Y - y

ya   interjection. an exclamation denoting agreement or approval. See: yo yes. Category: Language.

yadajyadaj   noun. Butterflyfish. Chaetodon spp. (Chaetodontidae).. See: wunkuliny coral fishes (generic). Category: Fish.

yagaru   noun. stingrays and rays (generic). Kawarra yiyi ngarrurru yagaru. ‘They hunt stingray for us.’ See: warrjarra Manta Ray; ngarnampala White-spotted Eagle Ray; manyjirr Blue-spotted Fantail Ray; inipij Coachwhip Stingray, spotted form; inyjartpalmu Brown Stingray, Blotched Fantail Ray; kinykarnkarn Coachwhip Stingray, spotted form; kuywala Cowtail Stingray; manganyparlirr Brown stingray, Brown Reticulated Stingray. Category: Rays. Anth: Category includes; inipij, kinykarnkarn, inyjartpalmu, kuywala, manyjirr, manganyparlirr, ngarnampala, wajarrang, alkparn Anth: This is a biological classification. It is based on 'family resemblance'. Their body shape is wide and flat; they have no bones. There is also a functional component to this classification. Stingrays and rays are regarded as different from other kinds of fish. The flesh has a very different texture and flavour to that of bony fishes and there are special methods of preparation for eating. Relatively few of the rays and stingrays are regarded as edible. Those with no spines or only one spine are eaten; those with two spines are not eaten. They are eaten seasonally, when the liver is 'fat'.

yagirl   noun. currant. Category: Plant food, Introduced plants.

yakjak   coverb. shake. Kayirrk la kamin yakjak. ‘Then they winnow it.’ See: wirrak wheat. Category: Manipulation.

yala   noun. out. Anmalkpanyi yala. ‘Come out.’ See: jalaga be born; yalayala outside. Category: General.

yalala   crossreference. See: yalayala outside.

Yalama   name. one of the five clans on Warruwi, came after Mangalara and Murawn. Category: Dreamtime names.

yalamari   noun. tree orchid. Dendrobium affine, Cymbidium canaliculatum, Geodorum neocalendonicum?. Yalamari ja kernti tuka warlk. ‘Orchids can grow up in a tree.’ See: ilatjilat also used as a fixative for paintings. Category: Small plants, Tools, men's. Anth: Used as a 'glue' for bark paintings. It is pounded on a rock and then put on the bark before it is painted. It makes the paint stick.

yalamparr   noun. bee. Category: Insects. Variant: Ngurtikin term.

yalangkarrijalangkarri   noun. dragonfly. Category: Insects.

Yalarrkuku   noun. song name. Category: Play, perform, joke.

yalawan   noun. spear type. Category: Tools, men's.

yalawurn   noun. spear barbs. Category: Tools, men's.

yalayala   noun. outside, open area, do something openly, in public rather than in secret. Awaning yalayala. ‘They were sitting outside.’ ngawu yalayala! ‘Come outside (speaker is outside, hearer is inside)’. See: yala out; wukej inside. yalayala and yalayalaya, used to mean 'openly' Category: Location and distance.

yaliwi   noun. worthless, useless, no-good. ngaliwi, arraliwi, ngarralawi, nuwaliwi, nuwarraliwi, ninyaliwi, aliwi, maliwi, awaliwi, weliwi. See: ninyaliwi worthless, no good. Nuyi ta nuwaliwi nukarri. ‘You have problems with your legs.’ Nuwurru nuwurraliwi. ‘You lot are naughty (e.g. kids who have made a mess)’. See: yaliwiyut evil things.

yaliwiyut   noun. evil things. yaliwiyut ‘evil things’. pata yaliwiyut ‘the evil people’. See: yaliwi bad; -ut plural. Note: Lexicalised form, doesn't take plural prefix.

yaliwiyutjaliwiyut   noun. all creatures. Category: General.

yalmalirnkarrk   noun. Green Sawfish. Pristis spp. and Anoxypristis spp. incl Pristis zijsron. Category: Rays.

yalmunyjarr   coverb. have a toothache. Kimaju yalmunyjarr. ‘He is suffering with toothache.’ Category: Sickness.

Yalngarri   noun. place name. Category: Place names.

yalngkarr   noun. black wattle. Acacia auriculiformis. See: wirarrwirarr also possibly A. auriculiformis. Category: Trees and bushes.

yaltany   noun. yam with a root like nut grass. Aponogeton elongatus?. Category: Tubers, Plant food.

yarl   noun. heaped up cone of sand used in ceremonies of first menstrual period and after childbirth. Anth: The sand is heated and the woman sits on it, and later it is heaped up and covered with ironwood leaves. Yarl kanyu ngarrurru. ‘We were all born here (lit: our yarl is here)’. See: warlk tree (generic term); iyarliyarl increase centre; yarlyarl increase centre; ngurlk hot sand. Category: Medicine, General ritual.

yarlarr   coverb. go separate ways. Awarran jarlarr pata wigarra yirrk arrarrkpi weminpi la wemin. ‘Each lot of the company went separate ways.’ Awuran jarlarr. ‘They were separated.’ See: kapijarlangken scatter. Category: Movement relating to moving object.

yarlarrjarlarr   coverb. go in many different directions. Category: Movement relating to moving object.

yarlatij   noun. 1 • backbone. Muka mata yarlatij ngarrurru arrarrkpi la karlurri. ‘This is the backbone of both people and animals.’ Category: Organs and torso.

2 • belonging to the same subsection of a moiety, tribal brothers. Mamurra yarlatij. ‘We are tribal brothers.’ Category: family, inc moieties.

yarlawu1   noun. fish trap in the shape of a long tube that was used in creeks. Anth: It was made from winti bamboo vine. Awaning awulangalingapa yarlawu mampakangung jaw mampakangung jaw. Ngulamngulam mampartpungkang aminang akut iwumangung ja kiyap. ‘They camped there and they put their nets in. Every morning they could take out their nets and bring in some fish.’ See: arnakuj fish trap type. Category: Items for fishing.

yarlawu2   noun. shadow, reflection. ninyarlawuk, arrarlawu, nuwarrarlawu (comes out as nuwarrlawu fast), nuwarlarru. Yanat yarlawuk. ‘That is his shadow.’ Nginyayawng ninyarlawu. Kapa nganngawarlkijpan parak. ‘I saw her shadow. She went past me there.’ kinyjarlkanyi kinyayan ninyjarlawu ‘Combing her hair, looking at her shadow.’ Category: Colours and light, Other.

yarli   noun. a cheerful person. Category: Peoples and clans, Sorrow, happiness.

yarlkinyarlkiny   noun. glands at the front of the throat which swell up when we are sick. Category: Head.

yarlmeny   iv. rise again, come back to life after death. Imajungan yarlmeny akutju. ‘He died and is alive again.’ Iwanarlmen. ‘He will come back to life again.’ Kamarlmen akutju. Kamamalkpa akutju. ‘The (plants) come bark again (after dying off in the dry season). They come out again.’ See: kingalmen multiply. Category: Automatic actions.

yarlyarl   noun. an increase centre for a given species. See: yarl sand cone. Category: General ritual, Landscape.

yamin   pro. anyamin, mamin, atjamin. 1 • third person reciprocal pronoun. Iniwung la yamin. ‘They were hitting each other.’

2 • third person contrastive pronoun. Iwaning la yamin. ‘Each were sitting (separately).’

3 • serial pronoun. Malany yamin ali Nangila. ‘It is Nangila's turn (to do it).’ Nuka karlurri ja yamin kerra tuka kurrula? ‘Is this bird a seabird?’ See: yanat third person pronoun.

yampala   noun. Suckerfishes: Cobia, Remora and the Slender Suckerfish. Echeneis naucrates, Remora remora, ?Rachycentron canadus. Category: Fish. Anth: This one attaches itself to sharks, dugong, rays. Cobia is eaten but Remora is not.

Yampartpalakpikpin alapika   noun. place name. Category: Place names.

yampurlpurl   noun. 1 • spoonbill and ibis generic. Category: Small birds.

2 • Royal (black-billed) spoonbill. Platalea regia. Anth: Can be eaten See: inymangararrk sacred ibis (white). Category: Small birds.

Yampurrwarna   noun. large mayuparl yam. Cartonema parviflorum, Cartonema spicatum. See: Mayuparl yam type. Category: Tubers, Plant food.

yanat   pro. third person MA cardinal pronoun, can encode subject or object. inyanat, anyanat, manat, atjanat, wenat. Yanat kiwani. ‘He is there.’ Yanat iwumany parak. ‘They took him away.’ See: yamin third person masculine pronoun.

yanatinyanat   pro. the two of them (a male and a female). Yanatinyanat awuran tuka ajput. ‘The two of them went to the beach.’ Kawunimirlajun yanatinyanat. ‘He is waiting for the two of them.’ See: yanatjanat the two of them (two males); inyanatinyanat the two of them (two females). Category: Peoples and clans, Amounts.

yanatjanat   pro. the two of them (two males). See: yanatinyanat the two of them (a male and a female); ngapilinyanat me and her. Category: Peoples and clans, Amounts.

yanpiyanpi   noun. King Brown snake. Category: Reptiles and amphibians. Anth: Was eaten to bring on labour.

yanyjuk   noun. breast, milk (of any mammal). See: iwururrk succulent juicy, wuwururrk 'breasts full of milk'. Category: Organs and torso, Secretions and substances.

yanyjukyanyjuk   noun. 1 • small tree lizard. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

2 • small plant found on sand dunes. Variant: Iwaidja: Yandjukyandjuk. Category: Small plants.

Yanyma   noun. dog name. Category: Dreamtime names.

yangakjangak   noun. mouth condition, thrush or inflammation of the mouth and gums. Usage: used with kiniwun, kinima, kinnyatpi with MA subject and experiencer object, also used with kimaju Wurupurup ta karruniwun yangakjangak tuka ngaralk karrpaju. ‘If we get yangakjangak then there is something wrong with the tongue.’ Category: Sickness.

yangali   noun. basket, dilly bag. Generic and also used for large baskets made from pandanus, with or without handles. Yangali nuwurnyak irwu/iwu. ‘A basket with a handle.’ Category: Tools, women's.

yangkarlpinji   noun. fighting spear. Category: Tools, men's.

yarnangkat   noun. strong, brave, hard (to touch), alive. Also 'stiff' as in difficult to move such as a door handle. Also 'stuck' as in jammed. When referring to people this can mean 'strong' which is positive but can also mean 'hard' as in 'unsympathetic' or 'ungenerous' as well as . arrarnangkat. Nuwarnangkat nukparrk. ‘Your (faith) is strong.’ marnangkat ‘stuck, strong, can't pull bit off for firewood’. See: kernangkayin strengthen; kinnyarnangkata make strong; wernangkat strong, brave, hard (to the touch), alive; awarnangkat strong, hard; ninyarnangkat alive, hard, brave, strong. Category: Goodness, Judgement, evaluation.

yarnawu   noun. 1 • bamboo that grows in freshwater on the mainland. Phragmites karka. Variant: Iwaidja: Yarnawu. See: mankole bamboo. Category: Trees and bushes.

2 • a type of spear on the mainland. It has a sharp end, no wire and is light in weight. It is used for hunting kangaroo or wallaby, or for fighting. Category: Tools, men's.

yarntulyak   noun. long, tall. ngawarntulyak, arrarntulyak, ngarrarntulyak, nuwarntulyak, nuwurrarntulyak, ninyarntulyak, arntulyak, marntulyak, awarntulyak, werntulyak. Nuwurri ta nuwurrarntulyak. ‘You lot are tall.’ Karrawarutpa katju anyak arntulyak. ‘We leave the food for a little while (5-10 minutes).’ See: kerntulyakpin lengthen; kinnyarntulyakpa lengthen; yarntulyarrkut long haired; ilurtpuj short. Category: Size and weight.

yarntulyarrkut   noun. long sleeved shirt, long pants, long haired, long grass etc. Used to specify either that something which can be short or long happens to be long, or to emphasise that something is very long. arntulyak (e.g. road), marntulyarrkut (e.g. grass, spear), awarntulyarrkut (e.g. Karwuluk yam). yarntulyak jalwarra ‘long pants’. yarntulyak ja iwiya. ‘long haired’. marntulyarrkut mirlak ‘long grass’. See: yarntulyak long. Category: Hair, Size and weight.

yap1   noun. fish (generic). See: jap coverb. Variant: ngurtikin term. Syn: kiyap. Category: Fish.

yap2   coverb. move from one spot to another, move location, move oneself to another spot and stay there for a while, shift camp. amijap ‘they moved camp (because someone had died)’. Amajpungkiny parak aminy jap parak pata Wamirunmu awaning. ‘The people who were staying at Wamirunmu got up and shifted camp.’ Kayirrk la yarran imijaparak tuka marapa seat, kawani. ‘Later on he moved to another seat.’ See: rlirr move, change location. Category: General terms, Shelter, camp, house.

yara1   noun. 1 • some, other. ninyara, mara, awara, tora, wera. Yara ja kiyap kiw. ‘There is some fish’. Yiwuwany anyak ja yirratat la yara yiwumany parak tuka kunak, ‘Then they ate a little meat and they took the rest to the camp,’ See: numatpa other; wera some (plural), other (plural). Category: Appearance. Note: Masculine form yara is sometimes used for things of any gender.

adverb. sometimes. Yara kawa kampuma mata merrk. ‘Sometimes they go and get leaves.’ See: tora others, sometimes; wurupurup sometimes. Category: Longer.

yarakap   noun. one. ngarakap, nuwarakap, ninyarakap, arakap, orakap, marakap, awarakap, werakap. ngarakap ‘I'm on my own.’ See: inyarakap one. Category: Amounts, Daily.

yarat   coverb. Restrict: MA object 1 • make a mistake. Ngapi ngimany jarat. ‘I made a mistake.’ Kinima yarat. Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

Restrict: LL object 2 • be in wrong place. Ngungmany jarat. ‘I was in the wrong place.’ Category: Waiting, doing nothing, Landscape.

yaratjarat   coverb. keep making a mistake. Category: Waiting, doing nothing.

yarawungut   noun. a few. nuwurrarawungut, ninyarawungut, arawungut, marawungut, awarawungut, werawungut. Arawungut ta ngarrkinka ‘We only speak a few words (of Djambarrpuyngu).’ See: ngarrarawungut we are few in number; arrarawungut we are few in number, we are a small group. Category: Appearance.

yarkalu   noun. light in weight or weak not strong. ngarkalu, arrarkalu, ngarrarkalu, nuwarkalu, nuwarrarkarlu, ninyarkalu, arkalu, markalu, awarkalu, werkalinut (*werkalu). Wenat werkalinut. ‘They are weak.’ See: awarkalu light in weight; kinnyarkalanyma make lighter (in weight); kerkalanymin become light (in weight). Category: Size and weight.

yaryak   noun. wet, person who talks and laughs too much. ninyarak, aryak, maryak, awaryak, weryak. Naka ja yaryak. ‘Those are wet (clothes).’ Ngaryak ta ngawiya. ‘My hair is wet.’ Nuyi ta nuwaryak. ‘You talk and laugh too much (a bit rude) (or can mean: you are all wet).’ See: keryakpin become wet; kinnyaryakpa make wet. Category: Properties of surface.

yarri   noun. Sea Perches or Gold-spotted Sweetlips. Lutjanus spp.. Kingurrin arak karlwa. ‘It has yellow stripes.’ Syn: impurrk. See: martali Sea perches; inarrka Seabream or Emperor. Category: Fish.

yarrk   coverb. Restrict: LL subject 1 • lie open, be a gap, open space. Takapa kanyu yarrk. ‘It is lying open.’ kanyu yarrk ‘a space in an area’. Angpanaw yarrk ngartu ‘Leave a space for me (to sit)’. See: jarrk make room; ngatngat tear, split. Category: Landscape, Movement relating to fixed point, Physical stance.

2 • ask a favour of, request. Yunyi kuwin jarrk. ‘Don't ask him for it (just now).’ Category: Language.

3 • taste something sweet. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

4 • detect sound from far away. Innyet jarrk. ‘He heard.’ Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

5 • split, cut in half. Kuwuk jarrk manpurrwa. ‘You tore the piece of clothing/cloth’. aniwuk jarrk ‘the axe split the island in half’. See: kannyarlan divide, halve. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

yarrkjarrk   break, split open, gut. Iniwung yarrkjarrk ja kapala la kunuka yirrik iniwung innyartpungkuny worri ta waka. ‘It tore the boat open and all that, broke it and then lifted it up onto the dry land there.’ See: karten yarrkjarrk one who uses a different pronunciation. Category: Divide, cut, tear.

yarrkaj   noun. Longbum. Terebralia semistriata. Variant: Iwaidja: Ilyajbu. See: wumunpanji Longbum. Category: Shellfish. Anth: Meat goes brown when cooked.

yarrkarrk   crossreference. See: karrk scratch.

yarrmanaya   noun. Larger Hardyheads, ?Small garfishes. family Atherinidae. See: imanganaj small Hardyheads. Category: Fish.

yarrunan   noun. a person talking to their punyi or wirlupirlu about their own brother or sister. See: yarrunparrki a person talking to their kamu or yiji about their own brother or sister. Category: family, inc moieties.

yarrunparrki   noun. a person talking to their kamu or yiji about their own brother or sister. See: yarrunan a person talking to their punyi or wirlupirlu about their own brother or sister; anpulawnut oldest sibling. Category: family, inc moieties.

yarryarr   coverb. Disappear into grass. Category: Grasses, Concealment.

yatjat   crossreference. See: jat interfere with.

yartjart   coverb. go fishing by moonlight. Malany kawa yartjart. ‘They are fishing by moonlight.’ Kawarra yartjart pata marryun. ‘The boys go fishing by night.’ Category: Hunting.

yartparrawarra   noun. one who excels in playing the didgeridoo. Category: Play, perform, joke.

yaw   coverb. 1 • immerse, soak, water (plant). Wenat apakangung jaw. ‘They were soaking (the yams).’ Jukapa kinypani ta kakaka yaw yurnu, tuka wurl. ‘This one's sitting and paddling her feet, in the billabong.’ Ta kinjapurr ta karrkpelkpin mira wuwukuwuk karriwaka yaw ja pipij tuka wupaj akut. ‘The kinjapurr is when we get very hot, its hot, and we dip the baby in water frequently.’ Note: Coverb and verb stressed like one word Category: Manipulation.

Restrict: VE object 2 • cast nets or fishing line. See: wakij line fish.

yawyaw   coverb. soak. Category: Hunting, Items for fishing.

yawak   noun. leech. Hirudinea. Category: Insects, Medicine.

yawu   part. both. Puka yawu iwumany wungpulaj. ‘They both stole it.’ Takayawu wemin kawukunjilin. ‘Those two exchange something.’ Category: Amounts.

yaya   interjection. oh no! Category: Language.

yi1   part. Okay, yeah. Yi nuka ja ngapi ja muli ngartu. ‘The flipper is for me.’ Parang inymurnanganyang parak yi. ‘Then she was going back.’ See: iyi yes; yo yes. Category: Language.

yi2   dem. Demonstrative referring to movement, or ideophone for the type of movement she demonstrates? Tuka ngatpinang "Yi" ta ngarrunpatpang kapa ‘We go "Yi." and they hold us there.’ Syn: yiyi. Category: Non language human voice sounds.

yikjik   coverb. Restrict: LL subject water well up from a hole dug in a soak or bubble up like in a spa. Water spout up from body of water, sea etc. ta wupaj angmalkpangung kirrka. Angmalkpangung yikjik. ‘The water kept on rising up. It was bubbling up and was turbulent.’ Category: Motion relating to water.

yili   coverb. flee. Awungurriny kili warak pata marryun. ‘The boys fled.’ awungurrina ili See: kiliga travel from, be from. Category: Horizontal movements.

ying   iv. He might go. See main entry: ke.

yirurryirurr   coverb. dressed up ready for a ceremony with ochre, bands etc. Wularrut anmany yirurryirurr. ‘You are already dressed for the ceremony.’ Kima yirurryirurr. ‘He's dressed up (ceremonially).’ See: kinimanmakpa (female) be prepared for the dance. Category: Clothing, adornment, magic items.

yirrik   part. might, perhaps. Nungpaka yirrik aralpa. ‘Perhaps it is true.’ Used between words in a list See: kunuka yirrik whatever; ajirrik perhaps. Category: Language.

yirrirri   2 • coverb. watch carefully. Category: Cognitive senses and attention.

Restrict: VE object 1 • coverb. signal with a fire stick. Ta karrpin anngawuni yirrirri naka karrpuntangkatpa ta kawarra jinyngu wupurrk. ‘When we say anngawuni yirrirri it means that we are signalling to them as they come along in the dark at night.’ See: kirrirri we are going home (call). Syn: kinnyayanayan. Category: Non language human voice sounds.

yirrkju   part. both. Pata ngarrkarrk arrarrkpi awayamangung kirrkju. ‘The two men were both working.’ Iwanala yirrkju. ‘Burn it all.’ Yiminy, "Punyi la Kamu ngarrunayanti! Ngarrikpakpan antajing parrwarr tuka nangartam kirrkju. ‘He said, "Father and Mother, look at me: I am spoiled, I have a hole right through my cheek."’ See: yirrk post-verbal particle, all, completive. Syn: manpala. Category: Amounts.

yiyi2   part. yes, I know. Yes, I agree. Syn: yi. Category: Language.

yiyi1   coverb. go hunting along the seashore and mangroves in knee-deep water for example for stingray. Ngarrangung yiyi warra mirrala. ‘I went hunting along the coastline among the small mangrove trees.’ Kawarra yiyi, iwerrka kiyap ngarru. ‘They went hunting in shallow water and speared fish for us.’ Category: Hunting.

yo   interjection. yes. See: yi o.k.. Category: Language.

delight, amazement. Anth: Said as a group after a performance, in place of clapping Category: Language.

yuku   noun. spear type. Category: Tools, men's.

yulmarr   noun. bone needle. Category: Tools, women's.

yulngpuj   noun. dust. See: kunak dirt. Category: Soil.

yurlirr2   noun. creeper type. See: winti bamboo vine; nganypakan armband type. Category: Small plants.

yurlirr1   coverb. 1 • melt, soften. Kimin jurlirr ja murrkaj. ‘The butter is melted.’ Angminy jurlirr. ‘It melted.’ Category: General, Properties of surface.

2 • (dead animal) swell up. Kimit jurlirr. ‘It's all swollen up (dead animal).’ See: jurlngarr melt, soften; yurlngarrjurlngarr crush.

yurlirrjurlirr   coverb. break up, soften up. Category: General, Properties of surface.

yurlngarrjurlngarr   coverb. Restrict: LL subject 1 • water be everywhere, for example because of a spill or a leak. Kangmin yurlngarrjurlngarr. ‘Water's spilled everywhere.’ Category: Arrangement.

2 • crush up, break into little pieces. Yara ja kakurl wurlumunwurlumun kayirrk la ngarrima yurnu ngarru ngarriwun yurlngarrjurlngarr. ‘Sometimes the sugar is lumpy then we take it in our hands and break it up.’ See: jurlngarr melt, soften; yurlirr melt, soften. Category: Manipulation, Arrangement.

yurluwu   noun. black whip snake. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

yumalngaj   noun. hard working hunter, someone who spends a lot of time hunting and travels a long way looking for particular types of food. inymalngaj I suggested this and it was accepted but not repeated, prob NG not that familiar with the word.. Iwuning ta walij kunukawk pa yangkungapa nuka yumalngaj. ‘They gave him all sorts of food. He used to go for it, he was a hard working hunter.’ See: kiwmalngajpun make more of; kinimalngajpun descend from (people). Category: Goodness, Peoples and clans, Hunting.

yumparljumparl   noun. walking stick. Category: Tools, women's.

yumparrparr   noun. 1 • giant. Anth: Yumparrparr is a giant who meets people when they die. You can see him as a shooting star at night. Category: Peoples and clans. Note: Generic term for a giant but used in many myths as a proper name because the actual name cannot be spoken.

2 • meteor. Category: Sky.

yumpuli   noun. face, beak, point. ngumpuli, ninyumpuli, wungumpuli, mumbuli end of stick; mampuli, wimpuli. See: wungumpuli point of land; mampuli bow of canoe; mumpuli marruny fish name. Category: Head.

yunyi   part. do not, don't, negator of verbs and also sometimes nouns. Nganyamiyarma mata murntulwanpal mata mamarrk la yunyi mata malakuru. ‘I want the canoe to be wide across the body and don't make it narrow.’ Yunyi kuwin jarrk. ‘Don't ask him for it (just now).’ Yuwunyi kulangung. ‘You should not have been eating that!’ See: marrik negator for verb; inyi do not. Category: Language.

Yungiyirk   noun. place name. See: wamawun place/ coral name. Category: Place names.

yungku   noun. fire, firewood. See: warlk tree (generic term). Category: Fire.

yurnturrpalili   noun. kind, friendly. ninyjurnturrpalili. Category: Peoples and clans, Goodness.

yurnu   noun. foot, hand, extremity, footprint, tracks. Atimany ngaw yurnu ‘They're holding hands’. Awuran tuka wurl awukany ajirrik yurnu nuyu. ‘They went to a billabong, they looked for what might be its footprints.’ See: yurnu ta karrungmarranyi hand; yurnu ta karrungarlukpa foot; warlk tree (generic term); iwarak footprints. Category: Limbs.

wurrkamaj yurnu   five. Syn: wurrkara yurnu. Category: Amounts.

inyngen yurnu   NVidiom. a girl's first period. Pata warrarrawurnji kakenpu yurnu. ‘Girl's have their first period ceremony.’ Category: Reproduction.

kinnyatpi yurnu   NVidiom. shake hands. Kapatpi wu la wemin yurnu, kamin marrmarr. ‘They shake hands and they're happy.’ Category: Holding, sticking, Social responsibilities and events.

yurnu ta karrungarlukpa   phrase. foot, the one we walk on. ta yurnu ja karrungarlukpa ‘foot’. Kurlingka kili lintij ta yurnu ta kannyarlukpa. ‘Is he just playing with his feet?’ See: kinnyarlukpa walk; yurnu foot, hand, extremity, footprint, tracks. Category: Limbs.

yurnu ta karrungmarranyi   phrase. hand, the extremity we wave with. See: kanimarranyi wave; yurnu foot, hand, extremity, footprint, tracks. Category: Limbs.

yupirlk   noun. False Trumpet shell, Staghorn Murex. Syrinx aruanus, Chicoreus cornucervi. Variant: Iwaidja: Ldurldu; Wunba; Yurnku. yupirlk nuwurnyak ilarri ‘yupirlk with legs’. Yupirlk, imawurr wularr ‘Yupirlk with lots of arms (used this to describe Staghorn Murex)’. yupirlk ja iwugi ‘an old yupirlk (used to describe photos of Onion-shaped Cask Snail of Sabine's)’. Category: Shellfish. Anth: Old people ate yupirlk but only the False Trumpet shell, not the Staghorn Murex. Yupirlk were used to carry water like Ngarlawi. Yupirlk is found at Yumarlakaka, Wigu and Alwampi. Note: Berndt and Berndt (1970) mentions use of 'conch shell' jubilk in music.

yura   coverb. 1 • take responsibility for. Yanat piyu imany yura. ‘He himself took the responsibility.’ Category: Social responsibilities and events.

2 • burn (something which is cooking). Nuka kinin yura. ‘It (meat) is burning (on the fire).’ Ara katin yura ta walij. ‘The food is burning (on the fire).’ See: kima auxiliary verb. Syn: wungkirl kinnyen. Category: Cooking.

yurgun   noun. raw, uncooked, unripe. murgun, awurgun. Category: Cooking, Properties of surface. Ant: yurrurt, awurrurt.

yurk   noun. grave, burial place. Iwutpan tuka yurk. ‘They put him in a burial place.’ Category: Mourning.

yurwun   crossreference. See: yurgun raw, uncooked, unripe.

yuryur   noun. young goanna. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

yurrgali   noun. witchetty grub. See: mayarany edible grub. Category: Insects.

yurriyij   noun. steam. Category: Water bodies.

yurrjurr   coverb. 1 • fall off. Marrany yurrjurr "Ma arrkpana, mawuga arriwanama." ‘It falls off (the ngarntawl seed), "O.k. lets go and get mawuga crabs".’ Category: Vertical motion.

2 • save money. Kingaka yurrjurr ja rrupiya. ‘She saves her money.’ Category: Other.

Restrict: ED object 3 • unload. Kapaka yurrjurr Nagalarramba ‘They're unloading their stuff at Nagalarramba.’ See: jurr fall. Category: Vertical motion.

yurrk   noun. lungs. Category: Organs and torso.

yurrmuyurrmu   noun. Giant Threadfin, name also used for other Threadfins: Northern Threadfin, Gunther's threadfin and Black-finned Threadfin. These are sometimes called Salmon. Leptobrama muelleri, Eleutheronema tetradactylum, Polydactylus plebius, Polydactylus multiradiatus, Polydactylus nigripinnis.. Category: Mullets.

yurrng   noun. high up, on top of. Nakapa ja yurrng parak. ‘The one at the top (picture of fish at the top of the page)’. See: wumarrk low lying area; wirt be up in, be up on; kiniyurrngpun command, force. Syn: wanji. Category: Location and distance.

yurrumu   noun. patrilineal name. See: namanamaj patrilineal clan; nguya patrilineal clan. Category: Dreamtime names, family, inc moieties.

yurrurt   noun. ripe, cooked. murrurt ripe; awurrurt ripe. Ta kanyu alan naka karrpin pu kurryakatakanyi jurrup. ‘When it is on the side we say to the others 'Hurry, it is cooked'.’ Ant: yurgun. See: kiwrrurtpin cook, ripen, become ready. Category: Cooking.

yurrwiri   noun. white ashes of a burnt-out fire. Yarran iwany iyarrkpunyjiliny yurrwiriyu yung. ‘They burned it all up until there were only ashes left.’ See: mawatpu ash. Syn: manganypum. Category: Fire.

yurryurr   noun. small mud crab. Scylla serrata?. Category: Crustaceans. Anth: It has 'yellow fat' inside. The best time to catch them is when the tall grass seeds are maturing. It is then soft with plenty of fat.

yutjut   coverb. Restrict: MA object put down a sign for someone else to follow. Inilanganiny yutjut. ‘He put down a sign for them to follow.’

yurtujurtu   noun. Cowrie shell. Cypraea spp. including Cypraea arabica. Variant: Iwaidja: Yurtujurtu. Kiw tuka waryat. ‘It lives on the rocks (near to karrarnarn oysters).’ Category: Shellfish. Anth: Not good to eat.

yuwak   noun. purple pea yam. Vigna vexillata. Variant: Iwaidja: Yawarr; Nayuwak. See: artun young, fresh Yawak yam; Iwak Palm type; iyalk yam type. Category: Tubers.

yuwti   noun. goanna species which spends a lot of time in the water. Category: Reptiles and amphibians.

yuwunyi   crossreference. See: yunyi negation.