Three more videos in Mawng and Kunwinjku

Three more videos from our term 2 work with the St. Leonards Warruwi girls. Now you can learn all about Mawng words for family. Check out Tamia Manmurulu's two videos - Mawng words for family lessons 1 and 2. Audrey Mardbinda has also made a beautiful video about some Kunwinjku names for bushfoods. ... [Read more...]

New video - Kunwinjku words for family

In term 2, the Warruwi gang at St Leonards have been making a fresh crop of videos. First off the press is Simone Nangartbu's video about Kunwinjku words for family. Would you like to learn the words ... [Read more...]

Warruwi girls at St Leonards - wrap up of term 1

In these two videos, Simone, Tamia and Audrey interview each other about what's been happening in the last few weeks of term 1. There's been an athletics carnival, a Community Day Fair and Tamia's bee... [Read more...]

Improved Video Viewing!

Good news!

We've reduced the file size of some of the larger videos. This means that if you've had trouble viewing them in the past, you should now be able to load and watch them with e... [Read more...]

Warruwi Language Series: Jenny & David Manmurulu

Along with Ruth Singer and Bob Holman, Jenny and David use pictures to show how their language relates to their bodies. In these four videos, Jenny and David talk about signs, politeness and kinship s... [Read more...]