About the Mawng Dictionary

This is a Mawng-English dictionary. It provides translations of Mawng words into English. It is a newer version of the Mawng dictionary on the AuSIL website, which is the one Heather Hewett (nee Hinch) produced with Peggy Mirwuma and Phillip Ambidjambidj. For this new online dictionary, we did more work on that one to make it bigger and better. The work was done by Ruth Singer, Nita Garidjalalug and many others at Warruwi Community.

We are still working on this dictionary so please send your comments about the dictionary to mail@mawngngaralk.org.au, or talk to a linguist about it when they are at Warruwi.

View dictionary online

Alternatively, you can download the dictionary as a Windows program. Sorry, no Mac version is available.