Cause iwulakunyeny ja kiyap. ‘Because they refused to give him fish (Crow story)’. Category: Judgement, evaluation.

kinilakurma   tv. imitate, perform a character. Inilakurmangung. ‘He was imitating him.’ Kiwulakurma Yumparrparr. ‘They're dancing Yumparrparr (i.e. performing as and imitating Yumparrparr)’. Iwulakurmay. ‘Anybody might dance (as the orange and white giant).’ Syn: imalmakpany. See: kilakurma sign. Category: Play, perform, joke.

kinilakurunyma   tv. 1 • pull together, gather together, tighten, narrow, fold. Inilakurunymany ja manpurrwa. ‘He pulled the edges of the material together.’ Category: Manipulation.

2 • come together as a group. Iwanilakpurunyma. ‘They will group together.’ Category: Arrangement.

kinilalken   tv. 1 • ask. Ngiwalalken ja Nangila. ‘I will ask Nangila.’ Kinilalken, kinimiyarma kunuka yirrik, iwannyun. ‘He asks him, like he wants him to give him something’. Kuntalkena? ‘Can I ask you something?’ See: kilalken; kawulalkanyjilin; kinilakajpun. Category: Language.

2 • hear. La ta tora muj kamin "Kurruntalkena." ‘And others say "We want hear you."’ "Malany kurrilalkany" kaminka namatpa kupuny. ‘"So did you hear him?' They say to us, the other canoe.’ Ka la yalyung la manilalkay. ‘He might hear.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

3 • taste. Kanilalken. ‘He's tasting the water.’ Kanilalken (ta) wupaj. ‘He's tasting the water.’ Katilalken ta walij. ‘He's tasting the vegetable food.’ Apulalkeny karajarrk. ‘They tasted something sweet.’ Ngatalkeny karajarrk. ‘I tasted something sweet.’ Kulalken ngungmalal? ‘Does it taste good? (prompt: how does it taste?)’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention, Illness.

Restrict: ED object 4: katilalken • suffer (physical pain not emotional pain). Yung atilalkenang mira. ‘He was lying there suffering a lot.’ See: kinilalku. Category: Discomfort and pain.

kinilalku   tv. 1 • cut. ilalkany he cut himself; arralalku, AD Text16, kurrilalkung, Yinkarnarrk. Inilalkuny manjawak. ‘He cut it with a knife.’ mampulalkuny ‘they cut it down (tree)’. Kilalku. ‘He cut himself once (eg with a knife).’ See: kinilalken ask; kanilalkpa cutting across country. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

2 • spear (with a shovel spear). Inilalkuny rlama. ‘He speared it with a shovel spear.’ See: kinirrka spear fish; rlama shovel spear; irrkaka man hunting with a spear. Category: Pierce, shoot.

kanilalku (kunak)   lie on side. See: kiw kinilalku lie on side. Category: Remain stationary.

kinilarlukpun   tv. Restrict: MA subject Die, e.g. a dog, may only be for animals. Luluj inilarlukpung. ‘My dog died.’ Category: Illness and death.

kinilanta   tv. feed on. See: kinila eat. Naka ja kinilanta. ‘He eats a lot (of meat, fish etc.)’ Marrik awanyjiyu, awarranyi apulantanyi ‘They couldn't stay alive just by eating.’ Category: Illness. See: kamanilanta wurak Hairfin Goby (fish type); kinilakantawn feed, get food for; kinilantawn load harpoon; kinila eat. Category: Illness.

kinilantawn   tv. Restrict: MA object put the harpoon into position ready to aim and hit target. Anmila kulantawni la wularrut karrkpalka tuka itamuki. ‘Quick, get the harpoon ready, because we are getting close to where the turtle grounds are.’ See: kinilanta feed.

kinilangaka   tv. 1 • send. Ngilangakan parak ja marryun. ‘I sent the boy away.’ Ja kapala akutju ingalangaka warak. ‘The boat will be sent off again.’ Nganilangakan tuka yanat nuyu kunak. ‘He sent me to his land.’ See: kilangaka float. Category: Manipulation.

2 • Drive (the vehicle). Inilangakan mira ja mutika. ‘He drove the car fast.’ Category: Travel by vehicle.

kinilangali   tv. 1 • stand something up. Kanipa manilangali. ‘There he made the mark (lit: He made it (the peg) stand up there)’. Syn: kinilangani. See: irri oil, fat, hair oil, fuel. Category: Manipulation.

2 • bring up children. inilangaliny ‘he brought him up’. See: kilangali. Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kinilanganakpi   tv. chase. Inilanganakpangung parak. ‘He was chasing him away.’ Category: Movement relating to moving object, Manipulation.

kinilangani   tv. stand something up, put in vertical position. Plant trees. Inilanganing wurrkurr. ‘He was standing them in rows.’ Tuka wumawurr iwuyarruning rlagaj iwulanganyang la iwumangung. ‘He went for them in the creek. He dammed the creek with his rlagaj nets and got them.’ inilanganyang See: kinilangali stand; kilangali be born. Category: Manipulation. Note: Used for Yinkarnarrk planting trees in the dreamtime

kinilangkatpa   tv. 1 • signal, give sign, let know. Awanapa awuntalangkatpa. ‘They will go and signal them.’ Ta karrpin anngawuni yirrirri naka karrpuntangkatpa ta kawarra jinyngu wupurrk. ‘When we say anngawuni yirrirri it means that we are signalling to them as they come along in the dark at night.’ Category: Non language human voice sounds.

2 • let know. Kinilangkatpa. ‘He lets him know, eg. someone's coming on the plane, like his wife or kids.’ Inypalangkatpakpangung ‘they were teaching her’. Kiwalangkatpakpa makiny la ngaminy, kiki wiwi ngalyunyi nuwu ja kuwarnangajpukpuni. ‘They teach him to read and my wiwi said, "I'll listen and you read."’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

3 • remind. Kuwalangkatpa ja punyi ara. ‘You will remind father, won't you.’ Category: Language.

4 • receive sign, e.g. conception sign. See: kilangkatpa find out; kinnyuki show, teach. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

5 • know person. Ngatangkatpan. ‘We know her very well (the nurse who came back to work at Warruwi, who worked here a long time ago.)’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kinilarkpungku   tv. Deduct, take out. Ja rrupiya wu pata kawnjul la pata kawuyama kurrampalk naka kingalangatpungku wu. ‘The money for the council and the ones who work for housing, well, she takes it out for them.’ Category: Transfer.

kinilarkpungku   tv. pull out, pull off. Naka inilarkpungkuny iyigi. ‘He pulled out the tooth.’ See: kilarukpungkun become unhooked. Category: Manipulation.

kinilarrani   tv. chastize. Inilarranyang. ‘He was chastizing him.’ See: kinilarrun loud noise approach. Category: Language, Judgement, evaluation.

kinilarrikpi   tv. lift up, raise up. Yanat inilarrikpung inimany parak. ‘He lifted him up and carried him away.’ See: kilarrikpin rise. Syn: kinimajpungku. Category: Location and distance, Manipulation.

kinilarrngani   verb. raise something up while hanging. iwumajpungkuny inypularrnganiny iwumajpungkuny inypularrnganiny ‘They lifted him up and stood/hung him on the cross.’ See: kiniwularrun finish. Category: Location and distance, Manipulation.

kinilarrun   tv. hear a big sound coming closer like a plane or thunder. Awarran la yara awalyungan kapin marrarawk awunilarraning. ‘After a while they heard the sound like lightning coming closer.’ Nganilarrang. ‘He came up behind me and made a loud noise givng me a fright.’ Kunilarrun. See: kinilarrani chastize. Category: Non language human voice sounds.

kinilarrutpa   tv. Restrict: MA object stay overnight, camp. Iwularrutpan arka. ‘They camped overnight along the way’. See: kiwutpa camp overnight. Category: Sleep.

kinilati   tv. put into something, put away. Transport (people or goods) in a vehicle or boat. Usage: often occurs with -ki and/or -ga yiwulatjang. Inilatikiny tuka yangali. ‘He was putting (them) into the basket.’ Ngarrimany miri ngarrilatiny tuka kupuny. ‘We took the paddle put them into the canoe’. Pa yuranapa inilatjang kurlajuk. ‘So he went and collected eggs.’ See: kilatin be in something. Category: Manipulation.

kinilatparlangkata   tv. strengthen. Mananilatparlangkata maya mingkaga. ‘He will strengthen the fence.’ See: nulatparlangkat strong; kilatparlangkayin feel stronger; angmirriyangkayiny area of land or road becomes safe after a death. Category: General change of state.

kinilatpani   tv. stop, prevent. Inilatpaniny arka. ‘He stopped him from going any further.’ Category: Holding, sticking.

kinilartpan   tv. paint, smear. Warranyngiw kurriwalartpan ja pitja. ‘Children, colour in the picture.’ Ngalartpa kujurn. ‘I'm painting myself with clay.’ Ngalartpa ngapi wiyu. ‘I'm painting myself.’ See: kilartpin paint self. Category: Transfer.

kinilawunyu   tv. 1 • stupify fish by adding leaves of wurakpa tree to water. Category: Hunting.

2 • make drunk, cause to be in a stupor. Naka koyanti ja arrarrkpi ngapi ngilawunyung ngertawng ta nuntirri. ‘Look at the man I made drunk by giving him alcohol.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kinilawurulmuni   tv. put in position. Ngiwalawurulmuni iyigi. ‘I will position the barbs into the spear shaft.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiniliki   iv. Restrict: SG subject 1 • stand alone, in a dispute. Yanat ja Elijah iliking palat. ‘Elijah stood alone (against the others)’. Category: Fight.

Restrict: PL subject 2 • side with each other, Stand by one another. Play a role, as in a play. karrkiki 'We take each other's part' or 'You're with us' (used in hymns). Ngarrurri karrkiki. ‘We take each other's part (in strife or trouble).’ See: kinimarriyalan take part. Category: Fight.

kinilirrngkan   tv. push along, pull along. Inilirrngkantung. ‘He was pushing it along.’ Kurlingka warramumpik kingalirrngka ja arrarrkpi? ‘Is the woman pushing the man?’ Iniyarrungungka tuka ilangingan la inilirrngkantiny ‘He follows him to where he's standing and he pushes him.’ Category: Manipulation.

kinilulku   tv. 1 • stay with, stick with, follow. Kiwraka la karrilulku. ‘He goes ahead and we keep up with him, follow him.’ Category: Holding, sticking.

Restrict: MA object 2 • not understand. Category: Cognitive senses and attention. See: kilulku stuck; kilulkuntulku stuck, trapped. Syn: kinilulkuntulku. Category: Movement relating to moving object.

kinilulkuntulku   tv. 1 • keep up with, stick with. Kiwraka la karrilulkuntulku. ‘He leads and we go along with him.’ Syn: kinilulku. Category: Movement relating to moving object.

2 • be not able to comprehend it, understand it. Kawani kiwululkuntulku. ‘They do not comprehend it, they are stuck in their thinking about it.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kinilulwarrki   tv. join together. Nakapa inilulwarrjiny payp. ‘He joined the pipe together.’ Category: Manipulation, Arrangement.

kinilunta   tv. fence in. Pulikang ngawunpanalunta la ngapamurntulku wu ngungpanama put ‘We fence in the cows and block them in and close them up.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiniluntu   tv. 1 • scold, growl (Aboriginal English). Marryun ja numurrunti kiwuluntu akut. ‘The boy who was naughty, they keep on scolding.’ Kawuniluntu wumurra. ‘He growls at them (scold them).’ Only nuyipa kuniluntuwa. ‘It's only him who growls at you (you don't get involved and argue back so you are good and peaceful).’ See: kantuntun earth shake. Category: Language, Hate, anger.

2 • make sorcery on. Iniluntungung mankarni. ‘The medicine man made sorcery on him.’ Category: Sorcery.

kinilurrku   tv. be behind someone. Like kiwraka ja arrarrkpi la jita warramumpik kingalurrku. ‘The man is in front and the woman is behind him.’ See: warrwak later; kiwraka. Category: Arrangement.

kiniluta   tv. block, stand in someone's way. Nganiluta la imina rlirr warak. ‘He is in my way and should move away.’ Category: Arrangement.

kinilutpa   tv. put down and leave. Inilutpan ja warranyngiw. ‘He put the child down.’ Yuran fishing kapa pa inyilutpan jita kawani. ‘He went fishing, so he dropped off his wife there.’ Awunilutpan awunnyarutpan. ‘He dropped them off but he just left them there (he never returned to pick them up again as expected.)’ See: kinnyutpa put down. Syn: kinnyarutpa. Category: Manipulation.

kinilurtpujpa   tv. shorten, abbreviate. Inilurtpujpany ja manpurrwa. ‘He shortened the cloth.’ See: ilurtpuj short; kilurtpujpin become short. Category: Size and weight, General change of state.

kinima   tv. 1 • take, get, bring. Ta kapala nganti arrunimang parak. ‘Somebody with a boat could take us.’ Jita kamu kingama kiyap. ‘Mother is getting fish now.’ Angamany ngartu wurluj. ‘She brought me news.’ Atimany ngaw yurnu ‘They're holding hands’. See: kima auxiliary. Category: Transfer.

2 • father to. inyimany ‘her father (he is father to her)’. ngawunmany ‘I'm their father’. Syn: kinimalkpa. Category: family, inc moieties.

Restrict: Female subject 3 : kingama • be pregnant. kingama ja warranyngiw Category: Reproduction.

kanima ngaw ngaralk   phrase. learn a language. angamany ngaw ngaralk ‘she learnt the language’. Kuma ngaw ngaralk. ‘You are learning (language).’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kanima nuyu kunak   take a place. Category: Transfer.


kinimajpungku   tv. raise up, lift up. -n, -a, ø. Inimajpungpungkun parak. ‘He lifted it up.’ Ma kiki ngatpina ngarrimajpungka because warranyngiw ngatpunatpang. ‘There was no way we could lift him up (into the boat) because we had kids with us.’ See: kinnyartpungku lift up; kimajpungkin get up; kinilarrikpi life up, raise up. Category: Manipulation.

ja kurrula kinimajpungku (yurrng)   phrase. the sea was rough. Category: Movement of water.

kinimakan   tv. have sex with, have as spouse. Juka jita inyimakantung inyjangaling tuka kunak. ‘His wife was sitting in the camp.’ Nganimakan ‘I am his wife.’ nakapa ja awunimakantung ‘the one they had been married to (who was dead)’. See: kinyiyirlwa have sex with; kawartpanyjilin meet, marry. Category: Reproduction, Social responsibilities and events, family, inc moieties.

kinimalamanma   tv. 1 • stir, twist. Inimalamanmangung kirrk. ‘He was stirring it all up.’ Iwumalamanmangung nuyu majarr. ‘They hold it's head and twist its neck (method for killing tortoise)’. Ara nangila ngapi ngapalamanman ta pupurru wurlumunwurlumun. ‘Oh, Nangila, I stirred the porridge and it is lumpy.’ See: kimalaminmin rotate. Category: Twist, bend.

Restrict: LL object 2 kanimalamanma • twist one's tongue, used to describe the pronunciation of diffcult sounds such as the flap in Iwaidja. Category: Manipulation, Twist, bend.

kinimalanyi   tv. curse by 'roasting', kill by such a curse. Kiwumalanyi. ‘They roast him (sorcery)’. Syn: kinimalapa. Category: Sorcery.

kinimalapa   tv. 1 • put curse on or 'sing' someone. Nuka inimalapany. ‘He has sung him.’ Syn: kinimalanyi. Category: Sorcery.

2 • drive. Restrict: MA object Sarah ingamalapangung mutika. ‘Sarah was driving the car.’ Category: Vertical motion.

kinimalkpa   tv. 1 • be father or father's sister to. Nuka ja ngapi nganimalkpany. ‘This is my father.’ ngapi nganimalkpany ‘my father’. kayirrk la kaniwurrun apa yamin ja inimalkpany kimin "warranyngiw pa ngartu". ‘and then he thinks, the father and he says "Oh, it could be my child."’ Syn: kinima, kimalkpa. Category: family, inc moieties.

2 • take out, make come out. Ma kurrungmalkpanyi ta ayuk! ‘Go on, do it the old way! (dance)’. See: kinima father to; kimalkpa arrive, come out; kelkpa bare young, lay eggs. Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: LL object 3 • (turtle) make noise or surface. La ja kanimalkpa mira ilijap putarr. ‘And the little one makes a big noise (the baby dugong or the turtle?).’ Category: Non language human voice sounds, Reptiles and amphibians.

kinimalngajpun   tv. 1 • make more of something. Yanat kanimalngajpun lirri ngarrurru. ‘He is making more trouble for us.’ Kinimalngajpun ja rubbish. ‘He's bringing rubbish into the house.’ See: kiwmalngajpun make mess; kimalngkawun change. Category: Appearance, General change of state.

Restrict: Female subject, male object 2: kingamalngajpun • reproduce, lay eggs. Manpiri kingamalngajpun. ‘The green-back turtle is laying her eggs.’ Manpiri kingamalngajpun ja kurlajuk. ‘The turtle is laying eggs.’ Category: Reproduction.

Restrict: PL subject 3: awuntumalngajpung • Descend from (people). arruntumalngajpung our.ancestors (they made us plentiful). our ancestors, those from whom we are descended. They made us a large family. Refers to recent ancestors such as deceased grandparents etc. not long-ago ancestors.. See: yumalngaj good hunter (masculine). Category: family, inc moieties.

kinimalngama   tv. laugh at. Nakapa iwumalngamang la awampiji. ‘They (the Inyjalarrku people) see him and don't recognise him so they laugh at him.’ See: kempijin laugh. Category: Play, perform, joke.

kinimalyakaka   tv. insult. Kawuntumalyakaka. ‘They are insulting him.’ Category: Language.

kinimarlalku   tv. cut throat. Iningalkpung ja manpiri waliman imajunga apa la inimirlkpungeny ingurlkparrungan la inimarlalkuny. ‘He clubbed the turtle with an axe, turned it over onto its back and cut its throat.’ Pa iwumarlalkuny ja ngarrkarrk inyarlgan. ‘They cut the necks of the two turtles.’ Pata wera mampumarlalkuny majarr ngaw. ‘They cut it off at the trunk.’ Category: Divide, cut, tear, Head.

kinimarlinyji   tv. choke. Malany inimarlinyjung. ‘Now he choked him.’ See: kininyji squeeze. Category: Pressing, Head.

kinimarlurrwa   tv. hang someone. Iwumarlurrwany. ‘They hung him.’ Category: General change of state.

kinimamanta   tv. attach to , put pressure on. La waka mawng mata malurtpuj mata warlk pa mamputpan iwumamantiny angparti. ‘And they had short sticks with which they opened out the bow end.’ See: kimamanta lean on; kinimanma persuade, stick. Category: Manipulation, Pressing.

kinimamantiki   tv. crash car into another car. iwumamantikiny ‘they crashed their car into the other car. This example was used to describe an incident when one man purposefully crashed his car into the back of another man's car.’ Category: Pressing.

kinimanma   tv. 1 • stick on to. Wularrut inimanmany. ‘He has already stuck it on.’ Category: Holding, sticking.

2 • persuade to go with (subject). Nangila iwanimanma. ‘Nangila will persuade him.’ Kingamanma pa kawungurrin. ‘She persuades him to go with her and they run off.’ See: kinimamanta put pressure on. Category: Language.

lv. See: wurru make people feel sorry for oneself; lagarr mislead. Category: Manipulation.

kinimanmakpa   tv. Restrict: MA object 1 • make string finger patterns. ngimanmakpa I am making string patterns. Nawuyuk kiwani kinimanmakpa. ‘Nawuyuk is doing string patterns.’ Nuka ja karrimanmakpa. ‘They're string patterns.’ Category: Play, perform, joke.

Restrict: ED object 2 • (female) be prepared for the dance. Prepared by being appropriately adorned. Wularrut akamany manmakpaj. ‘She is now prepared for the dance.’ Akaman manmakpany ‘She is decorated.’ Kapan makpany nuyu? ‘Did you decorate that boy?’ See: yirurryirurr be dressed for ceremony. Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items.

kinimanpun   tv. 1 • bite, chew, taste. imanpung He bit himself. Mampumangung mawiya mampumanpukpuning. ‘They would get the leaves and chew them.’ kinimanpukpun ‘he bites and bites him’. Yunyi kanngarra warak wakapa kiw arukin kunimanpu. ‘Don't go there. Snake, he might bite you.’ See: kiniwanpun eat until full. Category: Illness.

Restrict: MA subject 2 • hurt. Marrik nganimanpukpu. ‘It doesn't hurt now.’

3 • listen to and talk in a language. Category: Activity manner.

4 • kill or attack. Category: General change of state.

kinimanypukpun   tv. 1 • pleased with (someone). Aralpa inimanypukpung. ‘It is true that he was pleased with him.’ Category: Sorrow, happiness.

2 •  Category: Non language human voice sounds.

kinimarkpukpun   tv. slow person down. Ngatpunmarkpukpun. ‘We are slowing them down.’ See: kimarkpukpun travel slowly. Category: Horizontal movements.

kinimarkujpa   tv. crack, pound, punch. imarkujpangung He was hitting himelf with a blunt instrument. Kawarra kiwumarkujpakpa karrarnarn. ‘They are cracking open oysters.’ Like kinimarlkujpa waryat, kiningartpuni. ‘Like he hits him with a rock, he hits him on the head.’ Iwulalkungung ja murgala kayirrk la iwumarlkujpangung kirrk. ‘They would first cut down the pandanus and then pound it up.’ Category: Strike or chop.

kinimarwa   dtv. give, share. Variant: kinimara is a young people's term. Kamu nganpamarwa. ‘Mother (please) share some of that with me.’ Nganmarwanyi rrupiya? Ngapi arlarrarr. Marrik ngetping. ‘Can I have some money? I have nothing. I don't have any.’ See: kinnyun give. Category: Transfer.

kinimarranypun   tv. Desire, want very much, but fail to get. Ngapi nginymarranypung karnjawarra. ‘I wanted to get that crab very much, but did not get it.’ Category: Desire, Hunting.

kinimarrawurlnga   tv. Restrict: MA object 1 • go around something, circle for example in a boat or car. kingamarrawurlnga. She's going around in a circle.. Inimarrawurlngan ja kapala ngarrayawng. ‘We saw the boat circle around.’ Ngimarrawurlngawi tuka kurrampalk. ‘I'm going around the (outside of the) house.’ Awarran iwumarrawurlngakan ‘They went along, going around in circles.’ See: kiniwurlnga circle around. Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

Restrict: LL object 2: kanimarrawurlnga • going around (the edge of). Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

kinimarriyalan   tv. take someone's side in a fight. Nginymarriyalan jita ngalkpany ngaw. ‘I am taking my daughter's part.’ See: kiniliki side with each other (plural forms). Category: Fight.

kinimarrkuta   Restrict: MA object tv. close the door and steal all the belongings. Category: Shelter, camp, house, Holding, sticking.

Restrict: VE object 2: kamanimarrkuta • tv. close the door. Ant: kamannyatpalan. Category: Arrangement.

kinimartparrun   tv. 1 • spill something on something or pour something on someone. Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: LL object 2: kanimartparrun • spill on the ground. Category: Manipulation.

kinimilin   tv. miss out on. Leave behind (after death). Ngapipa ngimiliny ja kiyap. ‘I missed out on getting the fish.’ Naputjanputjan ja nakapa inimiliny. ‘Naputjanputjan is the things that he left behind (when he died).’ See: numilinmilirri difficult (of performance); milirri difficult (coverb). Category: Hunting, Holding, sticking.

kinimirlajun   tv. 1 • wait for him. Kanipa kunpamirlajun. ‘I will wait for you here.’ Apumirlajuning jimurru. ‘They were waiting for the south-east trade winds.’ Iwaning awunimirlajukuning. ‘He was there, keeping an eye on them.’ Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

Restrict: LL object 2 • wait for event. Wakapa kiwani kanimirlajun yara ja single. ‘At that time he's still waiting, he's single.’ See: rtirr wait for; kelyuju wait to hear. Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

kinimirlkpunge   tv. 1 • turn over. iwumilkpungany ‘they turned it over’. Arriwamirlkpunga ja inyalgan. ‘We will turn the turtle over.’ Category: Manipulation.

2 • change. Ngarrunimirrawuning ngarrunimirlkpungangung ta ngatpalu tora. ‘He changes us and our faces become different.’ See: mali knowledge, memories. Category: General change of state.

Restrict: LL subject 3: Kangkumirlkpungen • affect (us) badly. Malany angpamirlkpungenka ngarrurru ta karrpani Martpalk. ‘It will affect us here at Martpalk.’ Kurrkenkang nuyi la yanat nakapa angpumirlkpungakeny ngarru. ‘You two had a fight and it will effect us badly.’ Category: Judgement, evaluation.

Restrict: LL object 4 • trouble come back to affect other people. For example when two people fight then other people get involved and they are also affected by the response from the other group. Angkumirlkpungakeny nuwurru. ‘They bring trouble back to you.’ Pa karrkpin 'Kutpanginkapa kurriwanawunapa. Angpamirlkpungenka ngarrurru. Like lirripa ngungpanatpi. ‘They might say 'You'll go and fight with them and you'll hit them. They will bring something back to us. Like I've got trouble to bring.’ Category: Fight.

kinimirlkun   tv. 1 • sense by extrasensory perception that something is about to happen. Anth: When a child or baby gives a sign that someone is coming to visit from far away, for example by crying a lot. Also when someone knows that someone else is about to betray him. Used in Easter song cycle to say that when they had the last supper Jesus knew someone was going to betray him. Covers predicting good and bad events. Kinimirlkun. ‘Like somebody coming.’ Kinyimirlkun. ‘He senses a woman's coming.’ Kunmirlkung anngarrangungka. ‘I sensed you were coming.’ Category: Supernatural.

Restrict: VE object 2: kamanimilkun • moan, groan. Someone might say 'you pay me very quick' and he answers 'm-m-m-m' that is kamanimilkun. A type of crying that is like a soft moaning, unlike kiwurlkujpakpan that is a sobbing, interrupted by large gulps of air. manimilkung He groaned. Kamanimilkun kuyak nuyu. ‘He is moaning because of his illness.’ manimirlkukunang ‘he kept moaning’. Manimirlkukuning. ‘He moaned.’ See: kimirlkun moan, groan. Category: Non language human voice sounds.

kinimiratpi   tv. knead, e.g.knead dough, squeeze shark meat, make something out of cement. katimiratpi he is kneading it, e.g. damper dough. Like marrik apumiratpi something angkutpan you know. ‘Like they didn't make (a memorial) out of cement and put it there, you know.’ arrapamiratpi, ngapiratpung, ngapiratpiyang ‘means 'bake' in most of these egs.’ See: kiniwiratpi bake. Category: Manipulation.

kinimirrawun   tv. 1 • write, draw, mark. Iwaning inimirrawuning jurra. ‘He was sitting writing a letter.’ Kinimirrawun. ‘He's drawing him.’ Kimirrawun ingurlaj tuka ngapi ngamawurr. ‘He wrote his name on my arm.’ Category: Weak impact.

Restrict: LL object 2 • write down language. Ngaralk ngungmirrawun. ‘I'm writing down language.’ Syn: kinnyutpa. Category: Weak impact.

Restrict: MA subject 3 • occurrence of changes in appearance during pregnancy - face changes, breasts grow etc. Ja warranyngiw, kanimirrawun ngaw yanyjuk. ‘The child (big pause in which I talk). He draws on her breasts.’ Category: Reproduction.

kinimirrawukpun   tv. writes and writes it, draw it, change during pregnancy. Ya-a-a nakapa kangpayan ngaw yanyjuk kangmurranymin ya you know kanimirrawukpun apa. ‘They can all see her breasts growing, you know, she's changing.’ Category: Activity manner, Reproduction.

Kinimirrawun katikatik   noun. young Hiant Venus Clam (ngarnji). Marcia hiantina. Variant: Iwaidja: Munang. See: ngarnji Hiant Venus Clam; katikatik Pied Oystercatcher. Category: Shellfish. Anth: name means that the Oyster catcher bird, katikatik, drew on the shells

kinimirriyangkata   tv. reassure. Ngawu katja nganpamirriyangkata la ngapimung. ‘Come let us go together and reassure each other (because we are afraid)’. See: numirriyangkat; angmirriyangkat area becomes safe after a death. Category: Language, fear, shock, surprise.

kinimirtpa   tv. creeping up on, stalk. Kayirrk la awunimirtpany wanyji pa ingartpirrung mata warlk inyiwung jita murlu. ‘Then he crept up close to them and threw the log and hit her on the nose.’ Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

kinimirtpujpa   tv. Gather. Awunimirtpujpany kirrka pata arrarrkpi la warrakamu nuyu awalyu nuyu. ‘He gathered the people together to listen to him.’ See: kinimirtpurrukpun bring together, gather. Category: Manipulation.

kinimirtpujpakpa   tv. fold, coil, cover. Anngamirtpujpanyi ngarrurru mata alguru la arrkpana inyarlgan. ‘Coil up the rope and we'll go turtle hunting.’ See: kimirtpujpakpa rumpled up. Category: Manipulation.

kinimirtpurrukpun   tv. 1 • bring together, gather. Inimirtpurrukpung kirrk pata pulikang. ‘He gathered the cattle together.’ See: kinimirtpujpa gather. Category: Manipulation.

2 • fold, bundle together. Inimirtpurrukpung manpurrwa. ‘He folded the material.’ Category: Manipulation.

3 • turn towards another person (eg. to talk). Nuka kumirtpurrukpun kurrkinkay la yamin. ‘Turn to him so that you can speak.’ Category: Change stance.

kinimiyarma   tv. 1 • want, like, love. Puka apumiyarmany walij. ‘They wanted food.’ Ngapi marrik ngimiyarmang ‘I don't like it’. Ta ngartunyun karrpin naka ngarrkarrk warranyngiw pata karrpunmiyarma mira. ‘We say ngartunyun when there are two children that we really love.’ Category: Desire.

Restrict: LL object 2: kanimiyarma • want (event complement). kurlingka nuwurri kurrungmiyarma arrkpana arriwayan pitja. ‘Do you want to come and see the picture?’ Ja warranyngiw wularrutapa kinywunpun jita nigi. Kanimiyarma iwalurrangken. ‘The child is now causing the mother pain. He wants to be born.’ See: kinnyarnama hate, dislike. Category: Desire.

kinimiyukpa   tv. hurt. Yunyi kunyatpi la kunymiyukpay. ‘Don't hold her (there) or you might hurt her.’ Category: Physical disability and injury.

kinimulun   tv. 1 • track person down in order to kill them, hunt an animal. Ngimulun kapin ngiwanawun ja arrarrkpi. Mankarni iwaniwun la yalayala ta lirri. ‘Ngimulun is when I kill a man. A medicine man will kill him or straightforward trouble.’ Category: General change of state, Hunting.

Restrict: LL object 2: kanimulun • typical male hunting on land, e.g. looking for kangaroo or buffalo with a spear. Malany ta karrungmulun ta apururrk walij nakapa katja tuka warak kunak kapa mantanti yara kani wiyu. ‘When we go hunting for bush foods in the time of plenty (early dry season) we go to the mainland or somewhere here.’ Kanimulunapa iwana, ayang iwanilalku. ‘He hunts. He will go and spear a kangaroo.’ angkumuluning kiyap ‘they wanted to go fishing’. See: pirrpirr hunting on land, with dog. Category: Hunting.

Restrict: LL object 3: kanimulun • want to go: shopping, fishing, hunting, home. Ngapi ngungmulun ngatpanala walij tuka kunak. ‘I want to go home and eat.’ Nuwutpurra ta marryun kurrungmuluni kutjanyji. ‘Come on all you boys, you want to go.’ Kanimulun. ‘He wants to go.’ Kanimulun kiyap. ‘He wants to go fishing.’ Kangkumulun. ‘They all want to go.’ Category: Desire.

kinimurlukpun   tv. 1 • squash and cause injury to humans or damage to inanimate objects. kurrumurlukpu You might squash it.. Kurrumurlukpu! ‘You might squash it (car, boat)’. Inimurlukpung. ‘He squashed it.’ Category: Pressing.

2: angamurlukpu • woman kill her unborn child by squashing it. For example by bending over to far or by carrying heavy loads. angamurlukpu She might squash the baby (in her stomach); angamurlukpung She squashed the baby (in her stomach, i.e. killed it). Category: Pressing, Reproduction.

kinimunmuy   tv. not know about, not hear about. See: kinimuy; karrilawatpunmuy we don't know. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kinimunta   tv. leave, get away from. Anngurrina la wenat marnti kuntumuntay. ‘Run or they will get away from you.’ nganimuntiny ‘he died (lit: he left me)’. Ajirrik kunmanyi orka but nuyi nganmuntiny parak. ‘I tried to join in (the song) but you got away from me (stopped before I had joined in).’ See: kinimuntaka keep running away. Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

kinimuntaka   tv. 1 • keeps running away, getting away. Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

Restrict: MA subject 2 • have funny nose, and or eyes. Wurnkurrk ja karrunimuntaka tuka murlu. ‘The discharge which runs down from the nose.’ Parang la ja wurnkurrk la milarng inimuntakangung. ‘Tears came to his eyes.’ See: kinimunta leave, get away from. Category: Automatic actions.

kinimungpun   tv. take away from. Inimungpung ngartu jalakaraj. ‘It took away my spear (of a stingray after spearing)’. Category: Transfer.

kinimurntulku   tv. Restrict: MA object 1 • trap fish. Iwumurntulkuny ja kiyap. ‘They trapped fish (by blocking the creek).’ See: murntulkuj a sheltered place. Category: Hunting.

Restrict: ED object2 katimurntulku •  Apumurntulkuny nuyu. ‘They trapped him (e.g. a bull).’ Pulikang ngawunpanalunta la ngapamurntulku wu ngungpanama put ‘We fence in the cows and block them in and lock them in.’ Apumurntulkuny merrk where ilangaling ja kiyap, inside. ‘They built a barrier of leaves, trapping the fish.’ Category: Holding, sticking, Concealment.

Restrict: ED object 3 • cover, protect, make windbreak. Apumurntulkuny ta jampakang. ‘They make a windbreak of corrugated iron.’ Walmat katimurntulku ngaw jita muwarn. ‘The rain (or rain cloud) covered up the sun.’ Yanat kinimurntulku ja tarpaulin la iniwutiny ‘He put up a tarpaulin and tied it on.’ Category: Manipulation.

kinimurranyma   tv. grow up, bring up. Ngimany apa ngimurranymany ja karrkpin. ‘I got him and brought him up (until) he was big.’ Ingamurranyminy, like kingarlukpa. ‘She makes him grow up, like she puts her foot on him (his chest).’ See: kimurranymin become big; kinimurranymakpa cause to grow big. Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kinimurranymakpa   tv. cause to grow big, for example a pet. See: kinimurranyma rear, bring up. Category: Social responsibilities and events.

Restrict: MA subject, ; VE object 2: kamanimarranymakpa • tv. heavy swell on the sea. Used to describe the tide when it is coming in and you can see the waves coming up onto the shore. Manimarranymakpangung ja kurrula. ‘The sea was rough’. Manimurranymakpany kurak ja kurrula. ‘The sea is rough.’ Category: Water bodies, Weather.

kinimurtpa   tv. fear. Kurlingka naka kinimurtpa? ‘Does he fear him?’ Nginymurtpa. ‘I'm frightened of her.’ Ngapi marrik kunmurtpay! ‘I am not afraid of you!’ See: kimurtpin frightened; numurrpikpin frightened/frightening. Category: fear, shock, surprise.

kinimuy   tv. 1 • ignorant, without knowledge of. Nganimuy la ngimuy. ‘We don't know each other.’ Kinimuy ja manyardi. ‘He doesn't know the song.’ karrimuy ‘We must pretend not to know (names we can't say)’. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

Restrict: LL object 2 : kanimuy • not know, without a specified object, or with a very general object. Ngapi ngungmuy ‘I am without knowledge of it. I don't know. (NB 3:93)’. Yanat apa ja mayakpu kanimuy marrik ja aniwurru akutju la kanimuy. ‘The father doesn't know, he still doesn't know yet, he doesn't know.’ Ngapi ngungmuy nuyu ta ngaralk. ‘I do not know his language.’ See: kinimunmuy not know about; karrilawatpunmuy many; kimuyi believe. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kinini   tv. say something, call something. kingani she's saying it; ininang, arrinang, ngini I'm saying; kiwini. Kujpagarriapa inganang jalaj. ‘She called the wallaby 'dingo'’. iwinyang See: kimin say, think; kurrininy kunteypi for brother in law. Category: Language.


kininiki   tv. carry on shoulder. Koyanti nuka kininiki warak - ngungpurrun inyarlgan. ‘Look, he is carrying something on his shoulder - perhaps it is a turtle.’ Ngatinikiyang. ‘I carried flour.’ Kininiki. ‘He carries one thing (c.f. kiwunikiniki)’. See: katinikiniki carry a lot on back and head; kit carry on shoulders; kinnyatpikpi he is carrying it by hand; itkit carry on shoulders. Category: Manipulation.

kininilakpalunya   tv. Restrict: MA object light fire, by taking something burning from another place to light it. For example, light a grass fire by taking a burning stick from a part that is already burning. Nganuni light, ngiwalakpalunya kalurru la kanmatpi mata lighter. ‘Give me a light to light my cigarette because you've got a lighter.’ See: kamaniwarawn light a cooking fire. Category: Fire.

kininyji   tv. 1 • feel, examine, pinch, grab, turn on equipment by pushing a button (eg. ghetto blaster). ininyjung, ininyjung. Ngapi nginyji ja kimaju. ‘I am examining the sick man.’ ininyjung ‘for example when a sea eagle suddenly swoops down and grabs a fish from the sea’. Nganinjukpiny ja nganimany ta ngayatpung. ‘He scratched my arm when he touched me.’ See: kininyjininyji massage; awunypinyjung play around; kinyji; kinimarlinyji choke. Category: Pressing, Holding, sticking.

2 • heal someone through use of magic. ininyjung marrngijpu ‘he healed her with witchcraft’. Category: Sorcery, Medicine.

Restrict: LL object 3: kaninyji • dig up food from ground which can be easily got just with the hands such as mawany. Not used for digging karwuluk because that is much more difficult. kangpinyji mawugany ‘they are gathering mawugany lily roots’. Kamu la larla angpinyjung kirrk ta mawugany la kawuraka. ‘Mother and older sister have got all the mawugany roots and are going home.’ Ngarrunginyji ‘We're getting shellfish from the mud’. Category: Hunting.

Restrict: LL object 4: kaninyji • milk cow. Puka pata kangpinyji. ‘They are the ones who do the milking.’ Karrunginyji ‘We milk a cow.’ Syn: kinyji. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

Restrict: ED object 5: apinyjung • a long time ago the old people put a spell on that place to make it productive and make it a good place for their families to live. Warrapijyikarlu apinyjung." ‘The old people put an increase spell on that place/The old people live and work there a lot (by implication)’. See: punyikarlu old person; nypinyju this word is used when the children go off together walking a long way or fighting or playing around. Category: Sorcery.


kininyjininyji   tv. massage. La inypinyji kinypinyjininyji. ‘So they squeeze her, they massage her.’ See: kininyji squeeze. Category: Pressing, Medicine.

kiningajpun   tv. sharpen. Kungajpuni ngarrurru ja waliman. ‘Sharpen the axe for us.’ Category: General.

kiningaka   tv. not know because of being from different areas. Or dislike because of being from different areas. iwangakangung. Ingangakangung kirrk. ‘She didn't like any (of the mainland meat foods, because she didn't know them).’ arrunpangakay ‘they don't recognise us’. Awunpangakanyi la wemin. ‘They didn't know each other.’ See: kinnyarnama hate, dislike. Category: Desire, Cognitive senses and attention, Fight.

kiningalkpun   tv. 1 • crack, pound, smash, whack head, e.g. cracking a turtle head to kill it. Ingangalkpuning ja karrarnarn. ‘She was cracking the oyster shells.’ Jara ja arrarrkpi yuranka iningalkpung. ‘Another man comes along and hits him on the head.’ Qeqe. Kinyalkpun la inyamin. ‘Yes. They are each hitting themselves on the head.’ See: kingalkpun crack head; ingalkpany be from place; kiwirnngalkpun a burning coal fire. Category: Strike or chop.

Restrict: MA object 2 • sing and play accompaniment with clapsticks. Iwanaga ja arrapujpa iwaningalkpun ja manyardi. ‘The song man will come and perform the song cycle.’ Anngalyunyi kiwungalkpukpun nganangka, kawaga kamirawnka. ‘Listen to the clapsticks. They're coming this way.’ ja ngarringalkuny parak ‘when we do the song’. Category: Play, perform, joke, Song and dance. Note: Old word for singing with clapsticks, now people just use kamirawn

Restrict: MA object 3 • cutting oneself in mourning. Category: Mourning. Note: This sense has also been recorded for kingalkpun

Restrict: PL subject 4: kawunpungalkpun • they are fighting with sticks. Category: Fight.

kiningarlan   tv. 1 • Divide up and separate, for example by giving to different people. For example, divide up and give away dugong meat or turtle, or money, or sort out clean washing. iningarlantiny he separated them, sorted them out. Ingaralakantiny. ‘She was counting up the money and giving half each to different people.’ See: kannyarlan divide, halve. Category: Transfer, Divide, cut, tear.

Restrict: VE object 2: kamaningaralan • split (wood). Anmangaralanti mata yungku ngarrurru. ‘You must split our firewood for us.’ Category: Divide, cut, tear.

kininganypani   tv. pushing down, make sit down, knock down. Kurlingka iniwung warlk ay kiki yirrik? Makinyju la inimany ininganypaniny. ‘Did he hit him with a stick or what? No, he just took him and pushed him down.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiningarnan   tv. Restrict: MA object bring (the catch) back tied to the side of the canoe. Anth: If is a manpiri, the men will pat the top of their head with a flat hand to signal they have caught manpiri. If they have dugong they will erect a stick in the boat. Kiwutaka la kiwungarnan. ‘They tie the dugong, turtle to the side of the canoe and bring it back.’ Category: Transfer, Hunting.

kiningarakan   tv. watch carefully. Nakapa ja arrarrkpi iwungarakantung ngungpurrun yarlkana tuka artparak. ‘They were watching the man carefully lest he fall into the well.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kiningaratpi   tv. have. Kapin ngapi muj nganingaratpi wurwiny ta ngawani ngarlakarlak ta qe tuka ta Mawng. ‘I feel a bit embarrassed talking in Mawng.’ Category: Holding, sticking.

kiningarinji   tv. squeeze. Nukapa ja murtij arriwangarinji la arriwangartparrki ja murrkaj kayirrk la arriwanala. ‘We will squeeze (the fluid out of the cooked) stingray, melt the fat over the fire (mix it) and then eat it.’ kiwani kiningarinji. ‘He keeps gripping it tightly (a steering wheel)’. Category: Pressing, Cooking.

kiningarulawn   tv. Restrict: LL object pour over, pour out. See: kaningartpulawn pour over head. Category: Manipulation.

kiningarunta   tv. roasting. Arriwawarra la marntinganyuny kayirrk la arrkanawarawn kayirrk la arrungpanama waryat arrungpawarlkara tuka yungku kayirrk la manawirnalkpun kayirrk la arriwangarunta. ‘We will cut up the dugong then light the fire then get the stones and put them on top of the fire then it will die down and we will roast the meat.’ Category: Cooking.

kiningartpan   tv. mark, award with something special. For example, get a car licence, get a medal, put a cement survey mark up. Kumirrawuni nuyu kuwangartpan. ‘Fill in the form so you can get a licence.’ Category: Weak impact.

kiningartpanpun   tv. 1 • attack. iningartpanpun nuyu wanj ‘he ate his head’. Pa arukin yuranka inyingartpanpun. ‘Well the serpent came and bit her head off.’ Category: General change of state.

Restrict: MA subject 2: kiningartpanpun • have a headache. Nganingartpanpun mira. ‘It, headache, is hurting me badly, I have a bad headache.’ Kapukpaga marlu. Pa nganingartpanpun. ‘The wind's blowing, giving me a headache.’ Category: Sickness.

kiningartparrki   tv. shoot successfully in head, e.g. Buffalo or crocodile. Iningartparrkiny tuka wanji. ‘He shot it in the head’. Nukapa ja murtij arriwangarinji la arriwangartparrki ja murrkaj kayirrk la arriwanala. ‘We will squeeze (the fluid out of the cooked) stingray, melt the fat over the fire (mix it) and then eat it.’ See: kingartpara shoot. Category: Pierce, shoot.

Restrict: LL object 2: kaningartparrki • tv. make a mark to identify a place. See: kawulartparrki be countrymen. Category: Weak impact.

Restrict: GEN subject 3 awunngartparrkang • tv. own land. Wenatapa awungartparrkang tukapa ta kunak. ‘They owned this land.’ Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kiningartpulati   Restrict: MA object tv. turn off the power, power go off (on its own). Category: General change of state, General.

Restrict: VE object 2: kamaningartpulati • tv. put out fire, turn off stove. Kamaningartpulatiki mata yungku. ‘He's putting out the fire.’ kungartpulatja ‘used when telling someone to put out a fire’. Category: Fire, Cooking.

kiningartpuni   tv. 1 • throw something at someone (obj), hitting them on the head and potentially knocking them down. kungartpuni, karringartpuni. Kiningartpuni. ‘He throws something at him, hitting him on the head.’ Like kinimarlkujpa waryat, kiningartpuni. ‘Like he hits him with a rock, he hits him on the head.’ Marnti kunyngartpuning! ‘You might hit him on the head! (if you throw stones)’. Category: Manipulation, Head.

2 • make someone stop doing something ; Kimin nuyu ja arrarrkpi ja nulawnut "Ngapi marrik nganpurru marnti kunngartpuning." ‘He's say, this older man "You don't know the knowledge, I can easily talk to you straight words (give you a talking to)"’. Category: Judgement, evaluation.

Restrict: ED object 3: katingartpuni • stub toe. Apartpuniny ngartu. ‘I hit my toe on something.’ Category: Limbs, Strike or chop.

Restrict: ED object 4: katingartpuni • throw stones at somebody. Ngapi ngartpirrun ngimarkujpany ta waryat. ‘I threw a rock, I'm the one that hit him.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiningartpunya   tv. cook on top of a burning fire (over flames). Ngapipa ngiwangartpunya ja kiyap. Makiny manawirnngalkpun la arrawunya. ‘I will cook the fish while the flames are still burning. No, let it die down first (into coals) and then we will cook it.’ Category: Cooking.

kiningartputa   tv. 1 • tie or wind something around the top of. Ja arrarrkpi kiningartputaka ja walamurru ja inyarlgan. ‘The man winds the string around the end part of the woomera used to throw the spear for turtle.’ Category: Manipulation.

2 • hold grudge against someone, leave them to face the consequences and not help them. kungartputa, kungartputiny, kiningartputa Category: Fight.

kiningikjun   tv. Restrict: MA object trick, deceive. "Ay, aku." inyminy "Nuka kinimanma lagarr, kiningikjukun la ngiwayan mira." ‘"Oh, I see." she said, "He's just bullshitting, making excuses so I'll look properly."’ Iningikjung nuyu la yamin. ‘They deceived each other.’ Iningikjung ngartu, nganilagarrung. ‘He deceived me.’ See: kinilagurrun deceive, trick. Category: Language, Judgement, evaluation.

kiningirrma   tv. scrape, rub, sharpen. Wularrut iningirrmangung ja apan. ‘Before then he had been scraping the spear shaft.’ Category: Weak impact.

kiningkala   tv. Desire to eat. Ngapi ngingkala irratat kinnyatpi warak. ‘I would love to eat some of that meat he is taking home.’ Nganymangkala nuwu murlu. ‘I would love to eat your nose.’ La inyminang marrmarr jita inyanat jita frog jita nganymangkala ngaw murlu. ‘So she was happy, the frog, poor thing.’ Category: Desire.

kiningki   coverb. type, as in on a computer. Can also mean squeeze repeatedly like a baby does sometimes. ngiwenkiningki. ‘I will do some typing.’ Tukapa ta kangmin parak la kiwani and kininkiningki ‘What's happening is that he's sitting and typing.’ Category: Pressing.

kiningula   tv. 1 • make, build, organise. atingulanyi, aninguliny. Ininguliny worntojworntok. ‘He made a coral fish (out of wood).’ Kingangula ja rrupija. ‘She makes money (from working).’ Muj arakap akutju ininguliny. ‘He tried again to make him sing Inyjalarrku’. Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: VE object 2: kamaningula • heal. Warrwak maninguliny imajpungkiny. ‘Later he healed and got up.’ See: kiningulaka fix, heal; kiningulanngula get ready, quiet down. Category: Healing and fitness.

kiningulaka   tv. repair, fix, heal, make good, for example: tidy up or neaten up. kiwungulakan, iwulangakantiny, iningulakantung, angpungulakanjing. Wularrut iningulakantung ja injin. ‘He has already fixed the engine.’ Marrik muj angkuwurru awang angpungulakanjing kirrk. ‘They didn't think of making a place (i.e. a concrete memorial).’ Ngarrila ngarruningulakan. ‘We eat it and it makes us better (Alangunta).’ See: kiningula heal; kiniwaniki change by adding; kingulikin recover, strengthen; kiningulanngula get ready, prepare. Category: Manipulation, General change of state, Healing and fitness.

kiningulanngula   tv. 1 • get ready, prepare. Kurriwangulanngula angkat ngarrurru la arrkpana. ‘Get our things ready and then we will go.’ Naka ngarringulakan, ngarringulanngula kirrk ngarryarnangkat ta yirrk marrik muj kunuka ja iyirrngukuy. ‘The reason we tidy everything up, get everything ready and straighten it all out is so that it can't move.’ See: kiningulaka fix, heal, make good. Category: General change of state.

2 • quieten down. Kurriwanama la kurriwangulanngula. ‘Get hold of him and quieten him down.’ Category: Social responsibilities and events.

3 • look after children, teach them the right way. Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kiningurlkparryutpa   tv. put on its back. Iwumany iwungurlkparryutpan ja inyarlgan. ‘They took the turtle and put it on its back.’ See: kingurlkparryu lie on back. Category: Manipulation.

kiningurlyakpa   tv. make important, presentable. Kungurlyakpany ta kunak. ‘You have made the place very presentable.’ See: ingurlyak important; kingurlyakpin become important. Category: General, Goodness.

kiningunjanyma   tv. make black, dirty. Iningunjanymany ngartu. ‘He made my things dirty.’ See: kingunjanymin become black, dirty; nungunji black, dirty. Category: General change of state, Properties of surface.

kinirrka   tv. 1 • spear a fish (with fish spear). inirrjiny he speared it; kinirrkaka He goes along and spears fish as he sees them.; yunyi kwirrka(ka) Don't spear fish. (sg); yunyi kurryirrkaka Don't (pl) spear fish.; inirrjiny He speared it.; inirrjikiny He speared it and speared it and speared it.; iwirrjiny They speared it.; marrik inirrkay He doesn't spear it.; marrik inirrkanyi He did not spear it.; kwirrkanyi Spear it! (sg); iwanirrkaka no trans. given; inirrkakangung He was spear fishing.. Awuran iwirrkangung. ‘They went spearing fish.’ kiwirrka ‘They spear it’. See: kinilalku cut; kinirrkpun sew. Category: Hunting.


kinirrkpun   tv. sew. Ingirrkpuning jalwarra. ‘She was sewing the trousers.’ "Arriwerrkpun arriwayalma inyarlgan, kiyap, karnjawarra arriwanama." ‘"We will make a canoe and then we will go looking for turtles or fish or get crabs."’ Wilamapa inirrkpung. ‘Bark canoes, he made.’ See: kinirrka spear fish; irrkaka man hunting with a spear. Category: Pierce, shoot.

kiniwalkara   tv. 1 • hang up. Iniwarlkariny yurrng tuka warlk ja pilikan. ‘He hung the billy up in the tree.’ Ngiwalkariny ja jalakaraj la pukijuku ta kurrampalk ta ngapi. ‘I have a jalakaraj and a pukijuku spear hanging up in my house.’ See: kiwarlkarrin have been put high up. Category: Manipulation, Location and distance.

2 • put up sail. Iniwarlkariny kerra warak kupuny. ‘He put up the sail and is now going along by canoe.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiniwalkatpakpa   tv. teach. Jakapa parang ngarrinypalkatpakpa. ‘That one, we've taught her properly, she's done.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kiniwalpun   tv. touch for a short time. Jurra iniwalpung. ‘He touched the book.’ iniwalpupu See: kiniwinypun rub, stroke; kelpun disappear; rtururrk wipe, graze. Category: Holding, sticking.

kiniwarlka   tv. 1 • sit on. Karrpani karriwarlka ja purrpurruka. ‘We are sitting on top of the material bag.’ Nganngawarlka. ‘She's sitting on me.’ Syn: kiniwarlkatpa. Category: Remain stationary, Location and distance.

Restrict: GEN subject 2: kingawarlka • be the boss of land, look after land, own land. Kingawarlka ‘He's the head man, he looks after the land.’ Wularrut ngapi nganngawarlka ta kunak. ‘I am based on this land, I am in control of this land.’ Kingawarlka ta kunak. ‘He looks after the land.’ Like yanat nuyu pa ta kunak. Kingawarlka ta kunak. ‘Like it's his land. He's the boss of that land.’ Kingawarlka ta yanat ta nuyu ta kunak. ‘He's the boss of this, his land.’ Marrakarrak kingawarlka ta kunak. ‘His son is (now) the boss of he land.’ Nganngawarlka ta kunak. ‘I am in control of this land.’ Kingawarlka ta kunak. ‘He is one of the main owners of this land.’ Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kiniwarlka iwuran   noun. used to refer to a man's brother-in-law or a pair of brothers-in-law. Anth: Used mainly when people die or if there is a fight in the family, to remind people that there is a close relationship. See: nuwuran belong to land; kiniwarlka. Category: family, inc moieties.

kiniwarlkarri   tv. Restrict: MA object launch dugout canoe, set off in a dugout canoe. Iniwarlkarriny parak. ‘He's setting off (in a kupuny dugout canoe).’ Iniwarlkarriny parak innyutpan arakparak. ‘He launched his canoe and crossed to the other side’. Category: Travel by vehicle.

kiniwarlkatpa   tv. sit on it. Category: Remain stationary. Carmelo nganiwuni. Malany nganiwarlkatpan. ‘Carmelo went to hit me. He sat on me, he overpowered me.’ See: kiniwarlka Used to refer to a man's brother-in-law or a pair of brothers-in-law.

kiniwarlkijpa   tv. 1 • go past. Wularrut iniwarlkijpany parak. ‘He has already passed him.’ Category: Movement relating to fixed point, Movement relating to moving object.

Restrict: LL object 2: kaniwarlkijpa • cross creek or road. Marrik ngungparlkijpay wumawurr. ‘I am not crossing over the creek.’ Wumawurr ngungparlkijpa warak. ‘I'm going away from the creek. (You might say this over the two-way radio if the creeks a few hundred metres away and you're going away from it, without having crossed it.)’ Kaniwarlkijpa (ta) (alan). ‘He's crossing the road.’ Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

kiniwarlkun   tv. promise, give generously. awuniwalkung he promised them. Kunuka nuyu anpunparlkung la wemin? Ngapi nganparlkung ta wiyinirrk - malany? ‘Why did you exchange promises (wives) with them? In the beginning you promised me - why?’ See: kiwarlkun choose, bags; kiniyirrawn give a little. Category: Social responsibilities and events, Transfer.

kiniwarlunyja   tv. hide something. iniwarlujiny, yingawarlujiny, yiwuwarlujakangung they hid them (fish). Ngungpurrun rrupiya iniwarlunyjiny. ‘I think he hid the money.’ iwumangung ja kiyap iwuwurlujakangung kirrk. ‘They collected all the fish and hid them all’. Yiwarlunjiny wukaj wurlmutpurlmut. ‘They hid him inside where it was dark.’ See: kiwarlunyjin hide. Category: Concealment, Manipulation.

kiniwani   tv. 1 • set, put something somewhere. kiniwani, kiniwaniga he's putting something. La wemin pata awaninganka Yiwaningornmilkirr wularrut apa mampuwaningka mata alawi. ‘Another lot were staying at Yiwanigornmilkirr. They had already set their nets.’ See: kiniwaniki change by adding. Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: LL object 2 • move as if in slow motion. ngarrungpani warak mata nganangka. ‘We move the clapsticks in slow motion’. Category: Song and dance.

kiniwaniki   tv. changed something by adding something to it. Awung wemin imijik iwuwanikiny Mangalpitan la Makakurr la Kawagawa. ‘They came to be birds by getting feathers. They became Jabiru, Pelican and Heron.’ iwuwanikiny See: kiniwani set; kiningulaka fix, heal. Category: Amounts, Manipulation.

kiniwanpani   tv. 1 • bark at. Luluj iniwanpanyang. ‘The dog was barking at him.’ Category: Non language human voice sounds.

Restrict: LL object 2: kaniwanpani • stack, put on top of each other. Category: Manipulation, Properties of surface.

kiniwanpun   tv. eat until full, eat too much, eat up, eat all the food. katiwanpun he ate a lot; akawanpany she ate too much (any type of food, or specifically veg. food); she at too much (meat or fish). See: kinila eat; kinimanpun bite. Category: Illness.

kiniwanpura   tv. tie on. Nganyawanpura nuyu ja luluj la kanilaka. ‘I will tie (the rope on) the dog because he makes too much noise.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiniwarnangajpun   tv. call something, say name. Kuwarnangajpuni ngartu ja arrarrkpi nuyu ngiwawurrun. ‘Tell me the man's name so that I will know who he is.’ Iwuwarnangajpung Mayinaj, "Kiki anminy?" ‘They said to Mayinaj, "What did you do?"’ Kuwarnangajpuni ja rrupiya. ‘You name the price.’ Category: Language.

kiniwarrajpun   tv. roll plant material on leg to make string or rope. Kayirrk la warrwak angkuwarrajpuning. ‘Then they rolled it on their leg.’ Category: Manipulation, Tools, men's.

kiniwarrama   tv. share out, distribute, give away (share of the hunt). katiwarrama. Wularrutapa kiniwarrama ja inyarlgan. ‘He has already begun sharing out the turtle.’ See: kiniwarran cut up meat. Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kiniwarran   tv. cut up meat. Iniwarrangung ja irratat. ‘He was cutting up the meat.’ See: kiniwarranparran cut up all meat; kiniwarrama share out meat; kinnyurntulwarran gut; kiniyamparlkarlku cut up meat (of turtle or dugong); kangmurlwarra brown. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

kiniwarranparran   tv. cut up all meat. Iwuwarranparrantiny kayirrk la awunpuning la wemin. ‘They cut up the meat into pieces and shared it with all the people.’ See: kiniwarran cut up meat. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

kiniwarrartpi   tv. 1 • meet, come across each other while both are travelling. awuntuwarrartpung, inyngawarrartpung, kunpawarrartpi NG explained it as similar in meaning to 'kunpayan' or 'nganamalkpa nuwu'; kunparrartpung NG explained this as similar to 'I met you'. Iniwarrartpung la yamin imalkpany nuyu. ‘They found each other, came across each other.’ Category: Movement relating to moving object.

Restrict: LL object 2: kaniwarrartpi • be close to place. Kangkuwarrartpi kunak. ‘They're close to that place/camp/home.’ Kangkuwarrartpipa ta kurrampalk, mawngku. ‘They are walking close to that house, shelter.’ Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

kiniwartawn   tv. 1 • add to something, put two things together, mix two things together. Ma kurriwartawni. ‘Come on, each of you put in some money.’ iniwartawng ‘people of different groups come together in one place’. Kiniwartawn. ‘He mixes for example, sugar into tea.’ Syn: kinnyartawkun. See: kiwartawkunjilin mixed together. Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: LL object 2 • 'double' the didj. kaniwartawkun ‘play the didjeridoo double double’. Category: Song and dance.

kiniwartpalmuni   tv. Restrict: MA subject ; MA object thunderhead develop. Kurrayanti iniwartpalmununyka. ‘Look how that thunderhead has built up.’ See: kiniwartpalwani thunderhead develop; mawartpalmuni bump together; kiniwurtpulmuni splash water. Category: Rains.

kiniwartpalwani   tv. 1 • hit on forehead. Marryun iniwartpalmuniny waryat. Malany imajung. ‘The boy hit him on the forehead with a stone. It hurt him.’ See: mawartpalmuni bump together. Category: Strike or chop.

Restrict: MA subject ; MA object 2: kiniwartpalwani • there is a thunderhead building up in the sky. Iniwartpalwaniny kiwani turuy. ‘A thunderhead has developed from which there is distant thunder and lightning.’ Syn: kiniwartpalmuni. Category: Rains, Sky.

kiniwartpani   tv. heap up, build up, put on top of one another. Aniwartpanikiny ta waryat arrarrkpi. ‘The man built up a heap of stones.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiniwartpi   tv. fight, make trouble with. Inyi kurrungpawartpi. ‘Don't make trouble with anyone.’ Angkuwartpungpu. ‘They had a fight.’ Aniwartpung nuyu. ‘He fought with him.’ Syn: kinnyayanayan. See: wartpiwartpi fighting stick. Category: Fight.

kiniwaywun    Restrict: MA subject 1: kiniwaywun • tv. boat take people under sail. kawuniwaywun. Inyiwaywukpuningka. ‘She was coming west.’ Pa awuniwaywuning parak amurnanganyang parak tuka wenat pu kunak pata mangkajarra. ‘It took the Macassans under sail back to their own country.’ Category: Travel by vehicle.

Restrict: GEN subject 2: kingawaywun • tv. the wind blew them (in a boat), they sailed with the wind. Marlu kawunngawaywun. ‘The wind blows them (in a boat) (used when people are travelling with not against the wind)’. inymajpungkinyka kanipa inyiwaywuningka kinyuryi muwarn. ‘Then she started moving along to the West.’ Category: Travel by vehicle.

kiniwelkpun   tv. touch, purposefully bump or jab. Kawuntuwelkpun la wemin. ‘They touch each other.’ Kayirrk la ingawelkpung ‘After that she nudged him.’ Kutpali wuyuwuyu. Kurriwelkpun ja kurlajuk. ‘You go looking for eggs with a stick. Then touch the eggs (with your short stick).’ See: kinnyatpi touch. Category: Strike or chop.

kiniwilkpun   tv. separate. Arriwawilkpun iwanaw ja ril ja nuwarlkparrakan inginkangung. ‘We will separate into different place the reel the man (now deceased) was speaking on.’ nganpawilkpun ‘you give to me’. Nginyjagatpung jita ngatingan tuka ta karrungpunwilpin. ‘I met my sister at the river crossing.’ See: kiwilk take a little; kannyarlan divide, halve. Category: Manipulation.

kiniwirlpun   tv. change spouse, separate from spouse and remarry. kingawirlpun. Kiniwirlpun ‘He is changing wives’. Ingawirlpung ‘She changed husbands’. Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kiniwirlu   tv. pick up people, or go to pick people up (irrespective of whether they come or not). kiniwirlu, inyiwirlung, *kurrunpawirlu, kanpunpirlu. Yuranka awuniwirlung Ngalwangari la warranyngiw. ‘He came back and picked up Ngalwangari (his wife) and kids.’ Ngana ngawunpawirlu. ‘I'm going to pick them up.’ Ngawunpirlung la wirl. ‘I went to pick them up but they didn't want to come home.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiniwinyjama   tv. mix together (different sorts of things). Arrungpawinyjama arrungpanutpa milk tuka ti ngarrurru. ‘We will mix the milk into our tea.’ See: kiwartawkunjilin mixed together. Category: Manipulation.

kiniwinypukpun   tv. 1 • make smooth, by rubbing with an extended movement. Malanypi nganyawinypukpun mata arawirr. ‘Later on, I will make the didgeridoo smooth.’ arrkanawinypukpun Category: Weak impact.

2 • washing clothes for somebody. kingawinypukpun he's washing clothes for her. Iniwinypukpuning kirrk ja manpurrwa. ‘He washed all the clothes.’ See: kiniwinypun wash, touch. Category: Weak impact, General change of state.

Restrict: LL object 3: kaniwinypukpun • complete it, finish it, be the last to finish the work. Category: Activity manner.

kiniwinypun   tv. 1 • washing, touching with a drawn out movement like a rub or stroke. iniwinypupu See: kiniwalpun to touch with a sharp, punctual movement; kiniwinypukpun wash clothes for; kiwinypalinypukpun wash hands. Category: Weak impact.

2 • said when somebody sees a lot of fish or some other type of food in the bush. Kiniwinypun la yamin, igarra. Kimalkpakpa. ‘There are a lot of fish here in the creek.’ Category: Fish, General terms.

kiniwiratpi   tv. bake. katiwiratpi he is baking it (damper, bread); ngarrapiratpung. See: kinimiratpi knead. Category: Cooking.

kiniwirrinypirrinyma   tv. spread out. Ngapi ngiwirrinypirrinymangung ja parlangkit ja ngapi wiyu ngartu. ‘I was spreading out my own blanket.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiniwirrun   tv. catch, hook up. For example, when we are walking in the jungle and our dress gets caught on a prickly plant. Iniyarrun parak ingawirrung orka warlk ja pelk, la iminy arririj ja arrarrkpi kingurrin parak ingawung warlk. ‘He was chasing him, the belt got caught on the tree as he passed it and the man turned around, was running and hit a tree.’ Nganiwirrung. ‘I'm stuck on something’. See: kilarukpungkun get unhooked. Category: Holding, sticking.

kiniwirtata   tv. 1 • stop, prevent, turn off, keep back. kingawirtata she's keeping him back.. Kurlingka iwana Putawin ja marryu? Makiny iniwirtatiny ja kimin nuyu punyi. ‘Is the boy going to Darwin? No, his father stopped him.’ Kayirrk la iniwirtatiny ‘Then he turns if off (a mobile phone that is ringing)’. Karriwirtata. ‘We stop him crying.’ Category: Judgement, evaluation.

Restrict: LL object 2: kaniwirtata • stay back, stay behind. kangawirtata she doesn't want to go.. Inilangakan, aniwirtatiny maanimiyarmanyi yanyji tuka kurrampalk. ‘He sent him but he didn't want to go to his house.’ Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

kiniwirtpulnga   tv. turn over, capsize, roll. Nuka ja maminga ngiwirtpulngan. ‘This is the clam shell I turned over.’ See: pulnga coverb; kilatpulnga turn around. Category: Manipulation.

kiniwirtpurama   tv. Restrict: MA object grumble about people's treatment of one's things. Kingawirtpurama. ‘She's grumbling about people touching her things.’ Kuwirtparama ja inimany wungpulaj nuwu? ‘Are you looking for what they stole from you?’ Kakawirtpurama nuyu walij ta kapuma nuyu. ‘She complains about people taking his food without asking.’ Category: Non language human voice sounds, Manipulation, Judgement, evaluation.

kiniwujirra   tv. smell. Ay, ngiwujirra inyarlgan kiwuwunya. ‘Hey, I can smell the turtle they are cooking.’ Kimangawun ngurrk aniwujirrawntiny malany kimangawun. ‘The dust is making him sneeze.’ Luluj, we take luluj, kiniwujirra. ‘We take a dog and he smells him.’ See: kiwuja stink; tuwujirran a successful person. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kiniwujpa   verb. take down. (singing) Iwumany iwuwijpany iwutpan tuka yurk ‘They took him down, picked him up and laid him in the grave.’ See: katiwujpa pack up and leave. Category: Manipulation.

Kiniwukpa   tv. Dry. Kayirrk warrwak la ingukpakpangung tuka muwarn. ‘Then she dried it in the sun.’ See: kiwukpa dry. Category: Properties of surface.

kiniwukpawn   dtv. hand over to. awuniwukpawng he hand something over to them. Iniwukpawng ja miri ja iniyalmangung. ‘He handed over to him the oar he was looking for.’ See: kinnyun give. Category: Transfer.

kiniwularrun   tv. 1 • finished doing something to something. katiwularrun, atiwularrung. Ngarrimung wularrut ta kantijawa ngarrapularrung. ‘We also finished baking the damper.’ Ingawularrung ja yangali. ‘She finished the basket.’ awuniwularrung Category: Activity manner.

Restrict: LL object 2: kaniwularrun • finish (task). angkuwularrung ‘they finished (their talk)’. Qeqe parangapa ngarrungpularrung,inypularrung jita warrawurnji kinypani tuka mawngku. ‘Yes, then we finish, the girl finishes sitting in the shelter.’ See: larr finish; kiwularrun finish. Category: Activity manner.

kiniwulati   tv. make laugh. iniwulatiny. Kawuniwulatiki. ‘He makes them laugh.’ Nganiwulati, ngampijin. ‘He makes me laugh, I'm laughing.’ See: kempijin laugh. Category: Play, perform, joke, Non language human voice sounds.

kiniwulawkun   tv. fill up. apuwulawkun. Yanat kiniwulawkun ja kiyap. ‘He's filling it up with fish.’ See: kiniwulawn drop off; kaningurtpulwarrki put more water into something to fill it up. Category: Manipulation, Arrangement.


kiniwulawn   tv. drop off. iniwulawng, awuniwulawng he dropped them off. awuniwulawng ‘drop off’. See: kerawkun vomit; kiniwulawkun fill up to full. Category: Manipulation.

kiniwulkparrki   tv. point. Marnti kunpirlparrking. Makiny. Yunyi nganpirlparrki. ‘I might point (the gun) at you. No. Don't point (it) at me.’ kawuniwulkparrki ‘He pointed at them’. See: kaningulkparrki bow head. Category: Change stance, Cognitive senses and attention.

kiniwurlkarroka   tv. shelve. Jurra kingawurlkarroka. ‘She's putting books away on a shelf’. Kamalangali ja jurra kingawurlkarroka. mata warlk. ‘They're standing there (the sticks) she's putting away books, the sticks.’ Iwumirrawukpun pa arriwarlkarrakanyi tuka Church. ‘They could paint them and put them up on the wall (pieces of paper)’. Category: Manipulation, Arrangement.

kiniwurlkparrki   tv. Restrict: MA subject hungry, have empty stomach. Ngamaju wirrngak, nganiwurlkparrki, ngapanala walij. ‘I'm hungry, I feel like I have an empty stomach, I want to eat.’ See: wirrngak (kimaju) hungry; kaningulkparrki bow head. Category: Desire.

kiniwurlkpungku   tv. cause to feel sorrow. Ara kurrayanti naka nuwarlkparrakan la ngeyan nganiwurlkpungkun. ‘See that old man, he makes me feel sorry (for him).’ Annyayawng aniwurruning father and mother and ingawurlkpung ta kunak. ‘He sees it (a place) and he thinks about his father and mother, so the place makes him sad.’ Walmat kiniwurlkpungku, kunak kingawurlkpungku. ‘Rain makes him sad, a place makes him sad, thinking.’ See: kiwurlkpungku feel sorry for oneself, feel sad; wurlk sorrow. Category: Sorrow, happiness.

kiniwurlnga   tv. circle. Kurrayanti nakapa ja marrwati kiniwurlnga ja inyarlgan kiw pagap. ‘Look at the sea eagle circling over the floating turtle.’ See: kapurlngen walk wobbly; kinimarrawurlnga go around, circle; kilatpulnga turn around. Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

Restrict: LL object 2 • tv. smoke ceremonially, or dance in circle. Nginjipa amirawng, la ngatarrajpany kirrk, la ngarrungpulngankantiny ta wakapa tuka minyngu . ‘Nginji they sung, and we stood around and we smoked the area where the ceremony was.’ "Pa awuranka ngatpirawnik rtil la ngarrungpulngakangung ta wakapa tuka algaj ngatangalingan minyngu . ‘Then they came over and we sang together and we smoked the area whe we had had the ceremony.’ Ngarrungpulngakantiny la ngatpirawng kirrk. Ngarriwung larr . ‘We smoked the area and we sang. Then we finished it.’ Category: Fire, General ritual.


kiniwun   tv. 1 • hit, impact on, harm, kill. kurriwungka ‘you killed it’. Katiwun taka ta kantijawa. ‘He hits the bread.’ Marrgij inyjuwung. ‘They attacked her magically’. See: kiniwunpun ring. Category: Strike or chop.

2 • make like (adjective), change to be like (adjective). Iniwuning ilurtpuj. ‘He was making it short.’ Ngannyawun rlaw. ‘I'm bending the wood.’ kampuwun kupuny ‘they make canoes’. Maniwung mata majarr. ‘He's speaking loudly.’ Category: General change of state.

Restrict: ED object 3: katiwun • hunt yams or other vegetable tubers. Awuran apuwung ta karwuluk. Apumanyka ta apun la ta awalinyjinyut (ta karwuluk). ‘They went out to get some yams. They brought big ones and small ones.’ yiwuwuning kiyap ‘they were catching fish.’ See: kaniyawun dig with a stick. Category: Hunting.

Restrict: MA object 4: kiniwun • ring (on phone). Usage: used with oblique pronoun Ingawung ngartu. ‘She rang me up .’ Ngiwung parakpu ‘I called them up.’ Kuwanawun? ‘Are you going to make a call?’ Syn: kilakpalolen. Category: Language.

Restrict: FE object 5: kinyiwun • clap hands. Kinyiwun yurnu. ‘He's clapping his hands.’ Category: Non language human voice sounds.

Restrict: MA subject 6 kiniwun • rain on. Arruniwuning walmat ja karrkpin. ‘It was raining hard (on us).’ Katangali. Katiwun walmat nuka, pa kapurranymin. ‘It stands there. Rain falls on it and it grows. (a yam)’. See: walmat rain. Category: Rains.

Restrict: MA subject 7 • cure (sickness). Kawani purlup pata arrarrkpi pata kiwatpi jilimin nakapa kiniwunpu ja jilimin. ‘People with ringworm will swim (in waterholes with Paperbark leaves in them) to cure themselves.’ Nukapa ja wurakpa ja kiniwun ja namurarri. ‘The wurakpa tree cures wasting sickness.’ Ja wanpirlk, kiniwun wurnkurrk, nuyu. ‘The seed cures colds, it's used for that.’ Category: Medicine.


kiniwunpun   tv. hit repeatedly, knock, ring bell. katiwunpun he is knocking (on a door). Kiniwunpun ja bell. ‘The church bell is ringing.’ See: kiniwun hit. Category: Strike or chop.

Restrict: MA subject 2: kinyiwunpun • tv. contractions make themselves felt. Warramumpik kinyiwunpun. ‘A woman feels contractions.’ Ja warranyngiw wularrutapa kinywunpun jita nigi. Kanimiyarma iwalurrangken. ‘The child is now causing the mother pain. He wants to be born.’ Nuwurri kurrungpurrun jita warramumpik ta kinyalkpa ja warrayngiw nakapa kinnyiwunpun werrk warrwakapa la kapalkpa ta atjak la kinyjangen mirayu. ‘“You(plural) know how a woman who bears a child has ( early) labour pains first and afterwards suffering comes and she has severe labour pains.”’. Category: General. Note: Means woman feels pain in her stomach and back. Not used for baby kicking.

kiniwunya   tv. cook, heating over fire, burn. Warramumpik inypaning ingawunyangung irratat. ‘The woman was sitting cooking the meat.’ yiwunyangung ‘they cooked it’. See: kila cook; kiniwunyaka keep cooking; kanilakpunya roast meat in coals. Category: Cooking, Fire.


kiniwunyaka   tv. 1 • keep cooking. kaniwunyaka ‘he is boiling the tea’. Category: Cooking.

2 • warm with hot sand or smoke ceremonially. Category: General ritual.

3: katiwunyaka • ritually smoke it. For smoking areas after ceremonies, and also babies. atiwunyakantiny. See: kiniwunya burn; ja katiwunyaka walij cook. Category: General ritual.


kiniwurrun   tv. 1 • know, remember or think about a specific person or thing. iwurrung he thought about himself; marrik ngawunpurru. I don't know them; marrik inypurru. I don't know her.; nginypurrun I know her.(orig: inypurrun); marrik iniwurru He doesn't know him.. Ngarripa ngarrunngayantung, pa angawurruning parak. ‘She was watching us and thinking back (about her sister who had died).’ Iwaninganapa aniwurrung kunak. ‘Then he suddenly starts thinking about his country (a person who's been living in Darwin for a long time).’ atiwurruning ‘he was thinking about that yam’. See: arrkpurrung brothers who are in the same clan. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

Restrict: LL object 2: kaniwurrun • know, remember or think about some event or knowledge. ngungpurruni I should remember (but I don't). angkuwurruningju ‘They only knew about, object is MA’. marrik ngarrungpurru nuyu ‘Sometimes we don't know him. i.e. sometimes we can't find any tortoise.’ See: ngungpurrun maybe, think. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kiniwurrutpa   tv. 1 • guide a rope. When a harpooned turtle or dugong tugs on the rope before it is dead, and the hunters have to follow it. Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: VE object 2: kamaniwurrutpa • guide a rope. When a harpooned turtle or dugong tugs on the rope before it is dead, and the hunters have to follow it. Category: Manipulation.

kiniwuta   tv. 1 • wrap or wind around. kiniwutaka he keeps on winding it, wrapping it around. Iniwutiny waya ja jalakaraj. ‘He wound the wire around the spear (handle).’ arrkanawuta mata malurtpujut ‘we will bind it close together’. Ikpin kiwuwuta, yungku. ‘They make a traditional torch, fire.’ Category: Manipulation. See: kiwutin tense, upset. Category: Manipulation.

2 • (Vine) wind around a tree. Akawutiny ta kuli. ‘The Kuli vine is wound around the tree.’ Kiniwutapa tuka warlk. ‘It winds itself around a tree (about Irriwukirriwuk)’. Category: Manipulation.


kiniwutpunya   tv. 1 • start engine. Wularrut iniwutpunyan ja kapala kingurrin parak. ‘He has started the (engine of) the boat which is running (its course).’ Category: General change of state.

2 • good hunter. Kuwutpunyanapa ‘You're a great hunter.’ Iniwutpunyan. ‘He's a good hunter.’ Nuka ja iniwutpunyan ja karrkpin. ‘He killed a bit turtle.’ Category: Goodness. Note: Used when men catch their first turtle or dugong, or when they catch a particularly big one and people are proud.

kiniwurtpulmuni   tv. Restrict: LL object, splash water, for example if you jump into the water or hit the water with your hands. Kaniwurtpulmuni ta wupaj. ‘He hit the water.’ See: kiniwartpalmuni hit on forehead. Category: Strike or chop.

kiniwuyatpi   tv. hold in arms, put arm around. Ngawng ngiwuyatpang. ‘I lay with my arm around him.’ See: kinilagatpi hold in arms or on hip; wurlurlu (kinima) embrace. Category: Remain stationary.

kiniyalma   tv. look for, not find. Awungkung iwuyalmangung ja marryun anyak. ‘They were going along looking for the little boy.’ La nguran ngayirtpalinypun ngamurnanganinyka nginyjalmany. ‘Then I went and washed my hands, came back and couldn't find it.’ Arlarrarr atiyalmany ta yurnu. ‘Nothing, he didn't find her footprint.’ See: kinnyalima seek out. Category: Cognitive senses and attention, Concealment.


kiniyarlkanyi   tv. comb hair. Ngapi ngiyarlkanyiny. ‘I was combing his hair.’ Puka pata warra kamumu kawunpuyarlkanyi la wemin ‘These women are combing each other's hair.’ kinyjarlkanyi kinyayan ninyjarlawu. ‘Combing her hair, looking at her shadow.’ Category: Weak impact.

kiniyarlkalkanyi   comb. Category: Weak impact.

kiniyarlkpinypun   tv. singe. Inimany kujpagarri iniyarlkpinypuning. ‘He took the wallaby and was singeing it.’ Category: Cooking.

kiniyamparlkarlku   tv. cut up meat (of turtle or dugong). Iwaning iniyamparlkarlkungung. ‘He was there cutting up the meat of the sea-going animal.’ See: kiniwarran cut up meat; kinilalku cut. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

kiniyarnpunya   tv. annoy. Iniyarnpunyan. ‘He annoyed him.’ Category: Hate, anger.

kiniyarrkpun   tv. finish(a task), finish off (food). Iwaning inilangung iniyarrkpung ja irratat. ‘He was sitting eating the meat (and) finished it off.’ Awunngawng kirrkju akayarrkpung. ‘She gave them everything and there was nothing left.’ arruniyarrkpu ‘it will destroy us’. See: kiyarrkpunyjilin finish. Category: Activity manner, Illness.

kiniyarrun   tv. 1 • follow, chase. Iniyarruning. ‘He was following him.’ Awuniluriny. Warrwak imalkpanyka. Awuniluriny. Warrwak Awuniyarrungka ‘He's the youngest son. He's the one who came after (all the others).’ Category: Movement relating to moving object.

Usage: object is track or route 2 • take a particular route, follow a track. Pa angpuyarruning parak ajputajput. ‘They followed a beach route.’ Ta nungmatpa alan inyi kurrungjarrun. ‘Don't take the other road.’ Tuka ta alan arrungpayarrun. ‘We'll take this road.’ Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

3 • go after something, go for. Apuyarruning ta kurnpi. ‘They were going after wild plums.’ yuran maniyarruning parak mata warral ‘he went to the Warral tree (planning to chop it down)’. La ngungpurrun ngapi ngeyarrukuning ja warrwak. ‘But maybe I like the younger brother.’ Category: Movement relating to fixed point, Hunting, Desire.

4 • become like. Kingayarrun kirrk waryat. ‘It camouflages itself (follows the rocks: a stone fish)’. See: kiwnmin be similar. Category: General.

kiniyilkuku   tv. treat medically. Juka jita karrunngayilkukun. ‘She is the one who treats us medically (ie. she is a nurse)’. Category: Medicine.

kiniyilwarrki   tv. sail boat, or travel by boat, using sails, paddles or engine. Rude with 2sg subject. ilurrang ja nuwuran Malalkukuj iniyilwarrjiny. ‘The Malkukuj man jumped in and (they) sailed away.’ Ngarruri karriyilwarrki warak. ‘We are sailing off.’ Category: Travel by vehicle.

kiniyirlwarrki   tv. go ahead of. Iniyirlwarrkang yarrangung parak. ‘He was going ahead of them.’ Category: Movement relating to moving object.

kiniyirnpirrawun   tv. paint face. Iniyirnpirrawuning. ‘He was painting his face.’ Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items.

kiniyirnpulanyi   tv. hit on nose. Hit someone's head from the front. Imurnanganinyka yukeny arlarrarr inyuran jita warrwak la jita wulku jita pulkijapa inymajungan murnin inyiyirnpulanyiny. ‘He returned and saw that the younger sister had gone but the older one really was dead because he had hit her on the nose.’ Kiniyirnpulanyi. ‘He's hitting him on the nose.’ Inyiwung ta murlu. ‘He hit her on the nose.’ See: imungkurriyi break neck. Category: Strike or chop, Head.

kiniyirntun   tv. 1 • pull down, e.g. clothing from washing line. Category: Manipulation.

2 • sorcerer sing to stop rain. Category: Supernatural.

3: kaniyirntun • be a woman's last child. angayirntuny she is the last child. ja aniyirntuny yanyjukapa ‘he was his mother's last child on the breast’. aniyirntuny yanyjuk ‘the last child (male)’. angayirtuny yanyjuk See: aniwukpulmununy the last child of a certain gender who comes after many of the opposite gender. Category: Ages.

kiniyirnukpun   Restrict: MA object tv. go around. kingayirnukpun she is going around it. Iniyirnukpuningka ja kapala. ‘The boat was coming around the point.’ Nuka Wigu kiniyirnukpunka. ‘It (the boat) is coming around the point at Wigu towards us.’ Right around iniyirnukpung innyeyawng. ‘He went right around it and looked at it.’ Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

Restrict: GEN subject, MA object 2: kingayirnukpun • tv. road make a wide arc, like on the way to Amartjitpalk. Coastline arc inwards as it does from a point to the middle of a bay. Arrampij kingayirnukpun Warltangayin. ‘From Arrampij you go around the point to Wartlangayin.’ See: kinnyarlgunta enter harbour. Category: General terms.

kiniyiratpi   tv. find out something about someone. Arrkpunpayiratpi. ‘We will find out about them (whether they are coming)’. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kiniyirran   tv. 1 • illuminate, for example with a torch. koyirranti Shine the torch on it!. Ikpin iwumangungapa, iwutangung kirrk. Parang la mamapuyitjang iwuwunyatung. Pa awangkung, iwuyirrantung. Inirrkangung. ‘They used to get Ikpin torches which they made by tying them up. Then they lit them and they burned. They used to go shining them on fish. They speared fish.’ Kunjirranti pa arrungpayan ta alan. ‘Turn the torch onto it so we can see the path. Illuminate, for example with a torch.’ See: kiyirran shine light. Category: Colours and light.

Restrict: VE object 2: kamaniyirran • illuminate, shine light on. Mampuyirrantung tuka wupaj. ‘They are using a firestick to light the surface of the water.’ Kamangayirran. ‘She's shining a light.’ Category: Colours and light.

Restrict: LL object 3:kaniyirran • light, give off light. Muwarn kangayirran ta warntatarr. ‘The sun's shining, it's daytime.’ Wupurrkapa kinymalkpirrijpirrij angpaniyirran ‘Tonight there will be sparkle on the water, the moon will shine.’ See: kiyirran shine light. Category: Colours and light.


kiniyirrawn   dtv. give a little, not a large amount. Arriwayirrukun kurnpi. ‘We will give him a few wild plums.’ See: kiniwarlkun promise, give generously; kinnyun give. Category: Transfer, Appearance.

kiniyirrkpungku   tv. pull out, lift out. Yung tuka panikin la iniyirrkpungkun. ‘It was in the saucepan and he lifted it out.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiniyirrmirawn   tv. sing person (magically), or sing rain. Iniyirrmirawng. ‘He sang him.’ Category: Supernatural.

kiniyirrngkatpa   tv. praise. iwuyirrngkatpakpangung. ‘They were calling out his praises.’ Category: Language, Goodness.

kiniyirrngun   tv. move. Ngiyirrnguny. ‘I moved it.’ Kanjurrngun kunak. ‘He made the ground shake.’ kiniyirrngukun ‘shake’. See: kiyirrngun move. Category: Manipulation.

kiniyiti   tv. light a grass fire, not a cooking fire. Kiniyitiki. ‘He is burning rubbish.’ Kampayiti. ‘They are lighting a fire.’ Ikpin iwumangungapa, iwutangung kirrk. Parang la mamapuyitjang iwuwunyatung. Pa awangkung, iwuyirrantung. Inirrkangung. ‘They used to get Ikpin torches which they made by tying them up. Then they lit them and they burned. They used to go shining them on fish. They speared fish.’ Note: Refers to story of Yumparrparr who now shoots across the sky as a meteor. See: kiniyitpa make lights using fire. Syn: kamaniwarawn. Category: Fire.

kiniyitpa   tv. make lights by burning torch or fires. Ja yara karrayan ja kiniyitpa ke warak "Aku, nukapa yurnparrparr kerra warak." ‘Sometimes we see the lights he makes as he goes along (shooting stars and other stars). We say, "Ah, that's the giant going along."’ Jit kiwiyitpa ‘They lit bark torches.’ Kamangayitpa. ‘She is collecting firewood.’ See: kiniyiti light fire. Category: Fire. Anth: The giant has a special thing to make light in the sky.


kiniyirti   tv. pull out. Iniyirtiny ja rrupiya. ‘He pulled the money out.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiniyirtpa   dtv. lend. iniyirtpany. Kunpayirtpa rrupiya? ‘Could I borrow money from you?’ Kiniyirtpa mata kupuny. ‘He borrows his canoe.’ See: katiwirtpala pack up; kiyirtpalinypu wash hands. Category: Transfer.

kiniyirtpun   tv. pick, take off. Maniyirtpung mangko. ‘He picked the mango.’ Category: Manipulation.

kiniyirtpungku   dtv. snatch, take. Kunjirtpungku. ‘I accept from you, I take from you, thank you. Expresses a polite acceptance of a gift.’ Iniyirtpungkang la yamin ja jalakaraj. ‘They were trying to take the spear from each other.’ Category: Transfer.

kiniyirtutpa   tv. leave something with someone. Iniyirtutpan kiyap. ‘he left the fish for him.’ Nginyjirtutpan ingayatayantung. ‘I left them with her and she was looking after them for me (clothes).’ Category: Holding, sticking.

kiniyiwaka   tv. take by pulling, snatch. iniyiwakan, kuniyiwakan he snatches something from you. Ja ngapi ngatpaningan nganyarutpan kuyak nganiyiwakan ‘We were married, then I lost him, some disease took him away.’ See: kinnyaka throw. Category: Holding, sticking.

kiniyulun   tv. cast off the old shell and leave the new, soft one. Kiniyulun ja mawuga. ‘The mawuga crab is shedding its old shell.’ See: kiyulu move; ninypimpim soft crab shell (feminine). Category: Divide, cut, tear, Crustaceans.

kiniyurlka   tv. 1 • bury, cover, plant. Usage: Can be used for burying humans or animals, unlike -e kunak inypuyurljiny they buried her; iwuyurljiny They buried him; kiniyurkaka. Atiyurkangung ta walij. ‘He was planting the food (yams).’ Nungmatpa karrkaj ingayalmany mirnta waka wiyu inypuyurljiny Ilarryarru pa kinyu pata pukapa. ‘And on the other side, when she died, they buried her at Ilyarru, she's lying there. They were there’. Kurlajuk kingayurlka. ‘She (turtle) buries her eggs.’ See: kiyurjin be buried; kiwrlkatin disappear. Category: Manipulation, Concealment.

Restrict: LL object 2: kaniyurlka • cover with sand. Ngapi Inyjalarrku ngamirawng. Ngarrunjurjiny arakap tuka Nawurlany nuyu. ‘I sang Inyjalarrku song. We covered the area where Nawurlany's things were.’ Angamany mangayurrkjiny nuyu wun ja luluj. ‘She grabbed it and threw it in the dogs eyes.’ Katiyurlka. ‘He plants food, or puts food in sand to cook it.’ Category: Concealment.

Restrict: LL object 3: kaniyurlka • make a smoke signal. Kaniyurlka nuyu. ‘He sends him a smoke signal.’ Kangpuyurlka. ‘They send a smoke signal.’ Category: Non language human voice sounds, Fire.

kiniyurrngpun   dtv. command, force. Parangapa kunjurrngpung marnti kayirrkju kunjarray anjamang warlk kanpu tuka kirrwara. ‘I have commanded you lest you go cutting trees and harm your back.’ Nakapa iniyurrngpukpuning. ‘He was forcing him to do it.’ ja yurrng ‘high pitch’. See: yurrng high. Category: Judgement, evaluation.

kinjirran   noun. light shining from inside, a star. See: kiyirran shine light. Category: Shelter, camp, house, Sky.

kinnyaka   tv. 1 • throw (out), push (over), knock over, drop off (in car), pile up. kokanyi. Muka mata mawngku kamangakaga. ‘The shade's come over us.’ Ngamangawunapa, ngyeka ja mangawj. ‘As I cough, I cough up flem.’ Nukawk ja manpurrwa kinnyalmuni - nganti innyakakan? ‘All the clothes are untidy - who threw them everywhere?’ See: kerwen throw with aim; kingartpirrun throw spear; kinnyakataka hurry; jurrk drop off in car (coverb); kiniyiwaka take by pulling, snatch; kunakay excuse me. Category: Throw, trip.

2 • argue. Yanatapa yinyakakangung la yamin. ‘They struggled repeatedly with each other.’ Kinyaka la yamin. ‘They're arguing ( a man and a woman).’ Iwakangung la wemin. ‘They were throwing the ball to each other.’ Category: Fight.

3 • go in opposite directions, separate. innyakan ya yamin ‘they went in different directions’. Malany kayirrk karrungayan Weyirra la Warruwi angakan la anyamin. ‘So now you can see that North Goulburn Island and South Goulburn Island have moved apart.’ Category: General terms.

4: katjaka • build (a building); build, or be built out of, or build a structure. atjakan he built it; apakan they built it; ngartakan. Wangaran awuranapa karntirrkan apa mampumanyka mampulalkungung ta takapa ta church apakan ta kantirrkan. ‘They went over to Wangaran. They brought the Cypress Pine over and cut it and made the church building out of Cypress Pine.’ La apakan tirip apuwung tukapa katangali ta kurrampalk. ‘They lowered the height of the house.’ About tukapa yarl ta kangpaka warrawurnji. ‘About this cone of sand that they build for the girl.’ See: apaka length, breadth, size. Category: Manipulation.

5 • sort out, throw around. Kinnyaka manpurrwa. ‘He threw clothes all over the place.’ Nukawk ja manpurrwa kinnyalmuni - nganti innyakakan? ‘All the clothes are untidy - who threw them everywhere?’ Warranyngiw inyi korratakaka ta apariyirrk from mainland ‘Children, don't throw around the food from another place, the mainland.’ Category: Manipulation. Note: Edible object form used to refer to household possessions in general.

Restrict: VE object 6: kamannyaka • go line fishing. Usage: Usually accompanied by wakij, before or after verb, but kamannyaka alone is usually interpreted the same Ngatpakan wakij, ngarrimany wirlmu. ‘We went fishing and got a barramundi.’ Ngatpana ngatanaka wakij Nganyamirnali. ‘We will go (and) cast out a fishing line at Nganyamirnali (ie. go line fishing).’ Angkuwurulpung mampakan mampulalkukunyapa mata nakawkapa mata nganykarrarr. ‘They cleaned up, cut them down and then cut them up into small pieces, all those mangroves.’ See: yaw (kamannyaka) cast net. Category: Hunting.

Restrict: LL object 7: kannyaka nuyu • make trouble for other people by doing something to someone. Annyakan kirrkpu. ‘He caused a lot of trouble for them.’ See: lirri trouble, enemy. Category: Fight.

Restrict: LL object 8 Kannyaka kirrk nuyu • stuff up, ruin everything for somebody. Kungakan kirrk nuyu nuyipa ‘You have spoilt it all for him.’ Nuyipa kungakan kirrk nuyu, pa awunginkan. ‘You ruined everything for him so they fought.’ Category: Goodness.

9 • collect turtle eggs. Anth: Turtle eggs are collected by digging them out of the sand near the sea. Kunuka ja kurlajuk kokan? ‘What type of eggs did you get?’ Category: Hunting.

10 • clear up area. Kinnyaka rubbish. ‘He cleans up rubbish.’ Syn: kaniwurulkpun. Category: Activity manner.

Restrict: ED object 11 katjaka • put on cermonial bands such as ayukayuk and panang. Category: General ritual.

Restrict: MA subject, VE object 12 kamannyaka • have a serious meeting in which people put forward important and forthright points of view. Like kapin ngarri warakapa ta kamannyaka la wemin ja kiwarlkparran ja kawa pata kawaga pata wimunpimunawk. ‘Like when we exchange strong words with balanda people, with all the important White people who come here (for meetings).’ Kamannyaka la ngarrimung. Kamannyaka la yamin. Category: Language.

13 • spend money. Kingama ja rrupiya, kingakaka yirrk, la kinypani arlarrarr. ‘When she gets paid, she spends it until there's nothing left.’

kinnyaka yara   Restrict: MA object collect money by saving it in the bank or putting it together for a common purpose. Kiki ja arriwaka yara rrupiya? ‘How about we save some money?’ Arrapaka yara. ‘We're collecting food together for a common purpose.’ Syn: kinnyutpa. Category: Holding, sticking.

kingaka murr   Restrict: GEN subject hurt emotionally. Category: Sorrow, happiness.


-aka ta kanyiga   phrase. hurrry! See: kinnyakataka hurry. Category: Language.


kinnyakajpun   tv. read it, count it. Ngapi ngiwakajpun jurra. ‘I will read a book (trans given: I want to read a book).’ Ingakajpun ngartu ja jurra. ‘She reads me the letter.’ Ingakajpun ngaw jurra, ta awuran Darwin. ‘She read her a letter, that they went to Darwin.’ See: kinilakajpun ask. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kinnyakataka   tv. Restrict: MA object hurry. Variant: Mayinjinaj form. Ngiwakataka warak ngana. ‘I will have to hurry.’ Pa, inyminy "Ngawupa ngyekatakanyipa." ‘So she thought "Let's go, hurry!".’ Imi innyakatakay. ‘He doesn't hurry (he gets up slowly).’ See: kertpirran be relieved; kimila hurry; kinnyaka throw. Category: Activity manner.

kinnyalima   tv. 1 • head to. Variant: Ngurtikin form. Inyminang ngaw "Annyanyji kolimanyi Ngantumak." ‘She was saying to her "Off you go! Go to your husband!".’ Kurrunalimany punyi. ‘We sought you out, father (in prayer).’ See: kiniyalma look for. Category: General terms.

Restrict: LL object 2 kannyalima • head towards place, look for place. Karrayanju yara ja kamaniyitpa ke kannyalima warakapa Weyirra. ‘We see sometimes his lights as he goes towards Weyirra.’ Well wakapa tuka ngampi kiwani kannyalima warakapa tuka Alarlyin kiwani, wa:pa ta wungurlaj. ‘Well, he's going over there to where he lives, Alarlyin is the name of that place.’ Category: General terms.

kinnyarlgunta   tv. 1 • put away inside. For example, put a boat into the yard, put hay in a shed, put a washing machine in a house. Kinnyarlunta. ‘A man is putting something in the house, e.g. a washing machine.’ Awarluntanyiga ta walij, kawutpany ta kurrampalk, katjarlunta. ‘Put all the food inside, put it in the house, he puts it in the house.’ See: kiwrlgen go inside; kiniyirnukpun go around. Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: VE object 2 kamannyarlgunta • Enter (sexually). Category: Reproduction.

Restrict: LL object 3: kannyarlunta • go into harbour. Kannyarlunta tuka Martpalk. ‘He brought the boat into Martpalk bay.’ A kannyarlunta warak palapala tuka Wiyarla. ‘Oh the barge is going into Wiyarla bay.’ Category: Horizontal movements.

kinnyarlikpi   tv. feed. Ngapi ngerlikpi ja warranyngiw. ‘I am feeding the child.’ Category: Illness, Transfer.

kinnyarlukpa   tv. 1 • kick. Kurlingka arrarrkpi kamannyarlukpa chair? ‘Is the man kicking a chair?’ Innyarlukpang. Naka kiwani la kinnyatpi ngarlwak. ‘He kicked him. That one's holding his knee.’ Kapin kawunginka, innyarlukpa. ‘It's like they're fighting, he kicks him.’ Category: Strike or chop.

2 • tread on or stamp on something. Or just put foot on something. Iwarlukpan wukuwuk. ‘They stamped on it while it was hot.’ Karrungarlukpa waryat. ‘We step on rocks.’ Ingamurranyminy, like kingarlukpa. ‘She makes him grow up, like she puts her foot on him (his chest).’ See: kakarlukpa warraka Jakana bird. Category: Strike or chop.

Restrict: MA object 3 • dance. ngeyarlukpa, kurriyarlukpa, ngarriyarlukpa. Yanat innyarlukpangung. ‘He was dancing.’ Kinnyarlukpa Inyjalarrku. ‘He's dancing Inyjalarrku.’ Kingarlukpa ja Inyjalarrku. ‘He's dancing Inyjalarrku.’ See: yurnu ta karrungarlukpa foot; kinilakurma perform as; wilpil dance expertly. Category: Horizontal movements.

4 • (siblings) precede one another in a family. Ingarlukpakpa la yamin ‘She precedes him in birth order’. Innyarlukpakpa la yamin ‘He precedes him in birth order’. See: awuniluriny the youngest son in the family.


kinnyarnaken   tv. 1 • shoot, spear, nail, crucify. Used for when something narrow pierces something. Anth: Also used for hammering in a nail. Used to describe the fact that nails were put into Christ during crucifixion. Also used to describe what they used to do to corpses when they were hung up in a tree - they would pierce the soles of the feet with lots of small holes. Also used for when sharp grass seeds get stuck in your clothes. Kinnyarnaken Manimunak ‘He shot some Magpie geese.’ Kiwarnaken manpiri. ‘They spear turtles.’ Nakapa ja arrarrkpi katjarnaken hammer ‘That man is building with a hammer.’ Category: Pierce, shoot.

Restrict: MA object 2: kingarnaken • weave, make basket or mat. Kangamiyarma iwangarnaken ‘She wants to make a basket.’ Ingarnakeny la marrik ingawularruni. ‘She made some of a basket but didn't finish it.’ Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: LL object 3: kannyarnaken • look for an animal or eggs in soft ground by poking the ground with a sticks. Anth: This is a technique used for hunting freshwater tortoise or looking for turtle eggs. Angarnakenang. Ingamangung ngartu mangili. ‘She was hunting by poking with a stick and brought me freshwater tortoise.’ Kangparnaken iweny. ‘They hunt them and then spear them (mangili).’ Kunak kannyarnaken. ‘He's poking in the ground with a stick, looking for animals under the ground.’ See: kawarnakanyjilin fight with spears. Category: Hunting.

Restrict: VE object 4 • feel sharp or stabbing pain. Ngannyarnaken ‘I feel a sharp or stabbling pain.’ Category: Discomfort and pain, Hunting.

kinnyarnama   tv. 1 • dislike him, hate him. Nuka ngernama. ‘I dislike that person.’ Category: Hate, anger.

Restrict: LL object 2: kannyarnama • want to do something. "Makiny, ngapi ngungarnama." iminy. ‘"No, I don't want to." he said.’ See: kiningaka not know or dislike because of being from different areas; kinimiyarma like, love. Category: Hate, anger.

kinnyarnangkata   tv. strengthen, harden. Innyarnangkatiny kirrk. ‘He strengthened it.’ ngatarnangkata mangurrin ‘something like this: the wind is really strong’. See: kernangkayin strengthen; yarnangkat strong, hard. Category: Manipulation, Properties of surface.

kinnyarnkirrun   tv. take skin off an animal, take bark off a tree. kuwarnakirrun. Kiwarnkirrun ja pulikang nuyu iwanamaga ja irratat tuka purijarata. ‘They are skinning the bull so they can bring the meat to the refrigerator.’ Kamparnkirrun ‘They remove the bark.’ Category: Divide, cut, tear.

kinnyarntarrakpa   tv. catch him out. Innyarntarrakpany ja apurra wungpulaj. ‘They caught out the thief.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

kinnyarntulyakpa   tv. 1 • lengthening, make taller. Annyarntulyakpany alan. ‘He lengthened the path.’ Category: Properties of surface.

Restrict: LL object 2: kannyarntulyakpa • long. angparntulyakpakpangung See: kerntulyakpin lengthen; yarntulyak long, tall. Category: Size and weight.

kinnyarajpun   tv. 1 • roast. Usually refers to roasting on hot sand. ngawarajpuning. Kamu la larla kawani kaparajpun ta mawugany tuka ngurrk. ‘Mother and older sister are roasting the lily roots in the hot sand.’ Kaparajpung karwuluk. ‘They are roasting karwuluk yams.’ Kinnyarajpun marrwakara. ‘He's roasting a goanna.’ Category: Cooking. Note: Basic meaning is to roast on hot sand. Cannot be used to refer to cooking in the oven.

2 • warm with hot sand. Awuntanarajpukpun ngarrurru pata warrarrawurnji. ‘Our girls will sit on the hot sand.’ Category: Illness.

Restrict: GEN subject 3: kingarajpun • ache, feel pain, hurt. Ngapi nganngarajpuning. ‘I was aching, it was causing me to ache’. Nganngarajpun tuka ngayigi. ‘I have a toothache.’ Kani jarrang ngannyarlukpan, nganngarajpun. ‘A horse kicked me here, it hurts.’ See: kimaju tired, sick, dead. Category: Discomfort and pain. Variant: Iwaidja: ardajbun.

Restrict: GEN subject, FE object 4: kinyngarajpun • used of turtle which comes up on the beach but does not lay eggs. Kinyngarajpun jita manpiri. ‘That turtle dug a hole but is not laying eggs.’ Kinyngarajpukpun. ‘She dries herself out using the sand.’ Syn: kerajpun. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

kinnyarkalanyma   tv. make lighter (in weight). Ngerkalanyma ja kakurl. ‘I am making the sugar lighter.’ See: yarkalu lightweight; kerkalanymin lighten. Category: Size and weight.

kinnyarkanyu   tv. hold in a lying position in arms, cradle. Kinyngarkanyu warranyngiw anyak. ‘She is holding the little child lying in her arms.’ See: kinnyarkpa carry on back. Category: Holding, sticking.

kinnyarkinyji   tv. tease, make fun of. Kawunparrkinyji la wemin. ‘They tease each other.’ Kunarrkinyji. ‘You're teasing me.’ Kiwarrkinyji. ‘They're making fun of him, teasing him.’ See: parr peel back; malapiyi scoff at, laugh at. Category: Play, perform, joke.

kinnyarkpa   tv. carry person on back or shoulders. Can used of a horse carrying a man. Also used of one person carrying another. Innyarkpangung parak jarrang. ‘The horse was carrying him along (ie. he was riding the horse)’. Jakapa jita warranyngiw la jita mirnkul wiyupa ingamany, ingarkpanyapa awuran apumangung. ‘The grandmother took the boy and carried him on her shoulders while they went hunting.’ Ingagatpung jara ja ingarkpany yurrng ‘She carried him in her arms and the other one she carried on her shoulders.’ See: kinilagatpi carry in arms; kinnyarkanyu hold in a lying position in arms, cradle; kelkpa bare young, lay eggs. Category: Manipulation.

kinnyarutpa   tv. 1 • leave thing, leave person. Also used for leave spouse or spouse die. Awunilutpan awunnyarutpan. ‘He dropped them off but he just left them there (he never returned to pick them up again as expected.)’ Kunnyarutpa, marrik kanimiyarma. ‘He'll leave you, he doesn't want to go.’ nganyarutpan ‘he left me, i.e. died’. See: kinnyutpa put down. Syn: kinilutpa. Category: General terms, Illness and death. Note: Different to -lutpa which means 'drop off person with intention to come back later and pick up'

2 • let (do). Ant: kinnyutpa. Iwarutpanyi yarranyi ta kani. ‘They should have left him wandering around here.’ Kutpunpanarutpa awangalmen ngarrurru pata alapika pata wilinjinyut. ‘Leave those small turtles alone so they will become plentiful for us.’ Category: Judgement, evaluation.

Restrict: LL object 3: kannyarutpa • leave a place. Ngeyawng kapala annyarutpan kerra warak Maningrida. ‘I saw them leave for Maningrida.’ Annyarutpan alan la kerra warak tora. ‘He left the path and is going another way.’ Category: General terms.

kinnyaryakpa   tv. make wet. Karrunngaryakpa mata maralngkiny. ‘Spittle keeps us moist, healthy.’ Arrarrkpi kinnyaryakpa manpurrwa. ‘A man gets his clothes wet (for example by spilling water on himself).’ Karrunngaryakpakpa mata maralngkiny. ‘Spittle keeps us moist, healthy.’ See: keryakpin become wet; yaryak wet. Category: Properties of surface.

kinnyarrarlkutaka   tv. add to (what you already have). Kurryarrarlkutaka. ‘Add it on (to what you already have).’ Syn: kinnyartawkun. See: kinilakputaka follow in song. Category: Transfer.

kinnyarrikpa   tv. 1 • ruin, spoil, wreck. Injin innyarrikpakpan. ‘He has completely ruined the engine.’ awunyarrikpan ‘He spoiled it for them’. Yunyi karrarra warak tuka napakarriwun wanyji ngarrunarrikpay la ngarrimung. ‘We mustn't go close to sacred places or we will be destroyed.’ Category: General change of state.

Restrict: LL object 2 • ruin everything. "Kungarrikpay kunpeygo la ngamalkpanyi" ‘"You ruined everything, you're my mawawiny, let me out"’. See: kerrikpa get old. Category: Goodness, General change of state.

kinnyatpi   tv. 1 • have, own , hold. Includes 'have as wife'. Can mean 'have for' or 'get for' with oblique object pronoun. Can mean carry with directional following. Yanat kinnyatpi luluj. ‘He has a dog.’ Kinyetpiga warranyngiw. ‘He brings her a child (i.e. he passes the child's spirit on to her and brings about conception).’ Nuka ja arrarrkpi kilangali, ketpi imawurr. ‘This man is standing, holding his arms.’ Ta wulatpiyi kannyatpi ngarrurru ta wulatpiyi ta iwanamin ngarrurru. ‘He has a message for us which he will tell to us.’ Marlu warrij arrunngatpang. ‘We had strong winds.(lit: strong winds had us)’. See: kiniwelkpun touch, purposefully bump or jab. Category: Holding, sticking.

2 • change to be. Apan kamannyatpi rlaw. ‘He is making the spear shaft crooked (by bending it)’. Kamannyatpi rlaw. ‘With his hands he makes the spear straight (after warming it over the fire, but while it is not fully dried).’ Kammannyatpi rlaw manjat. ‘He bends it until its straight.’ Category: General change of state.

3 : kingatpi • be pregnant, be carrying a child (inside). warranyngiw kingatpi ‘she is carrying a child’. Category: Reproduction.

Restrict: LL object 4 : kannyatpi • understand, grasp an idea, have knowledge. marrik kurrungatpi ‘you don't understand’. Ta nuwurri yara ta wurrwurr awk marrik kurrungetping ngarripa arrungatpiwi parang apa la arrungpanatpi pirij. ‘Now some of you, the new people, you can't understand, only we can understand but we're going to pass it on to you.’ Kannyatpi ngarrurru ta wurlkpungkuj. ‘He is friendly towards us.’ See: wirij coverb; arr keep, hang onto, stick; kurrunnyatpi this word is used when an atpaji relationship occurs between people. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

Restrict: VE object 5: kamannyatpi • win. Nganti mannyatpung? Nawuyuk mannyatpung. ‘Who won (the fight)? Nawuyuk won.’ Yanat ja marryun mannyatpung. ‘The boy won (the race).’ mannyatpung yanat apa Mayinaj. ‘Mayinaj won (the fight).’ Category: Judgement, evaluation, Goodness, Fight.


kinnyatpikpi   tv. carry by hand. Kerra warak kinnyatpikpi warak irratat. ‘He is carrying the meat by hand (perhaps in a bucket or bag).’ See: kininiki carry on shoulders. Category: Manipulation, Limbs.

kinnyartawkun   tv. add it onto. Kurriwartawnipa, kurrilatja, kurriwawartaw nuyi la inyanat ‘Put them together, put them in a (single) container, put them together, you and her.’ Ta takapa ta yarl ngarrungpartawkun ngarrkarrk. ‘We join the two sand cones together.’ Arriwartawkun akutju. ‘We'll sing one more.’ See: kinnyarrarlkutaka add to; kiniwartawn add to, join or mix two things; kiwartawkunjilin mixed; kinnyartawn give drink; karrunngartawkun wupaj seabird type; awk refers to a group of items or people. Category: Transfer, Song and dance. Syn: kiniwartawn.

kinnyartawn   tv. give him a drink, breastfeed with 3GEN subject. kinyartawn she is giving him to drink; ngertawng. Kingartawn yanyjuk. ‘She is breastfeeding him.’ Kingartawn wupaj. ‘She is giving him a drink of water.’ Kingartawn yanyjuk ja marryun anyak. ‘She is giving the little boy a drink of milk.’ See: kinnyartawkun add on to. Category: Illness.

kinnyarti   tv. boil. Wularrut ingartiny ja kurlajuk jita warramumpik. ‘The woman has already boiled the eggs.’ Innyartiny. ‘They boiled a turtle.’ Syn: kinnyartpan. Category: Cooking.

kinnyartjirtpun   tv. peel skin off something such as an orange. Ngiyartjirtpung kirrk. ‘I peeled it all off.’ Kawartjirtpuni ta kaluku. ‘Husk the coconut’. See: kertjirtpun peel off. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

kinnyartpan   tv. stew, boil. Ngarryartpantiny kiyap. ‘We boiled the fish.’ Ja:pa ninyparlkparrakan angpangawunya ta wupaj apangartpan ta pupurru. ‘That old woman will boil the (vegetable) food.’ Syn: kinnyarti. See: kawartpanyjilin meet, marry. Category: Cooking.

kinnyartpirra   tv. untie. kinnyartpirrakanyjing. Wularrut innyartpirrany ja manpurrwa. ‘He has untied the cloth.’ Innyartpirrany ja jalwarra/pajupaju. ‘He took off his pants, or shirt.’ Iwartpirrakan nuyu pajupaju. ‘They pulled off his shirt.’ See: kertpirra be relieved; kingartparra grey haired. Category: Manipulation.

kinnyartpungku   tv. lift up. Kayu la punyi iwartpungkun ja manpiri iwulatiny tuka kapala. ‘Older brother and father lifted up the turtle and put it in the boat.’ kampartpungkinyka ‘they bring up seaweed’. Kiyapju pa ja ngirrikjiny kunukapa innyartpungkuny ngartu. ‘"The fish that I speared, what's bringing them all to me?".’ See: kinimajpungku; kertpungkun; kimartpungkin set off quickly. Category: Manipulation.

kinnyayan   tv. 1 • see, look at. yayawng He looked at himself.. Yamin yayawng patumang. ‘He looked at himself in the mirror.’ Yanat innyayawng arrarrkpi ilangaling. ‘He saw a man standing (there).’ arrkpayanyjiny ta kangparlkparran kirrk ‘we can see when the water's clear’. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

Restrict: LL object 2 kannyayan • know. La tukapa ta ngapipa ngungeyan parak kayirrk. ‘So I know that story now.’ Angkayan parak kunuka? ‘What's the future for our young people?’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

Restrict: MA object 3 kinnyayan • meaning 'to be possible' or still 'you'll notice that'. Kurriwayan ngarrurru arrkpanurtin nungmatpa karrkaj arrkpanurtin mantanti. ‘We will be able to go to the other islands and the mainland.’ See: kinnyayanayan look carefully at.

Restrict: MA object 4 kinnyayan • look after, care for, look out for. Kiwayan kirrk nuyu ja yanat yalkpanypu ja warranyngiw. ‘They look after him. their mother's brother's son.’ Kiwayan kirrk nuyu ja warranyngiw. ‘They look after him.’ Ngarriwayan kirrk nuyu. ‘We'll look after him.’ Category: Social responsibilities and events.

5 katjayan • look for lice. Kapayanpu kurrpung. ‘They look for each others lice.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

Restrict: LL object 6 kannyayan • look around for something. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.


kinnyayanayan   tv. 1 • look carefully at, scrutinise, aim at. With 3LL object this can mean 'to explore an area'. anyayanayawng, anyayanayantung. Annyayanayantung kunak. ‘He looked the place over carefully.’ Ngamalkpang yala ngungayanayanjing. ‘I don't want to go outside, to look at the place.’ Syn: yirrirri. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

2 • compose song. Innyayanayantung. ‘He was making the song.’ Innyanayantung. ‘The songs used to come to him (at Mankuluwirrk, from the Inyjalarrku spirits).’ Category: Play, perform, joke.

Restrict: LL object 3 • make trouble with. Inyi kurrungayanayanpu. ‘Don't make trouble with them.’ Inyi kungayanayan nuyu. ‘Don't make trouble with him.’ See: kinnyayatayan look after; kinnyayan see; kiniwartpi fight. Category: Fight.

kinnyayatayan   tv. look after, care for. Ngeyatayan warranyngiw. ‘I am looking after the child.’ kawani kiwayatayan ‘could be fixed phrase only used in plural 'the ones responisble for looking after the child'’. Awunpangayatayan See: kinnyayanayan look carefully at. Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kinnyayatjayatpi   tv. next to him in age or importance. Katja arriwayajayatpi akutju ja kurrula arranama mira ja kiyap. ‘Lets go quickly because the tide is coming in and we'll get the fish’. Kinnyayatjayatpi la yamin. ‘They're side to side, next to each other.’ Category: Judgement, evaluation, Goodness.

kinnyen   tv. 1 • harpoon, pierce, inject, stab, shoot. yany. Innyeny nganaparru. ‘He shot the buffalo.’ Kumanyi ja kuling pa larla iwangen manpiri. ‘Take the rudder so older sister can harpoon the turtle.’ ta kunak kanin parak ‘it's roots go a long way into the ground’. ngarrungeny ‘we push (a stick) into the sand (to look for turtle eggs)’. See: amurl dance movements. Category: Pierce, shoot.

2 • sew the needle. Iwenang yangali warra kamu. ‘The women were making baskets.’ Category: Pierce, shoot.

Restrict: GEN subject 3 kingen • decide, feel like, want (with non-concrete object of desire). Arrarrkpi ja iwangen minyngu. ‘The man who runs the funeral.’ iwangen, kunngen, nganngen, kinyngen, kunngeniny, kannyeni, annyeni, . Kunngen. ‘You want to date her.’ Kiki la kungeniny ta ngurrij pa apurnungani tuka kunak. ‘When do you want to go home? (lit: How many days until you want to go back home?)’ Arrarrkpi ja iwangen. ‘The man who decides what day a funeral will finish on.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention, Desire. See: kilangan feel like (doing something).


kinnyirnparrki   tv. pierce nose. Kawa pata arrarrkpi kawunpirnparrki. ‘The men go and pierce their noses.’ Category: Pierce, shoot, Clothing, adornment, magic items.

kinnyujpa   tv. lick, suck. Kurryakanyi palayt la luluj wularrut innyujpany ngarrurru. ‘Throw the plate away, our dog has been licking it.’ See: kinilakujpa kiss. Category: Illness.

kinnyuki   tv. arrunpukyang. 1 • show something, show how to do somethings. Nganuka. ‘Show me.’ Nganukiya ngampiwi nganamin parak ta alan. ‘Show me where to take the path.’ See: kinilangkatpa signal. Category: Cognitive senses and attention, General change of state.

2 • teach. kanpunukiki you went around and taught them showed them a lot of things; awunpujikiny apparently. Yanat ja kawunnyukiki pata warranyngiw. ‘he is one who teaches the children.’ Ngannyukikang parang. ‘Then he taught me (the song).’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention, General change of state.

kinnyukpun   tv. 1 • break, bend. Kamannyukpun yungku. ‘He's breaking up firewood.’ Oh awangkung, awangurrinykapa, apukpuning yurnu, aminy "Mm, marntingunyuny." ‘They'd go along in the boat, they turn their had, we'd think "Oh, dugong."’ Note: When hunters returned in a canoe they'd make a signal to show what they caught. Mampukpukpung mampuwarawng. ‘They broke up the wood and made a fire’. See: iwajiyiny broken; kinnyun give. Category: Twist, bend.

Restrict: MA subject 2 • break part of self. Marnti kunnyukpu. ‘(Don't carry it), you might break something (because it's too heavy. (lit: it might break you).’ Category: Twist, bend, Physical disability and injury.

Restrict: MA object 3 • turn self around, turn boat or car. innyukpung, ingawkpung she turned around, she turned; kiwukpun they turned around. Koyanti innyukpung arrapalen. ‘Look, the aeroplane has turned (changed direction).’ Category: Change stance, Manipulation.

Restrict: MA object 4 • play song well and move people emotionally. "Ey kangmarrangulin!" kamin nuyu ja arrarrkpi "Kangmarrangulinapa ta kukpung. ‘"Oh you really move us (with your singing)" they say to the man (singing). "We're reminded of old times when you move us."’ Kangmarrangulinapa ta kukpung. ‘We recall old memories when he moves us (with his song).’ Imiyawng innyukpung. ‘He sung and the way he played was moving’. Category: Play, perform, joke, Sorrow, happiness.

Restrict: MA subject ; ED object 5: katjukpun • heart be deeply moved, broken. Ngalyungan amirawning pata warra kamumu la atjukpung ngartu marurturt. ‘I heard the women singing and my heart was deeply moved.’ They're singing pa kinyalyu "A, apukpung ngartu marurturt." ‘They're singing as she's listening and says "Oh they broke my heart."’ Atjukpung ngaw marurturt. ‘Her heart is broken.’ See: wurlk sorrow, strong emotion; marurturt heart. Category: Sorrow, happiness.


kinnyurlngpun   tv. 1 • mix together. Kiki ja arrapanurlngpukpun ta kantijawa. ‘How about we mix together them (flour and baking powder) to make the damper?’ Nuwurri la ngarri arranurlngpun. ‘Your lot and our lot will share our (two lots of crabs), put them together.’ Category: Manipulation.

2 • be countryman to. Restrict: PL subject Nuka arryurlngpukpun kerra warak. ‘That is our countryman going along (there).’ See: kawulakpuntikin be company together in land. Category: Peoples and clans.

Restrict: PL subject3: arryurlngpun •  See: murlij Your ngawiny who is my ngawiny. Category: family, inc moieties.

Restrict: PL object 4: kawunnyurlngpun • can mean 'have multiple wives' or 'have the same father but different mothers'. Category: family, inc moieties.

kinnyun1   dtv. give. Yanat iwung warramumpik la artany awunnyung kupuny yirrik la kunuka yirrik. ‘They gave him a woman and in return he might give them a canoe or a spear or something else.’ Awunpuning la wemin walij. ‘They were givng each other food.’ Pa manimany mata murrkarn innyung la yamin. ‘So they took their clubs against each other.’ See: kinnyukpun turn to; innyurawng father-in-law to; kiniwukpawn hand over to; kinimarwa give, share; kiw lie, sleep. Category: Transfer.


kinnyunma   tv. 1 • measure e.g. weigh, measure, take temperature, action understood by context, count. Ngawu kurrununmanyi kiki ta nuwarntulyak nuyu ngarrunpawurrun. ‘Come and we will measure you so we will know how tall you are.’ Ngapi nginyunman jita muwarn. ‘I checked the time / I measured the time it took for something.’ kinypayan jita warramumpik kinypayan apa kingama ja warranyngiw kinypayan kinypunma warramumpik wingijalkut. ‘they see the woman, they see she's pregnant. Women, they see her, they can tell from a woman's body.’ See: kinnyunmakpa talk about other person; kannyunmen try. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

Restrict: LL object 2: kannyunma • tell, tell a story, explain. ngungpanunma nuwurru ‘I will tell you a story’. Kannyunma ta wulatpiyi. ‘He explains it to them’. Category: Language.

kinnyunmakpa   tv. talk about other person. Karrinyunmakpa ‘We're talking about her.’ Nganti nganpunmakpa? ‘Who's talking about me?’ Kilalmarlangkeken pa ngungpurrun kiwunmakpa. ‘He feels something in his body so maybe people are talking about him.’ See: kinnyunma measure. Category: Language.

kinnyurntulwarran   tv. gut (animal). Nuyi wiyu kurrurntulwarranti! ‘You gut it yourself!’ See: kinyurntulwarran menstruate; kangarntalwarran glow in the distance; kirrwara back. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

kinnyutpa   tv. 1 • put down, write down. With oblique object means 'put away for' or 'keep for'. kurriyutpan, iwutpan, ngyutpan I put it, Capell and Hinch Text 1; kotpa murr You are holding it tight. Wakapa ngyutpan ja waliman. ‘I put the axe there.’ kiwutpa ingurlaj ‘they give him a name’. Note: 'mata' comes out as 'pata'. Kutanutpa mata dinghy ‘Hold the dinghy on its side.’ Kamannyatpi rlaw, kammanyutpa manjat. ‘He bends the (spear shaft) with his hands, he makes it straight.’ See: kinilutpa put down, drop off; kinnyarutpa leave; purup put into lying position (kinnyutpa); put put it there! put it down!; kilatpa go down; kinyngarnutpa sun begins to go down; kinimirrawun write, draw, mark; kirirrk put; kinnyaka yara collect or save something. Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: MA object 2 • stop doing what you're doing. Innyutpanapa la ngatpiny, ‘He stopped singing and he said,’ Category: Activity manner.

Restrict: ED object 3 katjutpa • bird or plane land on ground. Category: Vertical motion, Weak impact.

innyutpan kurrana   NVidom. new moon appear. See: kinymarlkurranken new moon appear. Category: Longer.

kannyutpa alan   NVidiom. go along path/road, travel route. Annyutpangung parak alan. ‘He was going along the path.’ Ma! Arrungutpanyi alan! ‘Come on! Let's take the path, start off.’ Category: Movement relating to fixed point.

kannyutpa wularri / wulatpiyi   make a law, put into the law. Annyutpan wulatpiyi wularrut marrik arrungukpu. ‘He put that law there for us a long time ago and we must not break it.’ Category: Social responsibilities and events.

katjutpa yurnu   NVidiom. bird or aeroplane land, leave tracks. Ja karlurri katjutpa yurnu. ‘The bird comes down and puts his foot on the ground.’ Katjutpa yurnu yiwarak nganaparru. ‘The buffalo left tracks.’ Katjutpa ta yurnu ta kunak. ‘He made a footprint.’ Category: Vertical motion, Weak impact.

mannyutpan larnngalk   NVidiom. pick up a sound whose source is not visible.. Work out where someone is from sound they are making. Work out what people are doing from sound they are making. mannyutpan larnngalk ‘he tried to listen’. "A" mannyutpan mata larnngalk. ‘"Ah ha!" he picked up the sound.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.


kinnyurtjun   tv. 1 • dab, stick, solder. Kapala iwurtjukung la kayirrk nungmalal iwakan jawu kilangali pulup. ‘They soldered the (crack in the) boat and now it is alright (as) they have put it back in the water and it is floating.’ Category: Manipulation. Innyurtjung mejijin. ‘He dabbed on the medicine.’ Ma kurtjuni aparnkatpina. ‘Go on, stick it onto yourself! (a toy tattoo)’. Kiwuwutaka yirrk kayirrk la kiwurtjun warnany. ‘They tie it around and they stick it onto the wax.’ Syn: kaparnkatpin. Category: Holding, sticking.

2 • blame; blame person. Aminy mali yanat iniwung la iwurtjukuning. ‘They thought that he had killed him and so they were blaming him.’ Iminy, "Punyi yunyi kanpunurtjun." ‘He said "Father don't put them on yourself."’ Kinypurtjun. ‘They blame her (for causing a fight).’ See: kimurnangani blame. Category: Judgement, evaluation.

kinpukinpuk   noun. seed pod of mankarlaparra water lilies. Nymphaea violacea, Nymphaea macrosperma. Category: Plant parts, Small plants, Plant food, Tubers.

kinumpu   noun. Black Marlin, Blue Marlin. Makaira indica, Makaira mazara,. See: katapanga Black Marlin; jirnumpu deep water jumping fishes with pointy snout or possibly generic for all mackerels, tunas, billfishes. Category: Fish.

kinyiyirlwa   tv. have sex with. See: kinimakan sleep with. Category: Reproduction.

kinyjapurr   noun. the hot dry season, October to December. Ta kinjapurr ta karrkpelkpin mira wuwukuwuk karriwakayaw ja pipij tuka wupaj akut. ‘The kinjapurr is when we get very hot, its hot, and we dip the baby in water frequently.’ Syn: mamun wirlngukuk. Category: Longer.

kinyjatpa tirip   phrase. late afternoon. Inypalatpa tirip la arrkpana. ‘In the late afternoon we will go.’ See: kilatpa; kinyngarnutpa sun begins to go down. Category: Daily.

kinyji   coverb. choke, throttle. Kingamaga kinyji la inyamin. ‘They are throttling each other, woman and man.’ See: kininyji grab. Category: Pressing.

kinyji   iv. pinch somebody. kaninyji karrk you are scratching yourself; kannginyji pirl. Nganyji karrk ta ngangiri. ‘I am scratching my skin.’ See: karrk scratch; kininyji touch. Category: Pressing.

Restrict: LL subject 2 • iv. have milk flowing (mother), milk cow. Kangenyji ta yanyjuk. ‘The milk is coming out (it's not blocked up)’. kanginyji ‘he is milking it (a cow).’ See: kiliga travel from, be from. Category: Pressing.

kinyjirrkpanpani   iv. Restrict: FE subject new growth of flora. Little new shoots about 1 metre high, new trees. Ta karrpin kinyjirrkpanpani naka mata wurrwurr mata kamamalkpa. ‘When we say kinyjirrkpanpani, well, that is the new growth that comes up.’ Kutpayanti kinyjirrkpanpani mata warlk. ‘Look at the new shoots.’ Kinyjirrkpanpani wularrut. ‘New trees came up.’ Category: General terms. See: angurrkpalkpany a lot of food plants or animals sprout or appear.

kinyjurlalku   iv. Restrict: FE subject striped, e.g. painted body or striped material. Nuka ja manjarlkujparri ja kinyjarlalkuku ja kiyap. ‘The manjurlkujparri fish is striped.’ Nuka kinyjarni ja kinyjurlarlkuku. ‘That woman is wearing pretty colours.’ Kilurlalku kilartpin yanak piyu. ‘He painted himself with stripes.’ Category: Properties of surface.

kilarlkuku imawurr   phrase. said at a funeral about someone who was married into family of deceased, they have to give presents to the family of the deceased to clear things up. Category: Mourning.

kinyjunmarryun   tv. new moon. See: kurrana month. Syn: kinymarryun. Category: Sky.

kinykarnkarn   noun. Coachwhip Stingray, spotted form. Himantura uarnak. Syn: inipij. See: yagaru Stingray (generic). Category: Rays.

kinymalkpa muwarn   phrase. 1 • sunrise, literally: the sun is coming out. See: kimalkpa arrive, come out. Category: Daily.

2 • east. See: kinyuryi muwarn sunset, west. Category: Cardinal directions.

kinymalkpirrij   noun. sparkle, shine with reflected light. Anth: Used when the moon or sun is low in the sky and is shining or the sea or other body of water, making sparkles. Wupurrkapa kinymalkpirrijpirrij angpaniyirran ‘Tonight there will be sparkle on the water, the moon will shine.’ Inyayawng muwarn inymalkpirrijpirrij. ‘I saw the sparkle on the water.’ Kurrana kaniyirran kurrula kinymalarrijpikpin. ‘The moon's shining and the sea's sparkling.’ Category: Colours and light.

kinymarlirrinymikpin   iv. Restrict: FE subject shine (reflected light), dazzling, sparkling. Parang la muj ngarrartayantung ta awarnting ta aparlkparrantung nukang inymarlirrinymikpinang. ‘However, we could also see (the wild plums) hanging there, white ones, which ones were shining (ie. the ripe ones).’ Category: Colours and light.

kinymarlkurranken   iv. Restrict: FE subject new moon appear. kinymarlkurranken the new moon is up in the sky. inymarlkurrangkeny Inymarlkurrangkeny ja kurrana. ‘The new moon has come.’ See: kurrangken Said by people when talking to their father about father's siblings or to their father's siblings about their father; kurrana month; innyutpan kurrana new moon appear. Syn: kinymarryun. Category: Sky.

kinymarryun   iv. Restrict: FE subject new moon. Kinymarryun, kinnyutpa pa ja kurrana. ‘A new moon has been put up.’ See: kinyjunmarryun new moon; kinymarlkurranken new moon appear; kurrana month. Category: Sky.

kinyngalmuni   tv. Restrict: FE subject ; FE object a lot of clothes or rubbish lying on the ground. Kinyngalmuni ja rubbish. ‘There's a lot of rubbish lying on the ground.’ Kutjanyji kutamanyi pata kinyngalmuni! ‘Go get a big pile of wood (i.e. collect wood to make a big pile).’ Ta katjama karrkpalalku mirlak naka karrkpin nginyngalmuni. ‘When we work cutting grass then we put it into heaps.’ Category: Manipulation.

kinyngarnutpa   tv. Restrict: GEN subject ; FE object (the sun) begin to go down (about 5pm). Kurrinyayanti jita muwarn wularrut kinyngarnputpa warak. ‘Look at the sun ready to go down.’ Muwarn kinyngarnutpa See: kinnyutpa put down; kinyjatpa tirip late afternoon. Category: Sky, Daily.

kinyparnparran   iv. Restrict: FE subject refers to the karwuluk yam when the leaves are yellow and the yam is ready for eating. Arrapanawun karwuluk, kayirrkapa kinyparnparran ta karwuluk. ‘We go looking for karwuluk yam, now it's ready to harvest.’ Category: Tubers.

kinyurlu   iv. Restrict: female subject pregnant. Jaka jita kinyurlu. ‘That (woman) is pregnant.’ kinyurlukun Category: Reproduction.

kinyurntulwarran   iv. Restrict: FE subject menstruate, have period. Inyurntulwarrantiny. ‘She was menstruating.’ See: kinnyurntulwarran gut; kangarntalwarran glow; kiniwarran cut up meat; kangmurlwarra brown. Syn: kirrwara (kiwani). Category: Reproduction.

kinyuryi muwarn   phrase. 1 • sunset, literally: the sun is going into the water. Kinyuryi warak jita muwarn. ‘The sun is going down, setting.’ kinyuryi ‘sun set’. Usage: Sometimes used without muwarn See: kiwryi swim, bath, wash (self).; kimalkpa arrive, come out. Category: Daily.

2 • west. Muj mannyutpan arka kapawi kinyuryi ‘He turned his ear to the west’. See: kinymalkpa muwarn east. Category: Cardinal directions.

kingalkitun   iv. give off a sound in the distance, e.g. an aeroplane. ingalkitungang sound get soft e.g plane going far away; ingalkituny, ingalkitunyka the sound of the plane got closer. See: nulakpurlakpurlak voice far away. Category: Language.

kingalkpun   iv. Restrict: VE subject quiet, peaceful, calm (weather). Pata warranyngiw kamangalkpun. ‘The children are being quiet.’ Yanat kiwani kamangalkpun. ‘He's sitting silently.’ Warlk mangalkpung kirrk. ‘The trees are quiet (not rustling).’ See: ingalkpany be from place; kiningalkpun crack or pound head. Category: Longer, Non language human voice sounds, Fight.

mangalkpunngalkpung   iv. peaceful, quiet. Kayirrk mangalkpunngalkpung. ‘We are having a period of peace. (lit: It has been peaceful for a long time)’. See: malakpuj quiet (coverb). Category: Non language human voice sounds, Fight.

kingalmen   iv. increase, multiply, become plentiful. kawungalmen they are increasing in number. Kutpunpanarutpa awangalmen ngarrurru pata alapika pata wilinjinyut. ‘Leave those small turtles alone so they will become plentiful for us.’ Manamalkpa yirrk kamangalmen. ‘They'll all come up again and multiply (plants that died during the dry season).’ See: yarlmeny rise again after death. Category: Appearance.

kingamarlintun   tv. Restrict: MA subject 1 • be broken apart. Manimarlintuny marlu. ‘The wind broke the rope (because boat was tied using rope).’ Category: Divide, cut, tear.

Restrict: GEN subject 2 • being blown by the wind. Being moved by the wind, not just feeling a breeze. ta apurra marlu awunngamarlintunyi tumalarrakpin miga yu. ‘A big wind would blow them away because they were really very thin.’ Ingamarlintuny ta marlu. ‘The wind blew it.’ Karrangamarlintun. ‘We're being blown by the wind (eg in a boat)’. See: mamarlintuny break off. Category: Manipulation.

kingamarlmanpukpun   tv. Restrict: female subject (woman) tempt man to adultery. Category: Desire. See: kimarlmanpun satisfied. Category: Desire, Reproduction.

kingarnimputa   tv. make, weave a basket (using a needle). Ngapi ngernimputa. ‘I am making a basket.’ Category: Tools, women's.

kingarakpin   noun. harpoon. Category: Tools, men's.

kingarakpin walamurru   noun. iron point of harpoon. Category: Tools, men's.

kingaralkinka   iv. grumble, talk on and on. Wularrut kingaralkinka. Marrik kunnyu ja kapala. ‘He is annoyed (about the treatment of the boat). He will not lend you the boat.’ Kingaralkinka. ‘He's talking and grumbling about something on and on like they stole something from him, like an axe or a rake.’ Kuna kanngaralkinka? ‘Why are you complaining so much?’ Category: Language, Sorrow, happiness.

kingaran   tv. cook kupiya cockles. Wularrutapa arringarantiny kayirrkapa la arriwanala. ‘We have prepared the kupiya and now we will eat them.’ Anth: done by covering with brush and setting it alight. This is done on Croker Island. Kupiya cockles are not found at Warruwi Category: Shellfish, Cooking.

kingarunmin   iv. the same in some way, share a common characteristic. Yarntulyak yirrkju jalakaraj kingarunmin. ‘Both spears are the same length.’ See: kiwnmin be same. Category: Judgement, evaluation.

kingarrarramin   iv. move slowly. Karrkpin "Nakapa kingarrarramin ja kiyap kega". ‘We say, "That fish is coming towards us slowly."’ Category: Activity manner, General terms.

kingatarryu   iv. know, be a wise man, one who knows the law and things that other people do not know. Politics person. Nuka ja kingartarryu. ‘He is a wise man’. Ja nulawnut ja kingartarryu. ‘Fully initiated aboriginal man.’ See: murrparl clever, wise, knowledgable; nuwalarrpiyiny important person, clever person; kiwken look for. Category: Peoples and clans. Usage: Heavy Mawng.

kingartalku   iv. wear (something) on the head, wear hat. kinyngartalku she is wearing a hat. Koyanti arrarrkpi kingartalku warak. ‘Look at the man wearing a hat.’ Kurlingka marryun kingartalku ja white hat? ‘Is the boy wearing a white hat?’ See: kiyarntagali wear (on feet); jungku hat (masculine). Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items.

kingartpara   iv. fire shot. Ngarrkartparawng. ‘We fired a shot.’ See: kingartparra grey haired; kiningartparrki shoot successfully in head. Category: Pierce, shoot.

kingartparra   iv. grey haired. Yanat ja kingartparran. ‘He is grey-haired.’ See: kingartpara fire shot. Category: Illness and death. Anth: If a young man eats mirrk, ngurtparrparrk, wurrut, or ngajapirn, then his hair will turn grey early. These are very strong fish.

kingartpirrun   iv. throw something such as a spear with aim to hit something. Ay, naka marryun ingartpirrung. ‘That boy threw a spear.’ Ngapi ngartpirrun ngimarkujpany ta waryat. ‘I threw a rock, I'm the one that hit him.’ Kayirrk la awunimirtpany wanyji pa ingartpirrung mata warlk inyiwung jita murlu. ‘Then he crept up close to them and threw the log and hit her on the nose.’ See: kinnyartpirra untie; kinnyaka throw. Category: Pierce, shoot.

kingilpa   tv. split pandanus. Kinypani kingilpa murwala. ‘She is sitting splitting pandanus.’ Anth: used for basket making Aminy ngartu "Marnmarn kija ngarrunpanuki. Ngatpanamin ngarriwelpa. ‘They said to me, "Grandma why don't you show us . We'll split pandanus."’ Kiwuma murgala kiwirlpa. ‘They're collecting pandanus and stripping it.’ Category: Manipulation.

kinginka   iv. 1 • talk, argue, fight, speak (a language). (Nonhuman) make characteristic noise. ngarrkinka. Kurrkenkang nuyi la yanat nakapa angpumirlkpungakeny ngarru. ‘You two had a fight and it will effect us badly.’ Ja kurrula kinginka. ‘The sea is splashing on the shore, making a noise.’ Mawng nganingka. ‘I speak Mawng / Mawng is my language.’ See: maningkangung listen to. Category: Language, Fight.

Restrict: birds 2 • (birds) sing. Kurralyunyi kawunginka karlurri. ‘Listen to the birds singing.’ See: kimin be. Category: Non language human voice sounds.

kingulikin   iv. heal, become better, strengthen, harden. Ingulikiny ja arrarrkpi. ‘The man got better.’ inypungulikiny yingulikinang See: kiningulaka fix, heal, make good. Category: Sickness, General change of state.

kingulkpurlnga   iv. turn around, look behind. Variant: Mayinjinaj form. Yanat ingulkpurlngany. ‘He looked behind.’ Qe, Ya, kinyarrapa wularrutapa. Wularrutapa kingulkpungen. First time ta kani tuka wurak kiw warak ja warranyngiw. ‘She goes along for a while and then. Then he's already turned around. First the child's lying like this in the tummy.’ See: kilatpulnga turn around; kimirlkpungen turn body around. Category: Change stance.

kingurlkparryu   iv. 1 • lie on back. kakurlkparryu. Iningalkpung ja manpiri waliman imajungan apa la inimirlkpungeny ingurlkparryungan. ‘They clubbed the turtle with an axe and turned it over onto its back.’ Warranyngiw ja kingurlkparryu nakapa karriwunya wurul akutju nuyu ja iwamurranymin marrik imi wungpulaj marrik imi itpirrk. ‘We warm the young infant over the fire so that when he grows up he will not steal or be naughty.’ Ingurlkparryungan kiw. ‘He is lying on his back.’ See: kiningurlkparryutpa put on back. Category: Remain stationary.

Restrict: LL subject 2: kangurlkparryu • level ground. Category: Landscape.

kakurlkparryu   noun. palm of hand. Category: Limbs.

kingurlyakpin   iv. become important, rich. Wularrutapa ingurlyakpiny ja arrarrkpi. ‘That man has become very important.’ See: ingurlyak important; kiningurlyakpa make important. Category: Goodness.

kingunjanymin   iv. become black, dirty. Kiwuwunya pa kingunjanymin ja warranyngiw . ‘They smoke him and the child's skin darkens.’ Ingunjanyminy ngartu ja manpurrwa. ‘My clothes are dirty.’ anngujanymin ‘you've gone black’. See: nungunji black, dark; kiningunjanyma dirty, blacken. Category: General, Properties of surface.

kingurrin   iv. 1 • move quickly. Meanings include: run, fly, (animal) move or swim about in water, (wood) float along in water. Yarakap arrarrkpi ngarraryawng ingurrinang. ‘We saw a man running.’ Kayirrk ta tuka ta Mawng ta karrkinka tuka ta Mawng ta karrkurrin ‘Today the Mawng we speak is fast.’ Kingurrikpin kinimarrawurlngaka. ‘He's running around in a circle.’ kamangurrin ‘when someones waving a torch around quickly’. Kakurrin ta marlu. ‘The wind's blowing.’ Restrict: liquid subject, mostly LL subject Category: General terms.

2 • rivlet, rainwater, creek, river flow. Cannot be used for billabongs. Maningul kamangurrin (pirlpirl) ‘Blood's flowing out.’ See: kiwryi swim, bath, wash (self). Category: Motion relating to water.

Restrict: VE subject 3 kamangurrin • be light-headed, dizzy, having a feeling of going round and round in the head. Ngapi kamangurrin. ‘I feel dizzy.’ Iwaninganju kamangurrin. ‘Suddenly he felt dizzy.’ Wularrut mangurrinang la kayirrk arlarrarr. ‘I was dizzy before but now nothing.’ Category: Discomfort and pain.

Restrict: VE subject 4 kamangurrin • not see properly, see black or see stars. Kamangurrin ngartu ta wun. ‘My vision goes black / I see stars’. Kamangurrin ngartu wun. ‘Like drunk, or if you stand up and everything goes black.’ Kamangurrin nu wun. ‘You can't see properly (temporarily)’. Category: Discomfort and pain, Cognitive senses and attention.


kingutin   iv. cry. Variant: Mayinjinaj form; not commonly used now. Kawungutin pata warranyngiw. ‘The children are crying.’ Syn: kiwararrken. Category: Non language human voice sounds, Automatic actions.

kipuk   coverb. bail out (the boat). Kimin kipuk kapala. ‘He is bailing out the boat.’ Category: Transfer.

ipukipuk   coverb. keep on bailing out.boat. Category: Transfer.

kirirrk   coverb. put. Variant: Mayinjinaj form; not in common use. Ja arrarrkpi kiwani kirirrk manparrwa tuka yangali. ‘The man is putting the material into the basket.’ Syn: kinnyutpa. Category: Manipulation.

kirk   coverb. press, squash, especially by falling onto. Kuwuni kirk. ‘You press it!’ Nuyi kanngarra warak la kunngawun kirk waryat. ‘If you go for a walk a rock might fall on you.’ Nganpuk kirk. ‘You fell on me.’ Category: Throw, trip.

kirulk   noun. stinking, smelly. Kurrayanti ngampiwi kiwuja ja kirulk. ‘Look around for where it is stinking, that smelly thing.’ Category: Language.

kirrirri   interjection. a high pitched call meaning that the caller is about to go back to camp or home. See: yirrirri signal with firestick. Category: Non language human voice sounds.

kirrkirrk   coverb. Restrict: LL object push (someone) into doing something, to tempt to do wrong. Includes strong force, such as used by a policeman. Kannyen kirrkirrk ngaw kinyjama. ‘He makes her to go to work.’ Kannyen kirrkirrkpu kawunparra. ‘He makes them go to sleep (e.g. children).’ Kanin kirrkirrk ngarrurru. ‘He tries to push us into doing it.’ Category: Judgement, evaluation.

kirrkju   crossreference. See: yirrkju both.

kirrwara   noun. back (of the body), back of inanimate object. Ngamaju tuka kirrwara ‘I have something wrong with my back.’ Parang apa kunjurrngpung marnti kayirrkju kunjarray anjamang warlk kanpu tuka kirrwara. ‘I have commanded you lest you go cutting trees and harm your back.’ Mampuwarawng yungku la iwuwunyantung tuka kirrwara. ‘They lit a fire and heated the outside part of it.’ See: Inypajiyiny kirrwara shellfish type; Murwala pandanus palm. Category: Organs and torso.

coverb. Restrict: female subject 1 • menstruate. inypani kirrwara ‘she is menstruating’. See: kinyurntulwarran; kinnyurntulwarran. Category: Reproduction.

2 • turn back on someone, a sign of anger. Arrkinkay arrarrkpi arryakay kirrwara la atjing. ‘We might have an argument with a man, turn our backs on him and walk away.’ Category: Hate, anger.

3 • turn back on someone, can be a way of being rude. Kun kirrwara. ‘When you sit in front of someone with your back facing then and don't show you know that he is behind you.’ Kapin kuni kirrwara la nuyimung. ‘Turn so you're facing away from each other.’ Kinnyun kirrwara la yamin ‘They're putting their backs to one another.’ Category: Change stance. Note: Difference between CC with kinnyaka and kinnyun seems to be that one with kinnyun can be used simply to describe a movement rather than an emotion.

Restrict: FE subject 4 • fall backwards onto back. Qe, Imurnanganiny parakju ta yarlkeny. ‘Yes,he went back and went in.’ Ngapi mawarlkanyi inyurakan kirrwara. ‘I fell, I fell onto my back.’ Ant: marrwakara. Category: Vertical motion.

kit   coverb. carry on the shoulders. Inimangung kit parak. ‘He was carrying it on his shoulders.’ Ngima kit. ‘I carry him on my shoulder.’ Yanat kinima kit nulakpi. ‘He's carrying something heavy. This woman is carrying a chair, walking away.’ Syn: morno. Category: Manipulation.

itkit   carry on shoulder. Carry a lot of stuff - e.g. pack up the boat. Carry while walking. Yarrangung itkit ‘He carried it on his shoulder’. Nuka ja arrarrkpi kerra itkit parak mata chair. ‘This man is carrying the chair away.’ See: kininiki carry on shoulders. Category: Manipulation.

kiw2   iv. 1 • lie, sleep. Ngapi marrik ngawng. ‘I won't go to sleep / I'm not lying down.’ Yanat marrik yung. ‘He won't go to sleep / He's not lying down.’ Kiw warak nungunji. ‘It has black stripes (description of Trumpeter fish, Pelates quadrilineatus’. See: kiwrnparra sleep. Category: Remain stationary, Sleep.

2 • be, stay. Usually for things on the ground. Wakapa kiw ja jurra. ‘The book is lying there’. Kanipa ta wularrut kani ja nguya yung ju jal ‘Here, only one clan lived for a long time’. Ta waliwali ta kanyu ta apaka la kani ta karrkpin. ‘The corals are there are they take up a large area.’ See: kimirlkpungen turn body around; kiwun be. Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

3 • be owned, takes oblique pronoun to encode possessor. See: kiwrlkatin disappear, get lost; kinnyun give. Category: Holding, sticking.


kiwarlkarrin   iv. put high up, hang up. Nuka ja jurra ja iwarlkarriny. ‘Someone has put these books up high.’ Nuka ja purrupurrukang kiwarlkarrin tuka table kernti. ‘This bag has been put up there on the table, it's up there.’ Apuwarlkarrinyapa ta jampakang. ‘They put corrugated iron on top (of a shelter, ta mawngku).’ See: kernti be high; kilakpalkarin lie with head on pillow; kiniwalkara hang up. Category: Manipulation, Location and distance.

kiwarlkparrakanmin   iv. become old person. Category: Illness and death.

kiwarlkparran   iv. white, clear, clean. kangparlkparran 3LL-clear-NP, 3LL-white-NP. Yarakap arrarrkpi ngeyawng kiwarlkparran. ‘I saw that the man is white.’ kangparlkparran ‘When the water is clear’. Category: Colours and light, Water bodies.

noun. non-Aboriginal. kiwarlkparran ‘white person’. Like angparlkparran kawunginka. ‘(the language) That White people speak.’ See: kiyiwarrakan show white. Category: Peoples and clans.

kawarlkparran kawukawuk   noun. half case person. Puka pata kawarlkparran kawukawuk. ‘They are part of European people.’ Category: Peoples and clans.

kiwarlkun   iv. 1 • choose (for yourself). 'Bags' something. Juka inyparlkung. ‘She chose (it for herself).’ Ngapi ngawarlkun. ‘That's for me!’ Kiwarlkun ja luluj. ‘He chose the puppy.’ See: kiniwarlkun promise, give generously. Note: oblique object not possible Category: Holding, sticking.

2 • promise. Kiwin nungmatpa kupunyapa, ngatparlkun. ‘Another canoe spears him, we promise it (the dugong).’ Category: Social responsibilities and events.

kiwarlunyjin   iv. hide. kiwarlunyjiny he hid. Ngarruran ngarriyalmany la iwarlunyjingan. ‘We went and searched for him because he had hidden.’ Inyparlunyjikinang ngaw tuka warlk. ‘She's hiding from her behind the tree.’ See: kiniwarlunyja hide something. Category: Concealment.

kiwani   iv. 1 • sit, live, stay. ngawani, karr(k)pani, ngatpani, kanpani, kutpani, kinypani, kangpani, kawani. ngatpaninganpipa ‘we sat for a while.’ awaningan he stayed there for a short while; karrkpani. Tuka ta kunak ta kiwani. ‘That is the place where he lives.’ Kangpani nuyu kalamparak ‘He's sweating’. Category: Remain stationary.

2 • not do anything, in contrast to others. Not do what the other does. La inyjakujpinyju kinypani. ‘And she just sits without saying anything.’ Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

3: kawani • be married, be husband and wife. Syn: kawartpanyjilin. Yitpulij nuyu ngapi ngatpaning ja nuwarlkparrakan ‘Yitpulij, he's the man I was married to, that old man’. ja ngatpani ‘my husband’. See: kiwanpani sits up (child). Category: Social responsibilities and events, family, inc moieties.

part. used to link sentences, as a discourse marker. Awaningan pata wera


kiwanpani   iv. 1 • sits up (used of child who is able to sit up). Nuka ja warranyngiw wularrut kiwanpani. ‘This child is already sitting up.’ Category: Remain stationary, Illness and death.

2 • come from, habitually live at. Ngarri ta ngatpanpani ta ngatpuran Warruwi. ‘We are people who live at, who come from Warruwi.’ See: kawanpani dugong group; kiwani sit. Category: Peoples and clans.

kiwarnpani   iv. sit back on heels (a polite way of sitting). Jaka jita warramumpik kurrinyanti kinyparnpani. ‘Look at that woman sitting on her heels, sitting politely.’ Category: Remain stationary.

kiwarntangaliki   iv. 1 • used to describe someone who is sleeping with their legs up, for example lying on their back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Category: Remain stationary.

Restrict: VE subject 2: kamawarntangaliki • scattered trees in the distance. Ta kamawarntangaliki naka mata warak kamalangali mata warlk. ‘When (we say) kamawarntangaliki it means that the trees are standing in the distance.’ See: kilangali be born. Category: General terms.

kiwarntarrkanyjilin   iv. 1 • colours of paint mixing together, or becoming part of a family, for example becoming an in-law. awarntarrkanyjilin ‘e.g. Barbara Golden married Johnny, Nancy's promised husband so we could say this word about Barbara and Nancy - they became close family.’ Syn: kiwartawkunjilin. Category: Manipulation, family, inc moieties.

Restrict: VE subject 2: kamawarntarrkanyjilin • the tree limbs branch off. Category: General terms.

Restrict: LL subject 3: kangparntarrkanyjilin • branching off part of road. Syn: kangparrkparnjilin. Category: Large features.

kiwararrken   iv. cry. Kiwararrken nuyu ja inimalkpany. ‘He is crying for his father.’ Ngapi ngawararrkeny. ‘I cried’. Awuranka awujikiny nuyu pa kiwararrken ja warranyngiw. ‘They came over and showed themselves, sat for a little while and that little child cried for them when they left.’ See: kingutin cry; warnalay cry; kiwararrkpararrken cry at length. Category: Automatic actions, Sorrow, happiness, Non language human voice sounds.

kiwararrkpararrken   iv. cry at length. La awararrkpararrkenang. ‘And they used to cry and cry.’ See: kiwararrken cry. Category: Automatic actions, Sorrow, happiness, Non language human voice sounds.

kiwartawkunjilin   iv. 1 • mixed together. -wartawkunjilin, iwartawkunjiliny it's all mixed together. See: kinnyartawkun add onto; kiniwartawn add together; kiniwinyjama mix together; awk colours of paint mixing together, or becoming part of a family, for example becoming an in-law. Category: General.

Restrict: PL subject 2: kawartawkunjilin • mix together, join together into one group